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Training Center

Supported by local sponsors the Society completed the construction of 8-storey Training Center "Insoniylik", which started to work in 1998. Certain number of educational groups passes a full training course in this center, where they have all conditions for accommodation, feeding, study and practical training on various programs related to the business of the Society.

The Center arranges topical workshops for training the staff, volunteers and members of the Society. Besides the staff of ministries, departments and enterprises (Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Public Education, Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education, etc.) and representatives of national cultural centers of the country study the basis of international humanitarian law in this center. Members of voluntary sanitary teams, college and university students, employees of representative offices of international companies in Uzbekistan, United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Refugees, ICRC, "Doctors without Borders", the British Council, "Nestle", "Coca Cola" and other companies are trained for the first-aid dressing.

With the assistnce of the International Committee of the Red Cross, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, German, Spanish and Dutch Red Cross Societies the necessary equipment, materials and aids have been provided for the following subject-teaching and training rooms of the Training Center: rooms for training how to respond in case of emergencies, first aid dressing training room, international humanitarian law classroom, as well as the national center for youth and volunteers, medical-social center with dental and USD rooms for servicing Society’s wards and representatives of the German community in Tashkent city.



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