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December 24, 2013

Contest Results

On 24th of December, 2013, a regular Presidium meeting of Uzbekistan’s Red Crescent Society was held in Tashkent. One of the Agenda issues was the result of contests, announced by the National Society in 2013. 

The Presidium meeting was attended by the leaders of the National Red Crescent Society and its subdivisions, by contest winners and by the representatives of partner organizations, ministries, and local mass media.


Today, National Red Crescent Society’s structure includes 15 regional, 191 district and urban, and more than 2, 5 thousand primary organizations. The National Society’s membership counts for approximately 1 million and 300 thousand members and for more than 38 thousand volunteers. Continuous efforts are being made to achieve the goals and objectives set in Society’s Charter; i.e. the National Society assists the state agencies and local authorities in humanitarian and social sector, including the dissemination of International Humanitarian Law, charitable assistance during natural and ecological disasters and other emergency situations, and organization of youth activities.


The Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan carries out extensive job for broadening the capacity of the primary organizations’ activities. In 2013, as per Decree of the National Society’s Presidium, performance review contests in 6 directions were announced with a purpose of further staff expertise improvement though competition. The contest directions were as follows: 


- “The best district, municipal department of Uzbekistan RCS”,

-  “The best nurse of “Mekhr-shafkat” Service, Uzbekistan RCS”,

- “The best first aid training instructor of Uzbekistan RCS”,

- “The best Youth Center of Uzbekistan RCS”,

- “The Best National Emergency Response Team”,

- “The best report on the National Society’s activity in mass media”. 



Almost all the regional organizations participated in the contest; in particular, the Karakalpak Red Crescent branch, Road regional Red Crescent organization, Andizhan, Navoi, Namangan, Bukhara, Samarkand, Fergana and Tashkent regional organizations showed a great sense of responsibility while organizing different contest stages on time. 


The contest materials fully correspond to the National Society’s Charter requirements, to the “Year of Wealth and Prosperity” state programme requirements, and to the goals and objectives of the National Society’s Strategic Development plan for 2011-2015. The contest revealed responsible and professionally delivered support of the vulnerable population segments and public support programmes.


More than one hundred materials published in Republican and regional newspapers, Radio and TV records were submitted to the traditional mass media contest. The materials were made with interest and competence; publications’ assessment revealed the deep awareness of journalists about the activities of the oldest humanitarian organization in Uzbekistan and their interest in presenting the noble mission of the National Red Crescent Society.  


Having examined all the materials sent for participation in the contest, the Jury selected the best representatives. Winners were experts and professionals from all the regions of the country.    


9 district subdivisions of the regional Red Crescent branches applied for the nomination of “The best district and urban subdivision of the National Red Crescent Society”. By the end of the voting, the following winners were announced:

1st place    – goes to Abdulla Sultonov, Chief Executive Officer, Turtkul District Department of Karakalpakstan Regional Organization, Uzbekistan RCS.

2nd place – Khursand Akhmedova, Chief Executive Officer, Almazar District Department of Tashkent City Organization, Uzbekistan RCS. 

2nd place – Yayrakhon Khozhiyeva, Chief Executive Officer, Naryn District Department of Namangan Regional Organization, Uzbekistan RCS. 

3rd place  –Maksudakhon Abdukhakimova, Chief Executive Officer, Fergana District Department of Fergana Regional Organization, Uzbekistan RCS.


Incentive diplomas are awarded to:

- Yuvmitova Feruza, Chief Executive Officer, Oltoy District Department of Bukhara Regional Organization, Uzbekistan RCS,

- Rakhmonov Shavkat, Chief Executive Officer, Taylak District Department of Samarkand Regional Organization, Uzbekistan RCS,

- Rakhmonov Jabbor, Chief Executive Officer, Nurata District Department of Navoiy Regional Organization, Uzbekistan RCS,

- Farmonov Shukhrat, Chief Executive Officer, Khudzaabad  District Department of Andizhan Regional Organization, Uzbekistan RCS,

- Mamasoliyev Amanturdi, Chief Executive Officer, Jarkurgan District Department of Surkhandarya Regional Organization, Uzbekistan RCS,



In the contest for “The best nurse of “Mekhr-shafkat” Service, Uzbekistan RCS” Title 11 nominees were proposed.  Having examined all the materials, the Jury decided that:


1st place goes to Nasiba Khaydarova, Nurse of the “Mekhr-shafkat” Service, Jondor District, Bukhara Region.

2nd place – Mukhabbat Nizamova, Nurse of the “Mekhr-shafkat” Service, Namangan District, Namangan Region.

3rd place – Zulkhumor Shomuradova,  Nurse of the “Mekhr-shafkat” Service, Zangiata District, Tashkent Region.


For “The best first aid training instructor of Uzbekistan RCS” Title nominees from 8 regional organizations were proposed. The following persons were recognized as the best:


1st place – goes to Kurolboy Davletmuradov, Chief Executive Officer, Nukus City Organization of Karakalpakstan Regional Organization.

2nd place – Nasiba Mamasiddikova, Expert, Executive Department of Fergana Regional Organization, Uzbekistan RCS.

3rd  place – Shavkat Miltikbayev, Expert, Road Regional Organization, Uzbekistan RCS.


6 youth centers took part in “The best Youth Center of Uzbekistan RCS” Contest. All of them received keepsakes from the National Society.  


1st place – goes to the Youth Center of the city of Namangan.

2nd place – the Youth Center of Kanimekh District, Navoiy Region.

3rd place – goes to the Youth Center of the city of Margilan, Fergana Region and the Youth Center of Almazar District, Tashkent.  


The following Youth Centers were awarded incentive prizes:


- The Youth Center of Bobkent District, Bukhara Region.

- The Youth Center under Karakalpakstan Regional Organization.


For “The Best National Emergency Response Team” Nomination the following persons are awarded incentive diplomas and prizes:


- Makhbubov Azamat – Volunteer at the Road Regional Organization,

- Samatov Jakhongir – Volunteer at the Road Regional Organization,

- Kazakov Alexandr – Volunteer at Samarkand Regional Organization, Uzbekistan RCS,

- Tillayev Nodir – Volunteer at Namangan Regional Organization, Uzbekistan RCS,

- Gubaydullin Artur – Volunteer at Khorezm Regional Organization, Uzbekistan RCS,

- Kalybayev Dauletbay – Volunteer at Karakalpakstan Regional Organization

- Toshpulatov Otabek – Volunteer at Fergana Regional Organization, Uzbekistan RCS

- Patkhullayev Ulugbek – Volunteer at Tashkent City Organization, Uzbekistan RCS

- Nuriddinov Akhrorbek – Volunteer at Andizhan Regional Organization, Uzbekistan RCS

- Alimkulov Murod – Volunteer at Surkhandarya Regional Organization, Uzbekistan RCS 


For “The best report on the National Society’s activity in mass media” nomination 32 journalists presented their materials dedicated to the multifaceted activity of Uzbekistan RCS. Having examined all the materials submitted, the competent Jury determined the most responsive ones.


In the “Television” nomination the following persons were determined as the winners:

1st place – Barchinoy Dzhurayeva – Head of the Department, “Uzbekiston” Channel of the National Television and Broadcasting Company.

2nd place – Maksuda Shirinboyeva – Reporter, “Davr” Information Program

3rd place – Rakhima Kaymokova – Reporter, Navoiy Regional Television and Broadcasting Company


In the “Radio” nomination the following persons were determined as the winners:

1st place – goes to Olima Khamroyeva – Reporter, “Mash’al” Broadcast Channel

2nd place – goes to Shakhlo Abzalova – Reporter, “Poytakht” Broadcast Channel


In the “Newspaper” nomination the following persons were determined as the winners:


1st place – goes to Alla Roganova, Chief Executive Officer, Karakalpakstan Regional Organization, Uzbekistan RCS.

2nd – Suriya Magdeyeva – Reporter, “Namanganskaya Pravda” Newspaper

3rd place – Ulugbek Asrorov – Columnist, “Turkiston-press” IA.


The following persons were awarded incentive prizes:


-Rinat Abdulmanov – Reporter, “Samarkandskiy vestnik” Newspaper.

-Shamshiddin Koraboyev – Reporter, “Fargona Khakikati” Newspaper.

-Nuriddin Ubaydullayev – Reporter, “Jamiyat” Newspaper.


All the winners got keepsakes and diplomas of Uzbekistan Red Crescent Society.





November 27, 2013

Specialists Improve their Professional Skills

On 27th of November, 2013, a three-day training course for medical practitioners titled “Emergency medical aid in cases of major trauma” started in Tashkent. The training course organizers were the Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan jointly with the Regional Representative Office of International Red Cross Committee in Central Asia and with organizational assistance of the Public Health Ministry of Uzbekistan.  

This is the second time when the training on medical actions for medical practitioners is held in collaboration with competent organizations. The workshop was attended by general emergency aid doctors from all the regions of the country. During the course, the internationally experienced trainers in first medical aid provision showed mastery in methods of standard diagnostics and therapeutic procedures used and applied to patients for reducing the rate of morbidity and mortality, resulted from major trauma. This workshop on emergency medical actions in cases of major trauma is also a training course with application of standard diagnostics and therapeutic procedures that will help to improve the quality of emergency medical aid services, particularly, in cases of massive admission of injured persons, including the cases with major trauma. This training course is aimed at improving and strengthening emergency doctors’ theoretical and practical knowledge and skills in operational and error-free assessment of the patient’s condition, in determination of priority actions, in decision-making for providing emergency medical aid, and in efficient distribution of personnel in cases of massive admission of injured people.

The second and third days of the workshop were devoted to the standard diagnostics methods and therapeutic procedures applied to patients for reducing the morbidity rate. Practical skills in trauma diagnosing and emergency medical aid provision using modern highly technological RCEMA equipment will also improve doctors’ professional skills. Information received by specialists during the training course will help to systemize the principles of providing the first medical aid in emergency situations and to use them effectively in practice.  



November 12-18, 2013

“Power of Humanity” International Forum

In Sidney, Australia, under the “Power of Humanism” and “150 Years of Humanitarian Activity” slogans, the 19th General Assembly Session of International Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies was held along with the Council of Delegates. The representatives of the Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan – Kh. Y. Karimov (Chairman) and E. A. Amiraliyeva ( Executive Director) participated in International Forum. The Leaders of 182 National Societies along with International Red Cross Committee attended the statutory activity.

Old and new friends, leaders of public and nongovernmental organizations, representatives of the International Movement who have been propagating humanitarian activities worldwide for one and a half century were able to meet. They came up with new ideas, plans and design works for finding out an effective tool, e.g. common language for addressing and solving a pressing problem. Busy schedule helped not only to share the experience gained in partner countries, but also to find the most effective ways to solve humanitarian problems.  

The major Agenda issue of the 19th Session of the General Assembly was Strategy 2020 – “Capacity building and strengthening the activities of all the constituent units of the International Federation”. Moreover, the global objective was to discuss the existing humanitarian problems and to determine further activities to be implemented by the Movement for problem solving. The participants discussed the ways the Red Cross and Crescent Societies can efficiently respond to humanitarian challenges. During the meetings, the leaders of the National Societies discussed the resolutions adopted at 31st International Conference held in 2011 and set priority tasks for the next International Conference to be held in 2015.  

At the plenary meetings of the General Assembly and the Council of Delegates, parliamentarians examined the issues regarding the job coordinated by the International Movement and regarding the effective collaboration within the Movement, discussed efforts made by member-countries for improving the image of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement as a guarantor of further development, structural integration and effective formation of the global humanitarian vision of the future. As a part of statutory events, the National Society presented the planning and budgeting programme for 2014-2015.      

The Forum will be memorable with one more outstanding event. Cyprus Red Cross and Sudan Red Crescent became 188th and 189th full members of the International Federation.

An important milestone in the International Federation’s history has become the signing of the Mutual Understanding Memorandum between the Palestine Red Crescent and the “Magen David Adom” of Israel.

Among the urgent organizational issues was an election of the President, vice-Presidents and members of the Management Board. By the majority of votes, Mr. Tadateru Konoe was elected again to be the President for the next four years.       

Uzbek delegation’s meetings were very useful and productive. As a part of the events held, the management of Uzbekistan’s Red Crescent Society carried out bilateral negotiations with Tadateru Konoe - President of the IFRC, as well as with Anitta Anderlin - Director of European Regional IFRC Office. In course of the positive talks, the Management of International Federation highly appreciated Uzbekistan’s Red Crescent Society’s humanitarian activity and achievements made by the Society over the past years; the Parties discussed the National Society’s further development and expansion of its legal system.       

 The Management of Uzbekistan Red Crescent Society also organized a meeting with leaders of Japanese Red Cross, Korean Red Cross, Chinese Red Cross and Saudi Arabia’s Red Crescent Society, and also with leaders of National Societies in CIS countries for discussing the issues of possible bilateral cooperation, constructive collaboration, capacity strengthening, and organizational development.  

Uzbekistan’s Red Crescent Society’s delegation actively participated not only in plenary meetings, but also in business meetings aimed at solving the problems connected with humanitarian activities, healthcare issues, effective implementation of resolutions adopted at 31st and 32nd International Conferences, and natural disaster prevention activities.   

As experts say, a start to a new century of positive tendencies in addressing the humanitarian problems is given. There is a powerful potential for this in form of 189 humanitarian organizations operating globally, whose main mission is saving people’s lives, protecting and helping those who are in need all around the world.



November 7, 2013


50 Instructors are Trained in Gratuitous Donorship

 On 6-7 November, 2013 a republican seminar organized by the Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan devoted to the propaganda of regular voluntary free blood donorship was held at “Insoniylik” RTMC.

Professor Kh.Y.Karimov, Chairman of Uzbekistan RCS opened the Forum with a welcoming speech. The training was attended by E.A.Amiraliyeva, Chief Executive Officer, Uzbekistan RCS, A.B.Saidov, Director of the Hematology and Blood Transfusion Institute, chairmen of regional organization, experts of RCBT and Uzbekistan RCS.  

The purpose of thetraining seminar was training of 50 employees involved in implementation of UNDP Global Fund Project titled “Continuous Expansion of Combating against the HIV Spread, Focused on Vulnerable Segments of Population, and Strengthening of the System of Providing the Public Access to HIV Prevention, Diagnostics, Treatment, and Care” aimed at propaganda of regular voluntary free blood donorship. As it was mentioned above, today, a Strategic Program for developing the system of free blood donorship among the population is being implemented in Uzbekistan; moreover, a solid legal base was provided and a public charity fund was created. Complex activities for developing the donorship service are being implemented at a state level. In 2002 an Act “On Blood Donorship and Its Components” was adopted, thus creating a legal base for safe donorship in the Republic.      

One of the main areas of the activity implemented by the Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan is gratuitous donorship propaganda. It is implemented in such fields as development of an efficient system for implementing gratuitous donorship propaganda projects and the use of donors in supporting the programs. The National Society is actively involved in health educational activity for improving the level of population’s awareness in donorship issues; programs for providing practical and consultancy assistance to the Society’s regional subunits in planning and promoting gratuitous donorship are performed. The Project of UNDP Global Fund is being successfully implemented. Red Crescent Society’s partners are the Blood Transfusion Center, branches of the Health and Medical Statistics Institute of the Republic of Uzbekistan.    

This Seminar is a part of complex work carried out as a part of the Regular Voluntary Free Blood Donorship Program. About fifteen presentations and reports dedicated to challenges in gratuitous donorship were given during the two-day seminar. In sectional studies the seminar participants discussed the results of Regular Voluntary Free Blood Donorship Project, gave their presentations for motivating new donors among different target groups. 

At the end of the Seminar a Plan of activities for further active propaganda of regular voluntary free blood donoroship in Uzbekistan was developed.      



October 30, 2013  


Conversation with Uzbek Mass Media Representatives

On 30 October, 2013 at the National Press Center of Uzbekistan a press conference organized by Uzbekistan Red Crescent Society was held. The forum was attended by the employees of the Executive Department of Uzbekistan Red Crescent Society, specialists and experts of regional organizations, mass media journalists.

At the Press Conference Kh.Y. Karimov, Professor, Chairman of Uzbekistan Red Crescent Society made a report titled “Activity and goals of Uzbekistan Red Crescent Society in the year of International Movement’s 150th anniversary”.     

Journalists received full information on the National Society’s activity. As it was emphasized above, in May, 2013 the oldest humanitarian organization – International Movement of Red Cross and Red Crescent celebrated its 150th anniversary. This remarkable date was widely celebrated throughout the republic. Moreover, the meeting was preceded with one more spectacular event – this year on 29th of October the Geneva Conference celebrated its 150th anniversary: 150 years passed from the moment of holding the first Geneva Conference. The humanitarian organization’s mission is assisting the governmental agencies and local autonomous authorities in humanitarian and social spheres, disseminating knowledge about the International Humanitarian Law, providing charitable assistance in various natural and environmental disasters, technological accidents, epidemics, and other emergency situations, training active members and volunteers of the Society and developing the sense of patriotism, principles of kindness and compassion in them.  

As a part of the “Program of additional activities for further strengthening of  social protection of lonely elderly people, the retired, and disabled persons for 2011-2015, the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection and Uzbekistan Red Crescent Society developed and adopted a Joint Action Plan. And now, the Society’s 170 medical nurses provide at-home services to 3033 lonely elderly citizens who are in need of support and assistance. In 2013 alone, this segment of population was provided with more than 140 thousand types of medical and social aid. 14232 citizens under  the Society’s guardianship were provided with financial aid in the amount of 400 million soums.    

On the threshold of 22nd anniversary of the Republic’s Independence, through a charity action, the Society’s organizations provided 2102 low-income citizens, elderly and disabled people who are in need of assistance and support with financial aid, different clothing, food and drugs for 103 million 790 thousand soums. At the same time the Society’s staff strive to ensure that all charitable activities are implemented considering the target groups and are focused on specific people in need.  In more than one hundred lecture halls meetings and trainings on gratuitous donorship were held; more than 10 thousand citizens attended these meetings and trainings. In 2013, 1218 volunteers and 2288 makhalla residents were trained for promoting the donorship activity. In the Republic of Karakalpakstan, Bukhara, Fergana, Syrdarya regions and Tashkent city medical centers equipped with modern equipment are established, where people in need of medical aid can get it on a continuous basis. 

Uzbekistan RCS is assigned to specific tasks for executing the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On further improvement of the State System of Preventing Emergency Situations in the Republic of Uzbekistan” dated August 24, 2011. These tasks also include developing first medical aid provision skills in the population, planning the provision of support to emergency situation victims, providing assistance to organizations included in the State System of Preparation for Emergency Situations in planning and creating medical teams in collaboration with the Ministry of People’s Education and the Ministry of Public Health; organizing medical centers in secondary schools, secondary specialized and professional education institutions, as well as training the personnel.

Today the Society’s organizations have established 644 medical teams that are provided with training and methodical assistance on a continuous basis. In Uzbekistan RCS a mobile camp for 100 families is organized; it is equipped with tents, mattresses, bedding, and personal hygiene items. Annually, the regional organizations use a part of funds collected throughout the year for creating the reserves in cases of possible emergency situations. Over the past two years, about 150 experts trained in providing first medical aid were awarded certificates of first aid instructors. During various seminars held in regions, more than 12 thousand citizens were trained in providing first medical aid to victims; in more than 300 makhallas practical training was carried out. Relationships with international partners are being strengthened. In May, 2013, with the assistance of the Japan Red Cross experts, a workshop dedicated to training instructors on providing first medical aid was conducted.  

At the present moment, the National Society is implementing humanitarian projects jointly with the International Federation, International Red Cross Committee, the National Society of Sweden, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, Japan and other countries; close relationships with many CIS countries are built.  Uzbekistan RCS’s delegation attended the 31st Conference of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement in Geneva.  

On 22-27 September, 2012 in Minsk a meeting of the chairmen of National Societies of CIS countries was held. At this meeting the Managers of Uzbekistan RCS conducted negotiations with Tadateru Kanoe, President of the International Federation and Loran Karmesi, Representative of the International Red Cross Committee. This year in summer, in the Federal Republic of Germany a meeting of Uzbek –German Interstate Committee was held; at this meeting issues of providing medical and social aid to German citizens residing in our republic were discussed. Due to these meetings opportunities for improving the activity of medical and social centers functioning in Bukhara, Samarkand, and Fergana were created.    

Throughout the year 1432 seminars dedicated to the International Humanitarian Law promotion were held, at which the audience counted more than 48 thousand people. Under the support provided by the International Committee for Red Cross and Red Crescent a project for promoting the International Humanitarian Law in regions of Fergana Valley is being implemented in Namangan. Concreteness and target-orientedness are the priority goals of each event held by the National Society. In 191 districts throughout the republic more than 2400 primary organizations of the Society are functioning.  

As per the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers annually in the republic, in the second half of November a decade of charity collection is carried out by the Society. Orders made by regional khokims for carrying out a charity action carry a practical assistance. Moreover, each member of the Society confirms his/her membership by purchasing stamps. Funds collected by all the departments of our Society through events held ensure the Society’s financial stability and independency.  In 2012 throughout the republic 4,5 billion soums were collected, out of which 90% was formed from internal resources, whereas during nine months of this year approximately 4 billion soums were collected. For distribution of the funds collected a scrutinous system works for their due use in accordance with the Charter requirements and for provision of targeted financial aid to people in need are carried out.

During the forum writers expressed interest in the Humanitarian Organization’s activity. Kh.Y.Karimov, Chairman of RCS of Uzbekistan, E.A.Amiraliyeva, Chief Executive Officer, T.S.Sabitov,  P.D.Abdullakhanov – managers of the departments answered multiple questions asked by journalists. Furthermore, M.A.Bakhriyeva, Chairman of Navoiy Regional Organization and  D.F.Sayfutdinova, Chairman of Namangan Regional Organization spoke about interesting projects.

At the press-conference important information was announced.  In 2013 a traditional contest where winners can receive the National Society’s prizes will be held. For wide presentation of Uzbekistan RCS’s activity in mass media, at the beginning of the year a show contest for the best TV, radio and newspaper material was announced. There is enough time to evaluate the results; anyone  who wishes can participate in the contest. The winners will be announced on 14 November, 2013 – on the day of founding the National Society.



September 19, 2013

Partnership for Humanity 


Termez.On 18-19 September a “round table” conference titled “150 years of Humanitarian Action” was held in Termez. It was organized by the Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan, the ICRC Representative Office in Central Aisa, Surkhandarya Regional Organization jointly with the Khokimiyat of Surkhandarya Region.

The Forum was attended by representatives of the Justice Department, law enforcement agencies, emergency situations and healthcare departments, experts of Uzbekistan RCS, regional subunits, experts of  NPO, and local mass media journalists. M.U.Kabulova, Deputy Khokim of Surkhandarya Region opened the seminar and gave a speech.

Organizers of the “round table” conference had prepared a number of interesting presentations. A.Khukumov, Official, Regional Representative Office of the ICRC in Central Asia, T.Sabitov, P.D.Abdullakhanov, R.M.Akbarov, Managers of Uzbekistan RCS departments made reports.

The attendees had a chance to listen to reports and presentations titled “the ICRC as an integral part of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement”, “History and Structure of the Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan”, and “International legal status of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies”.

Recall that in honor of the anniversary date, partners and the best representatives of regional departments were awarded Uzbekistan RCS’s Honorary diplomas and keepsakes. At the end of the seminar M.U.Kabulova, Deputy Khokim of Surkhandarya Region was awarded a Honorary Diploma for contributions made.



September 13, 2013

 Regular Meeting of the Presidium of Uzbekistan Red Crescent Society was held


Tashkent. Managers of RCS of Uzbekistan, chairmen of regional organizations of the National Society, representatives of ministries and departments, public organizations and field specialists attended the Presidium’s meeting.

The major issue on the Agenda was the report on regional departments’ activity for celebrating the 22nd anniversary of Uzbekistan’s Independence and 150th anniversary of the International Movement. All the organizations developed and adopted programs dedicated to these milestones. On the Eve of Independence Day the regional departments provided financial aid to 2102 lonely, elderly people, disabled and low-income persons in the amount of 103 million 790 thousand soums. Moreover, people in need were provided with clothing, pharmaceuticals, and foodstuff. Tashkent City, Namangan, Fergana Regional and Regional Rail Organizations of RSC of Uzbekistan implemented their work schedule at a high level. 

A report on the results of the National Society’s activity and its compliance with budget requirements in the first half of 2013 was presented to the participants of the meeting. Moreover, as a part of executing the Decree No.1542 of President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated 30.05.2012 the activity of “Mekhr-shafkat” Service, Tashkent Regional Organization was reviewed.   

In the example of Kashkadarya regional organization the attendees got familiarized with the results of executing the Provision “On improving financial and economic activity of RCS of Uzbekistan”, a report on Surkhandarya regional organization’s activity for improving the staffing policy was made.

September 12, 2013

 Honorable Mission to Save Lives

Tashkent.On 12 September, 2013 in “Islomobod” Makhalla, Shaykhontokhur District, Tashkent, Tashkent City Organization of Uzbekistan RCS arranged a workshop dedicated to the gratuitous donorship promotion.

On the nature’s calendar its autumn - a period full of divine, weddings, the period of harvesting and dastarhkan, full of fruit and vegetables. Moreover, autumn is the period of infectious disease spread. According to experts, the change of seasons are always accompanied by a wide spread of acute respiratory viral infections and diseases. A workshop under “Blood is Life!” sloganwas held in the makhalla guzar. The speakers highlighted the fact that at the present moment, a Strategic Program for developing gratuitous donorship among the population is being implemented in Uzbekistan; moreover, a sound legal basis is provided and a public charity fund is organized.

One of the main directions of the activity implemented by Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan is gratuitous donoroship propaganda. It is implemented in such areas as development of efficient system for accomplishing gratuitous donorship promotion projects and involvement of donors for supporting the programs. The National Society take an active part in medical and training activity for improving the level of the population’s awareness in donorship issues; a number of programs for providing practical and consultative assistance to the Society’s regional departments and for promoting gratuitous donorship are being carried out.   As it was mentioned above, “Mobilization of the total population to gratuitous donorship through information and training activities in makhallas and educational institutions of Uzbekistan” Project is being effectively implemented. On the very day a large group of makhalla residents expressed its willingness to become donors.




September 10, 2013

The Youth Initiatives in the Anniversary Year

 Navoiy.On 10 September, 2013 in “Yoshlar markazi” Center, city of Navoiy, a meeting dedicated to this remarkable date and organized by Navoiy Regional Organization of Uzbekistan RCS and by the Regional Department of “Kamolot” Public Youth Movement was held.  Representatives of district organizations, the Society’s volunteers, teachers and students of professional colleges, and mass media representatives took part in the meeting.

These meetings are held regularly and each time the audience is expanding. Organizers have set several goals – results of efficient work on supporting socially important programs and the Organization’s main activities.

During the meeting attendees were informed of the processes of building a civil society in the country and Uzbekistan RCS’s contribution to this society, and the initiatives made by the National Society for the 150th anniversary of International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. The event will be memorable with presentations, training and methodical materials dedicated to the activity of the world’s oldest humanitarian organization.





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