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September 6, 2013

Round Table Conference in Samarkand

 Samarkand.Throughout the country, events dedicated to the remarkable date 150thanniversary of International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement continue to be held. On 6 September, 2013 in Samarkand, a a round table conference was held, at which representatives of a number of organizations spoke about the humanity mission.

The meeting was organized by the Regional Representative Office of ICRC in Central Asia jointly with the Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan. It was attended by the representatives of Samarkand Region Khokimiyat , representatives of law enforcement agencies, public organizations, and local media journalists.

While opening the meeting, the Chairman of Samarkand Regional Organization, RCS of Uzbekistan highlighted the importance of such events in solving problems the humanitarian organization faces and in strengthening the relationships with partners.   From the beginning of the year we have conducted tens of seminars, round table conferences, trainings and workshops in participation of related organization representatives. They are very useful not only for familiarizing with goals and objectives of the projects implemented by the oldest humanitarian  organization of Uzbekistan, but also for exchange of gained experience and useful information pointed out in her welcome speech E.A.Amiraliyeva, Chief Executive Officer, Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan.

We had a chance to participate in many spectacular events in Uzbekistan dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the Movement. We have a positive attitude to the large scale work carried out by Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan. I think that our partnership will continue to bring its fruits in the future stated I.Aslanov, Deputy Manager of Regional Representative Office of the ICRC.

During the round table conference presentations dedicated to the history of International Movement, the use of the ICRC emblems, unique status features of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies were given. Furthermore, participants spoke about the achievements, joint projects, experience, e and best practices of regional departments.  

September 3, 2013

 A Practical Seminar in Bukhara  

Bukhara. The Bukhara Regional Organization of the National Society includes more than three dozens of district and primary departments. Over the past several years many of them were restructured in terms of personnel; young specialists were employed, who came up with new ideas and initiatives. Senior specialists of Uzbekistan RCS and the Namangan Regional Organization were invited to the seminar. The presentations given included information regarding the history and structure of the International Movement, the National Societys humanitarian activity, legislative acts, aimed at improving the activity of non-commercial organizations; moreover, participants spoke about strategic development plans for 2011-2015 in detail. Experts of one of the best departments Namangan Regional Organization of Uzbekistan RCS shared the information about their achievements and experience gained. Ezgulik  movie narrating about the activity of the oldest humanitarian organization of the country made the event even more interesting.


August 29, 2013

 Practical First Aid Training Seminar

Karakalpakstan.Have you ever asked yourself what you would do if someone next to you became ill?  How not to get lost, not to panic and not to miss precious minutes which can cost someone his life? Doctors say that its very simple. You should only have skills which you can simply acquire and use them when necessary.

 Gesture of charity made by Henri Dunant changed peoples attitude towards others sufferings. And today, after one and a half century, it finds its echo in millions of hearts. Helping a person in need bears mercy and humanity. When it comes to a persons health and life, we can only speak about modern and competent aid. Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan implements a number of projects aimed at training large segments of population on providing the first aid. 

As a part of executing the Decree No.242 of the Cabinet of Ministers dated 24.08.2011 On further improvement of the State System of preventing and taking actions in emergency situations in the Republic of Uzbekistan Karakalpakstan Republican Organization of Uzbekistan RCS have organized a number of specific actions. Thus, on 29 August, 2013 a training seminar for Karakalpakstan Talasy Companys staff was held.  The training seminar started with Ezgulik movie made as a part of celebrating a remarkable date 150thanniversary of International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and dedicated to multidimensional activity of RCS of Uzbekistan. 

During the training classes the participants were trained to provide the first aid in cases of burns, trauma, in case of cardiac arrest, breathlessness, and bleeding. In the workshops trainers used modern IT technology. The training course was conducted by using multimedia technology, visual aids, imitations and mannequins. 15 persons were trained to provide the first aid. During the training specialists actively participated in imitation of emergency situations, performed practical tasks and exercises. At the end of the first aid training course, the participants received certificates. 

For expanding the opportunities of primary organizations of the National Society for training the population on providing the first aid, 27 centers for first aid instructors training were established in remote parts of Karakalpakstan. Each center is provided with information materials (instructions, guidelines, multimedia presentations). Seminars for training the population on first aid skills are held with direct participation of Chief Executive Officers of district and municipal organizations that were initially trained on providing the first aid during the workshop organized by the Regional Organization on 4 and 5 July, 2013.  At the training centers employees of primary organizations, members of medical teams, medical centers attend classes on providing the first aid; moreover, at these centers courses for people who want to have additional skills for ensuring safety of life are offered.  It should be added that training is performed at a professional level, with high quality and efficiency.   



August 29, 2013 

Training Seminar for Emergency Preparedness

As a part of Emergency Preparedness and Response Program financed by the ICRC, at Insoniylik Center, RCS of Uzbekistan a united training for Emergency Response Team of Andizhan, Fergana, and Surkhandarya Regional Organizations of the National Society was held.  30 new members of ERT took part in this event. Moreover, for the first time the initially trained members of the National ERT of Namangan and Andizhan Regions participated in this training as facilitators. 

During the training a number of issues were discussed, namely, the emergency management cycle, the procedure for ERT deployment, ERT behavioral code, the issue of providing the humanitarian aid, field camp placement, camp management, and water sanitary. The training was divided into 3 stages that included three-day training for emergency preparedness, restoration of family links and the first aid training.

The ERT training included not only theoretical knowledge, but also practical activities, such as camp deployment and the use of a water treatment and water supply devices.

The training participants improved their knowledge skills in emergency water supply, as well as skills in the use of AEGVAM-1008 water treatment and water supply systems, procured for improving the URCSs capacity and technical capabilities.

In general, participants of the ERT training had a chance to acquire new practical skills and update their knowledge in emergency management. For effectiveness of the ERT training held, volunteers and employees were proposed to conduct such ERT trainings in regional organizations of RCS of Uzbekistan that in turn, will improve teams preparedness and will ensure stability of the knowledge gained.


August 25, 2013

DIPECHO-7 Project

 Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan implements a number of unique projects. One of them is a global project titled DIPECHO-7 that was launched in November last year.

 The Project is aimed at strengthening the National Societys capacity in preventing the risk of natural disasters by increasing the level of educatedness of vulnerable segments of population and by improving the level of childrens awareness.

The Program is implemented under the European Commission Humanitarian Office (ECHO) and the representative office of Save the Children Korea organization in Uzbekistan. 20 schools and the same number of makhalla committee of the city of Angren and Akhangaran District, Tashkent Region are involved in implementation of this Project.

Based on the Project goals and objectives, youth clubs for emergency preparedness were organized at these schools; they included 25-35 children. During the training workshops and seminars held schoolchildren acquired skills in fundamentals of protection in various emergency situations. Identical works are carried out in participation of makhalla committee members. At self-governing bodies emergency response teams including 15-20 persons were created.  

While implementing DIPECHO-7 Project, all the 20 schools were equipped with fire extinguishers, lanterns, megaphones, and other tools necessary for emergency response. Moreover, at 20 makhalla committees located in mudflow areas of Tashkent region were provided with resin boots, spades, and tools necessary for fighting against the possible emergency situations.

At the same time, as a part of the Project implementation activity, evacuation maps for both schools and makhallas, visual call signs for orientation at schools in case of various emergency situations with indication of exits from the campus were developed.

DIPECHO-7 Project continues. In the future it is expected to conduct simulation trainings with the population and schoolchildren according the emergency scenario developed, as well as to carry out additional first aid seminars and trainings. At the end of the Project, training and preparing more than 500 schoolchildren and 300 makhalla residents is planned.   



July 15-18, 2013

          Role and Importance of RCS of Uzbekistan in Improving Humanitarian and Legal Bases of the Civil Society Training Seminar for Local Mass Media Journalists


-Thank you for giving us an opportunity to get detailed information about the activity of the International Movement, to see firsthand specific works performed by Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan for social support of the population.   

-You are the real followers of Henri Dunant. I am so proud that Ivereceived so much useful information due to you. I would like to be a volunteer of this Movement. 


During the four-day seminar many expressed such wishes. Although this is the first time we have tried to gather local mass media journalists in one area who are cooperating and will continue to cooperate with us, the forum participants confirmed that such meetings should be held on a regular basis.


While opening the seminar, Kh.Y.Karimov, Chairman of Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan highlighted: I am glad to see the best local mass media newspaper, radio and TV representatives here in this hall. People who are very talanted and goal-oriented, who are high-level professionals. Each year our cooperation is sthrengthening and our todays seminar is a good evidence of this.          

Many of you are already informed of the activity of Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan the oldest humanitarian public organization whose mission is supporting state programs implemented in the social sector. 


As you know, this year the entire world community is celebrating a remarkable date 150 years of establishing the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. This training seminar for local media journalists have also been organized as a part of anniversary events.


In his speech, Ikhtiyor Aslanov, Acting Manager of the Representative Office of International Red Cross in Central Asia also pointed out the importance of journalists in presenting the International Movements activities: You are the first to come to the spot, to get timely firsthand information. More reliable and accurate the information presented is, the more timely the necessary aid will be provided. Knowledge gained at the seminar will certainly be useful in your future work.


Everyone had a lasting impression from the four days spent in the very height of summer within the walls of cozy and cool Khodzhikent Health Resort. Each day was very fruitful and informative. 

The seminar included presentations and reports dedicated to the National Societys activity, to the use of International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movements emblems, laws and regulations of the Republic of Uzbekistan regarding the National Society; moreover, the participants spoke about the volunteer movement in detail; Ezgulik documentary dedicated to the activity of Uzbekistan RCS was presented. 

Journalists were very interested in presentations given by experts and specialists of the International Committee of Red Cross and Red Crescent on the warrant and the ICRC activity, on fundamentals of the International Humanitarian Law. Interactive work in sections allowed journalists to understand the informations received during the presentations even deeper.


Volunteers of the National Society became the heroes of interviews conducted during the practical tasks. The deal is that together with the seminar for journalists, one more important event occurred in Bostanlyk District. Here, tactical field exercises of the National Emergency Response Team (NERT) of RCS of Uzbekistan were held. As it is known, one of the most important directions of the Societys activity is works for preparing and responding to possible emergency situations. Field exercises carried out showed the level of National ERTs preparedness, its coherence and moral stability, ability to overcome considerable physical and psychological stress in situations close to extremely difficult ones. Exercises held at the first time over the last 3 years will contribute to improvement of volunteers skills in preparation to emergency situations and will allow to use this experience in training future field teams.


The quiz, conducted by the training organizers was a kind of testfor the knowledge gained.  Journalists show confidence in answering the questions which exceeded forty; many of them required intelligence and logical thinking. According to the results and pointed scored, five journalists were awarded special prizes.   

At the end of the training seminar all the participants received certificates.



July 15-18,2013

The National Teams Field Exercises 

 In the period from July 15 to July 18, 2013 at Khodzhikent Health Resort field exercises of the National Emergency Response Team, RCS of Uzbekistan were held. These training exercises are mainly aimed at training of volunteers, employees, and members of emergency response teams of Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan in practical skills, as well as at strengthening the National Societys capacity in preparation for and response to emergency situations as per the time schedule. Exercises were organized as a part of executing the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers On further improvement of the State System for preventing and taking actions in emergency situations in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Recall that the National ERT, RCS of Uzbekistan was created in 2011 and is comprised of the most prepared volunteers and employees of Uzbek RCS. All the NERTmembers have practical skills in arranging and tracing during emergency situations, in transporting victims by means of operational tools, in water supply and sanitation, creating field camps for 5000 people in emergency situations. 

Exercises were carried out in five stages, including the test of theoretical knowledge about emergency situations and the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, about the ERTs code of behavior in the natural disaster zone, as well as skills in providing the first aid in emergency situations, including the first psychological aid.

During the field exercises all the elements of preparing for emergency situations were worked out and practiced.On day 1 the NERT members created a campground for 80 conditionally affected people. On day 2 training centers for providing aid in different disasters and emergency situations: earthquakes, flood, road accidencts, and fire were established.  On the 3rd day simulation exercises were carried out. During this exercises the actions of team members in carrying out rescue operations, providing the first medical aid and transporting the victims by means of special tools, inventory and equipment, including the operation of the technical water supply system manufactured in France were worked out and practiced.

According to its technical parameters, the water plant available in the reserve of Uzbek RCS can treat offline 80 thousand liters of water per day from any pond for providing the population with drinking water in emergency situations. 

At the end of field exercises all the participants were awarded certificates, and the best volunteers of NERT, RCS of Uzbekistan were determined. 



MissionRestoring Family Links

In the middle of August at Insoniylik RTMC a two-day seminar for employees of regional organizations, RCS of Uzbekistan implementing their activity in Restoring Family Links was held. It was organized as per the time schedule for implementing this Program. Specialists of Karakalpakstan Regional Organizations of the National Society, and the experts of the Regional Representative Office of the ICRC in Central Asia attended the training course.

E.Amiraliyeva, Chief Executive Officer, RCS of Uzbekistan opened the seminar with a welcoming speech.

The seminar including both theoretical and practical components, was aimed at improving the skills and level of preparedness necessary for organizing the activity of the Air Force in emergency situations, improving the quality of needs assessment, the use of existing Air Force instruments, coordinating the activity within the framework of the International Movement. The organizers set a number of goals and objectives such as improving the human resource capacity in the Societys branches, exchanging the experience and information gained. 

The seminar participants got detailed information on the National Societys activity in this sphere prepared by N.Kim, Air Force Coordinator. Participants of the country seminar examined the major principles of the activity for Restoring Family Links, got familiarized with the practices used by Karakalpakstan Republican, Tashkent City, Samarkand, Namangan, Fergana and Andizhan Regional Organizations, RCS of Uzbekistan in the Air Force field. Presentations titled Planning the activity for tracing and air force in cases of natural disaster and Emergency Response Control were given. 



July 11, 2013

Training Seminars at Electrohimzavod JSC

 Navoiy.In the period from July 8 to July 10, 2013 the Navoiy Regional Organization, RCS of Uzbekistan jointly with Electrohimzavod Company arranged a three-day seminar for training the personnel on the fundamentals of providing the first aid in possible emergency situations.

The seminar was aimed at training the enterprise staff on providing the first medical aid, taking actions in emergency situations and other accidents based on practical exercises.

Nargiza Eshboyeva, World Class Instructor, Regional Organization of Uzbek RCS, Maryana Bakhriyeva, Chairman of the Regional  Organization of Uzbek RCS, and more than 20 employees of the enterprise took part in this training seminar.

As a part of the Training Program, participants talked about the reforms undertaken in the country that are aimed at society development and modernization. Furthermore, information about the history of the International Movement was presented.

During the practical exercises, the First Aid Instructor of Navoiy Regional Organization of the Society talked about the methods and types of first medical aid. The seminar participants had a chance to implement their skills in practice, making artificial respiration and cardiac massage to manekens; they learned how to apply bandages. 

At the seminar the need for conducting such training seminars where participants have a chance not only to visually learn how to provide the first aid, but also directly participate in the process was discussed. It seems like everything is very simple: correctly apply the bandage, make artificial cardiac massage and assuage the injured person. However, during the seminar we not only listened and watched, but also practiced on models. Many thanks to the Societys staff who organized such a training course noted Yelena Osinskaya, seminar participant, Head of the Enterprise Department. 

At the end of training seminar certificates of completing the first aid training course were awarded. 



June 18-20, 2013

 First Aid Instructors are Trained

 A three-day training seminar held at Insoniylik RTMC and aimed at training instructors on providing the first aid in possible emergency situations was very informative and efficient. It was organized as a part of CBHFA Project implemented under Japanese Red Cross assistance. 

Specialists of regional organizations of the National Society were invited to the seminar. Jointly with the experts of Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan, first-class professionals of Japanese Red Cross showed masterclasses. While participating in the opening of the training, Fumiaki Ando, Director, Japanese Red Cross expressed appreciation towards the multidimensional activity of Uzbek Red Crescent Society, in particular, trainings carried out with schoolchildren for using practical skills in possible emergency situations.    

As a part of the Project four fundraising centers equipped with computer technology, information materials, and mannequins were created; 52 instructors and more than 1000 volunteers were trained throughout the republic. Implementation of additional activities was required for ensuring the efficiency of the further work, improving the quality of training and methodologic courses. For example, the need for involving a master first aid trainer who holds a certificate of compliance to standards of 2010. During the seminar, under the Japanase partners support 24 experts of regional organizations, RCS of Uzbekistan were trained. They, in turn, will be able to train new first aid instructors from district departments.   



June 18, 2013

Round Table Conference in Namangan

Namangan. As a part of the anniversary date 150 years of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, Namangan Regional Organization of Red Crescent Society is implementing large-scale actions. In the first month of the summer one more important event was held in this place Round Table Conference titled 150 Years of the Humanitarian Movement. It was organized by Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan, the Representative Office of the ICRC in Central Asia, Namangan Regional Organization jointly with the Khokimiyat of Namangan Region. The forum was attended by M.Azizova, DeputyKhokimofNamanganRegion, S.Shorin, S.Safayeva, R.Atadzhanov, A.Khukumov employees of the Regional Representative Office of the ICRC in Central Asia, T.Sabitov, Manager of the Organization Department of RCS of Uzbekistan, B.Urolboyev, Deputy Commander of the Eastern Military Region under the Ministry of Defense, as well as heads of the regional IAD, ED, frontier districts of the region, managers of Makhalla Fund, and other non-commercial organizations.  The meeting participants listened presentations and reports on such important issues as the ICRC as one of the integral parts of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, History and Structure of Red Crescent Society in Uzbekistan, International Legal Status of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, The Activity of the Regional Center for Disseminating Knowledge about MGP in Fergana Valley. Appreciating the activity of Namangan Regional Organization of RCS of Uzbekistan, the participants of the event paid much attention to works carried out for promoting International Humanitarian Law. At the meeting it was highlighted that primary organizations are very active in the region. Moreover, the Regional Resource Center for Promoting the International Law in Fergana Valley is also successfully functioning. The practices used by this Center should be implemented throughout the country. In the last year alone more than three dozens of meetings, presentations with participation of representatives of law enforcement agencies in makhallas, organizations, educational institutions of Andizhan, Fergana, and Namangan Regions were held. 



June 13, 2013

Training and Play Activities at Childrens Summer Camps

Karakalpakstan.For executing the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan On further improvement of the State System for preventing and taking actions in emergency situations in the Republic of Uzbekistan, Karakalpakstan Republican Organization, Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan planned a number of events during summer holidays. They are mainly aimed at training children having their vacation at summer health camps in providing the first aid and responding to the possible emergency situations.  Karakalpakstan Republican Organization of Uzbek RCS and Emergency Department of the Republic of Karakalpakstan have built close relationships. Due to such collaboration joint events for promoting and informing the population of civil defense and protection from emergency situations, improving the level of life safety among the large population segments were conducted.

On 13 June under Young Rescuer title   training games with participation of Karakalpak ESD were held at Zhas aulad Summer Camp, city of Nukus. They were organized by the Youth Center of Karakalpakstan Republican Organization, RCS of Uzbekistan jointly with volunteers. Through various game exercises children got familiarized with different types of responding to emergency situations such as fire, earthquakes. 

Interactive learning role plays and simulation allowed children to acquire skills in providing the first aid in cases of insect bites, burns, and hyperthermia. During these activities volunteers gave presentations and made reports on the history of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, on the activity of Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan; each participant of this event received Element series pamphlets.  Volunteers of Karakalpakstan Republican Organization, RCS of Uzbekistan will conduct training games throughout the summer season; then, these activities will be held in secondary schools of the republic.   

This event is mainly aimed at developing in preschool children fundamental knowledge in the field of ecological culture, concepts and principles of healthy lifestyle, fostering the sense of solidarity and mutual assistance in different real situations.


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