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Working with youth and volunteers

The Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan pays special attention to the work with youth and volunteers. Volunteers are actively involved in work of 15 youth centers, 16 health and social centers.

Thousands of students of higher and secondary specialized educational institutions (institutes, colleges, high schools and secondary schools) are actively involved in charity events of the RCS in Uzbekistan and in helping victims in case of various emergencies.

Youth centers and clubs involve more than 38 thousand volunteers. They promote a healthy way of life, train and educate volunteers in the following areas: the movement history, IHP, First Aid, Searching Service, HIV / AIDS and drug abuse prevention, socially important diseases.

Coordinators of Youth Centers and volunteers help to search for missing people and to reunite them in case of emergencies.

Volunteers together with the personnel of "Mekhr-Shavkat" service help the elderly people living alone, arrange the humanitarian aid to large families, organize visits to children in orphanages. Volunteers are trained to provide first aid, to develop the victims evacuation plan, to set the camp and to distribute humanitarian aid and other skills demanded for the case of emergency.


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