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Restoring Family Links 


The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement emphasizes the relief of mental sufferings. What's the worst that could be than a separation from the family? Uncertainty brings unbearable torment. When people lose each other due to natural disaster or catastrophe, we should make efforts to find them and reunite them.

For this purpose in 1993 the Searching Service of the RCS in Uzbekistan was established. This service helps hundreds of people to find and get information on relatives, whose contacts have been lost.


Main activities of Searching Service

-searching within Uzbekistan and abroad those people, whose contacts have been lost by close relatives (who temporarily left the country, left the country for other place of leaving);

-assistance in searching for information on people, who have been the evacuation, deportation, forced labor in Germany, ghettos or concentration camps during World War II;

-assistance in searching a place of death and confirming the safety of military graves abroad;

-work with the Red Cross messages (RCM), which is especially important in case of emergency.


Principles of Searching Service

For efficient operation the Searching Service of the RCS in Uzbekistan acts as quickly as possible to stop in the shortest possible time the anxiety and concern of those people who has no information on their close people. The Searching Service never gives promises in order to protect the applicant against impossible expectations. The information that is collected by the Searching Service in any case shall not be disclosed and transferred without the permission of the found person.


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