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1 July, 2014

The priorities are identified


During these days in all the regional subdivisions of the Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan report-back election conferences were held. The meeting held in Navoi was effective as well.

The report-back election conference was held in the large hall of regional administration. The forum was attended by the khokim of Navoi region E.O. Turdimov and executive officer of the Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan E.A. Amiralieva. A report about the work done for the period from 2009 to 2013 was presented by the chairman of Navoi regional subdivision of Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan M.A. Bahrieva.


The capacity of the regional organization includes two urban, 8 regional and 64 elementary organizations. In carrying humanitarian mission 85,000 members and more than 200 volunteers are involved. Within the reporting period, the regional organization has actively participated in implementation of the most important priorities of state social programs, i.e. the program "The year of healthy generation." The focus of specialists was concentrated on preparation and response to emergency situations, promoting the principles of a healthy lifestyle among young people, problems of disease prevention, family reunification, and dissemination of humanitarian law. The Conference participants have considered the action plan of the regional organization for 2014-2018, elected the Chairman of the organization, members of the Presidium and the Audit Commission.





19 June, 2014



On June 28, 2014, at the children's recreation camp "Burchmula" located in the region of the Tashkent City, the "Day of the young rescuer" was held.


The Regional Road Organization of the Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan has lots of project promoting the comprehensive development of the young generation. Within the scope of the programme called: “The Year of a Healthy Child”, the “day of a young rescuer” has been made at the children recreation camp "Burchmula". 


The staff members of the Road-Regional Red Crescent organization, National Disaster Response Team members, the sanitary service delivery team of the “Uztemiryulmashta’mir” plant and the Tashkent City’s Disaster Response Authority representatives were among the invited guests. 


Over three hundreds of boys and little girls participated in educational and informative activity. Children were familiarized with creation history and activities of the International Movement of the Red Cross and Red Crescent organizations and studied the projects of the Road-Regional organization.


The Disaster Response Team’s volunteers mentored the first aid delivery learning activity and a special “young rescuers’ team” has been formed with 10 boys and 10 girls from the camp. 


Children were especially interested in first aid delivery activity performed as a game; they’ve learned to put on the respirator, to work up with fractures and dislocations and to deliver the victims to the medical service points.




19 June, 2014

Another Presidium’s results are summarized


On the 19th of June, 2014, at the Central office building of the National Society, the Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan held its regular Presidium


Presidium participants consisted of the local and regional Red Crescent leaders and employees. .


Among the issues addressed were the status of budget implementation and activities of the Society in the first half of 2014. Also, the reports before the gathering were made by the Chairman of Navoi regional subdivision of the Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan - M.A. Bahrieva, the Chairman of Samarkand regional subdivision - L.R. Hoshimova, the Chairman of Andijan regional subdivision - N.K. Kasymov.

During the reporting period, all the regional organizations collected about 902 601 000 UZS for the regional Societies. A positive effort in this direction was noticed in Tashkent, Ferghana, Andijan, Bukhara regional organizations and in the city of Tashkent. It is necessary to intensify the work of the Surkhandarya, Samarkand, Jizzakh and Sirdarya regional Red Crescent organizations.


The Presidium members adopted a new resolution concerning the support of the Republican Methodological Learning Center “Insoniylic” and 100 million UZS were transferred for the repair and recovery purposes of the heating system


A special conversation was dedicated to the dissemination of membership cards and stamps. A positive experience in organizing the expansion of the Society has been shared with public. The issue of rewarding people who distribute our stamps has also been considered.




6 June, 2014

Field exercises of the National Team


From the 3rd to the 5th of June, 2014 in the “Umid Gulshani” boarding house of Tashkent region, the Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan organized the field exercises of the National Disaster Response Team.


These exercises are part of the implementation measures of the Cabinet of Ministers’ Resolution concerning “the further improvement of the Government National Disaster Response System”.


Organizers set on themselves several objectives: training and practice of the young volunteers, staff members, new National Disaster Response Team members, searching service members, and strengthening the National Society’s emergency response capacity.


The exercises were held in several stages, including the check of theoretical knowledge of emergency response and aiding, both physically and psychologically.


During the field exercises all the practical skills on preparation for emergencies were worked out. A campground for 80 people has been deployed for imaginary victims and the first aid training stations were organized for various types of disasters like earthquakes, flood, road accidents and fire. Simulation exercise standards were high; teamwork skills for the first aid delivery, humanitarian aid delivery, and fresh water delivery (using water purifiers) were trained well.


The field training exercise showed high level of preparedness of the National Disaster Response Team, its good coordination and ability to work under close-to-real conditions. Overall, more than 5 tons of special relief materials were transported to the venue of the field exercises.


By the end of the exercises, all the participants of this event were awarded certificates.


5 June, 2014


For the sake of life


We know very well that people can become donors by will. Someone calls it heroism or altruism, others call it a civil duty, and for someone it is a chance to express their desire to thank people for the help they received earlier. Thus, donors are different people with different fates, but their wish to save lives, by giving their blood, unites them.


According to the statistics, provided by the World Health Organization (WHO), every third person at least once in a lifetime needs donated blood. To meet the basic needs of the country for the safe blood, it is usually sufficient for at least 1% of the population to donate the blood.

There are many practical projects at the regional Red Crescent Society’s subdivision in Karakalpakstan, which is devoted to free donation and healthy lifestyle promotion within population. One of them is a campaign called “Youth movement for healthy lifestyle and for safe blood donorship” Under the initiative of the regional Red Crescent organization, this campaign covered the leading universities of Karakalpakstan. It brought together students and professors, representatives of public organizations.


The blood transfusion station’s specialists spoke about the blood and its components, about the need for broad public participation in creating the blood reserve for those who are in need. They also spoke about donation as a real support for implementing the strategic programme of free blood donation.


Participants were provided with information booklets named "Memo for a donor." In a course of action, lots of young people volunteered to become donors. Timur Muratbaev, the student of the Nukus town’s branch of the Tashkent State Agrarian University, is one of them. That’s the way he expressed his desire to be a volunteer (quote): “I have years of close combat training and I pursue healthy lifestyle; I do not smoke and do not drink alcohol and I would be happy if my blood saves someone’s life”.




4 June, 2014

Meeting place – Florence

From June 4 to June 6, 2014, in Italy, under the slogan "It is time to act differently”, the 9th European Conference of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Federation took place.

 Welcome to Florence! Greetings in most different languages met the delegates on their way upon high-speed motorway from an airport to Firenze Fiera center. Another forum of the International Movement brought together over 220 partners from 47 National Societies on the land of Italy. Within three days the representatives of the European and Central Asian National Societies discussed actual issues of adaptation to contemporary changes with a purpose of satisfying the increasing demands of vulnerable population segments.

Envoys of goodwill came to the forum with new ideas, plans and projects to find a good instrument and especially a common approach in problem solving. Busy schedule filled with seminars and workshops helped not only to exchange the experience gathered by partners, but also to find the most effective problem solving approaches.

During the conference, the activities of the Movement as whole, the measures each National Society can undertake to help the communities and families based on innovations and new technologies in cooperation with government bodies and donors, were considered.

“To satisfy the growing requirements of the population in conditions of overcoming the consequences of an economic crisis, which probably will be tangible in many countries not only in a single decade, the National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies should find new problem solving approaches also though discussion of their role and activities in this direction” – said the vice-president of IFRC, the president of an Italian Red Cross, Francesco Rocca.

During the conference opening ceremony, the Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan once gain signed an agreement with an International Committee of the Red Cross and IFRC concerning the coordination of the activities and further cooperation. In accordance with the document, the partners will coordinate the activities and support the implementation of the Uzbekistan’s Red Crescent Society’s strategy-2020.
The conference consisted of 6 seminars; the discussion included the migration issues, foodstuff delivery safety, humanitarian aid and attraction of new volunteers.

The Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan was very active during the discussions of migration issues. It is well known that, for recent years, migration became a very important issue for many countries and it is a prioritized issue of the IFRC. During the session, lots of proposals were directed at overcoming the outcomes of the humanitarian disaster in a form of reluctant migration.


The representatives of National Societies accepted the joint obligations devoted to the activation of efforts towards increasing the awareness of population, improving the access of migrants to the basic services. During the session, the importance of diplomacy, as a negotiation tool between National Societies and other organizations related to migration issues, has been underlined.


The main plenary meetings took place at Henry Dunant's main hall. In accordance with an idea of the organizers, a symbolic tree was planted near the hall entrance; along with discussions, this tree was flourishing with new ideas proposed by the forum participants. To remind the participation of Uzbekistan’s delegation, there were lots of multi-colored leaves left on the symbolic tree with following inscriptions: “First step is made towards innovative solutions; we are ready to hear and to support each other. Expansion of opportunities of volunteers and their participation in certified trainings will stimulate their personal and professional growth. Investing in new technologies will help to attract new partners to our activities and to expand the humanitarian service scale.


Following the results of the European Conference, its participants adopted “A call for an action”. During the historical event, the objectives of the National Societies were clearly identified and fulfilling these objectives will positively impact the long-term perspective projects of the oldest humanitarian organization of the planet.



9 May, 2014

My Red Crescent story


Status of the oldest humanitarian organization of the planet imposes special significance in the activities of those who have throughout long years close contact with the mission of mercy. This year marked 151 years since the establishment of the organization. In connection with the auspicious occasion of the International Movement, all activities run under the motto “My Red Crescent story." To share their ownership, describe what inspired them to participate in the mission of the organization, what they bring to it, we asked the activists of Ferghana regional organization of the Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan.

Zahid Iskhakovich Yeferov, a veteran of the organization who has been a leader of the Rishtan districts Red Crescent subdivision for more than for 40 years.


Mr. Yeferov says “I began my career in a medical obstetrician point of one of the Rishtan district’s villages, and then I used to work in a regional hospital; that’s when I started to get interested in Red Crescent Society’s activities, because, as a medic, I am very close to humanistic principles of this Movement directed at saving lives and health; therefore I immediately agreed to be a leader of a district’s Red Crescent Council when I’ve been offered to do so. For past years, the district organization has been acknowledged to be exemplary and worthy of sharing its experience many times. I’ve seen many generations of Rishtan villagers who became volunteers; growing number of young volunteers are joining and that’s what makes me happy.”


“I am proud to serve a noble mission and to be one of those who help the younger generation to act under the sign of a goodwill and nobility. After all, these feelings are evoked by the signs of the Red Cross and Red Crescent, familiar to all the people of the planet.” – says Mr. Yeferov.




9 May, 2014

Youth initiatives during the year of anniversary


One of the shadiest gardens of the capital city – Gafur Gulyam park was shining with all the colors of the spring that day. Traditionally, that’s where the Tashkent city Red Crescent subdivision conducts the events dedicated to the 8th of May – the day of International Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies’ foundation. This year two holidays are celebrated at once due to 150th anniversary of the first Geneva convention. The guests from the regional Red Cross Committee office in Central Asia, from ministries, government bodies and public organizations were accepted. The heroes of the occasion were the students of the leading universities and secondary-specialized educational institutions of the capital city. The discussion contest topic was an International humanitarian law. Skillfully performed team staging, active participation in dialogues indicate the profound knowledge of young people in fundamental principles of the Movement and International humanitarian Law, their readiness to promote the ideals of peace, mutual respect and understanding between nations.


On the same day, in the open area of the park, “The young Friends of the health” titled competition among the school medical service teams took place. Such units were created by the Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan in collaboration with the education authorities and educational establishments in every school nationwide. Their main task is to disseminate sanitary and hygienic knowledge, promote its acquirement by the schoolchildren. Medical service points can also be called first aid delivery learning places and sources of humanitarian law knowledge dissemination. The contest was attended by 11 teams – the winners of the district round. By decision of competent jury, the team of the school ¹190 from the capital city’s Bektimir district has been recognized to be a winner of the city’s competition and has been awarded a diploma and valuable prizes.




7 May, 2014

The exposition of unique photographs


On May 7, 2014, the Youth Creativity Palace became the focal point of one more event. A photo exhibition dedicated to 150th anniversary of the first Geneva Convention has been opened. The exposition includes unique photographs and photo collages describing diverse activities of the Planet’s oldest humanitarian organization.


The guest list included senators, deputies, and representatives of the diplomatic corps, leaders and specialists of the ICRC’s regional office in Central Asia, leaders of the Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan and its regional subdivisions, representatives of ministries, local authorities and public organizations.


While opening the exhibition, Jacques Villettaz, the leader of the ICRC’s regional delegation is Central Asia, said the following: “The photos we want to share with you today are intended to describe the history of all the activities of Uzbekistan’s Red Crescent Society and the history of ICRC for many years. We have collected several dozens of historical and contemporary photographs made in 19th, 20th and 21st centuries. The exhibition has once again shown the importance of functions fulfilled by the Movement for a century and a half of its activities like family reunification, healthcare, low-income people support, promotion of human rights and others.

Congratulating the participants with a remarkable date, the Chairman of the Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan, Kh.Y.Karimov said the following: “It is deeply symbolic that one of the earliest steps of the young independent nation was Uzbekistan's accession to International treaties of humanitarian nature, specifically, to four Geneva Conventions of 1949. In September 1993, in accordance with the presidential decree "On the Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan," the Parliament of the Republic has adopted a resolution on accession to Geneva Conventions. Over the past period, a large-scale work was conducted to strengthen the capacity of the National Society and to promote the implementation of socially significant programs.”


Participants of the meeting observed with interest the photographs represented at the exposition. In mountains, on the land and at the sea, millions of volunteers are working under the Red Symbols on the white background, and every photo is a period of time, a vivid demonstration of prioritized principles of humanism and mercy. We can see the daily life of thousands of volunteers and specialist – main participants of humanistic mission; those who are always close to the person who needs help and mercy.




May 7, 2014

A Gala Evening in “Turkiston” Palace 


Every year on 8th of May, the World Community celebrates the Worldwide Day of the Red Cross and Red Crescent. This year, in honor of 151th anniversary of the Movement, the celebrations are held under the slogan “My Red Crescent history”. That day, the lobby of “Turkiston” Palace has been beautifully transformed; on 7th of May the festive evening has been conducted. The leaders and specialists of the National Society were welcoming the guests from the diplomatic corps, ministries and state authorities, public organizations, medical educational institutions of the country.     


Kh.Y.Karimov, the Chairman of the Uzbekistan’s Red Crescent Society made a welcoming speech. Jacques Villettaz, Head of the Regional Delegation of ICRC in Central Asia congratulated everyone with a remarkable date.


It was emphasized that, for a century and a half, humanistic ideas, laid in foundation of the oldest humanitarian organization of the planet, were uniting over 189 countries of the world under the noble mission. By incorporating the best features of the humanistic vision of all the nations, the IFRC was one of the first organizations in history of humanity which gave a specific practical meaning to the word “the humanism”. Up to the present day, the activity of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movements is based on seven fundamental principles – humanism, impartiality, neutrality, independence, voluntariness, unity and universality.


The Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan is one of the many public organizations of the country, whose activities touch the lives of ordinary people. Programmes implemented by the National Organization cover the broadest population segments; these are: first aid courses, “Mekhr-Shafkat” (love and mercy) service, free donorship, disaster victim families support, family reunifications. In honor of the anniversary, the regional departments of the Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan will arrange meetings, seminars, contests, and conferences throughout the country.


The evening ended with P. Tchaikovsky’s “The Nutcracker” ballet performed by the State Alisher Navoi Academic Opera and Ballet Theater.    




May 6, 2014


Scientific Practical Conference dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the First Geneva Convention


On 6th May, 2014, under the Uzbekistan’s Red Crescent Society’s initiative, a Scientific Practical Conference titled “150th Anniversary of the First Geneva Convention and Issues of Disseminating the International Humanitarian Law” was held.


Kh.Y. Karimov, Chairman of the Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan and Jacques Villettaz, Head of the Regional Delegation of the ICRC for Central Asia made welcome speeches at the conference. The Senator - F.Y. Abdurakhimova expressed warm congratulations.


A number of presentations were made for the participants of the conference. A.Kh. Saidov - a Professor and a Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee for Democratic Institutions, Non-Public Organizations and Citizen’s Self-Managed Bodies addressed the report concerning the “Geneva Conventions and issues of building up the Civil Society in Uzbekistan”.


As it is known, this year, the World Community is celebrating a remarkable date - 150th anniversary of the 1st Geneva Convention. Written in a form of 4 Geneva Conventions and their addition protocols, the Humanitarian Law has been admitted by 160 countries so far; and it is an evidence of the highest prestige of the international Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement worldwide.


Governments, by signing the Geneva Conventions, are undertaking the obligations specified in Article ¹54 of the 1st Geneva Convention dated by 1949 and dedicated to adoption of the national legislation to international treaties. There is a large-scale work performed in Uzbekistan on adoption of the National Legal System to the norms of International Humanitarian Law.


Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan adopted the law concerning “the Use and Protection of the Red Cross and the Red Crescent Emblems” which came into force on April 29, 2004. In accordance with the law adopted, the amendments were made to the Article ¹203 of the Republic’s code on “Administrative Responsibility”, and punishments for the illegal use of emblems of the Movement were specified.
Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan regularly organizes “round tables”, seminars for the staff of local authorities, representatives of governmental and public organizations, makhalla committees, students, and mass media representatives. During these presentations dedicated to the history and activity of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, dissemination of humane ideas and basic principles of the International Movement is given.


A number of reports were presented during the scientific practical conference. The participants of the event were informed about the following issues: “Adoption of the Uzbekistan’s National Legal System to the norms of International Humanitarian Law”, “Modern tendency of the International Humanitarian Law”, “Prospective teaching of I.H.L methodology at higher educational institutions of Uzbekistan”, “Importance of Geneva Conventions in International Legal System”, “the experience of Uzbekistan’s Red Crescent Society in International Humanitarian Law Dissemination”.





5 May, 2014

Dialogue with Journalists


On 5th of May, 2014, at the National Press-Center of Uzbekistan, The Red Crescent Society held a conference for mass media, dedicated to the jubilee date – 150th anniversary of the 1st Geneva Convention. Managers of the Red Crescent Society, specialists of its regional subdivision and the representatives of the regional ICRC office attended the meeting.


Every year on 8th of May, the World Community celebrates International Day of the Red Cross and Red Crescent. According to tradition, on the threshold of the holiday, the Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan arranged a dialogue with mass media representatives for sharing the information about the work done and future plans.


Professor Kh. Y. Karimov - the Chairman of the Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan opened the Press-Conference by presenting a report.


At the meeting, E. A. Amiraliyeva - the Executive Director of Uzbekistan’s Red Crescent Society and Jaques Villettaz – the leader of the Regional ICRC office in Central Asia, spoke about the activities and events to be conducted in honor of the valuable date.


It was emphasized that this year the world community is celebrating a remarkable date – 150th anniversary of the 1st Geneva Convention. Adopted in 1864, the document is the 1st International Humanitarian Treaty which became a basis for the modern International Humanitarian Law. Four Geneva Conventions of 1949 with Supplementary Protocols were based on it. In 1993, the Parliament of Uzbekistan ratified the Agreement on joining the Geneva Conventions and their Supplementary Protocols.


During the interview with journalists, E.A. Amiraliyeva - the Executive Director of the Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan said the following (quote): “Today’s Press-Conference is a starting point of a number of events dedicated to the remarkable date. 150th anniversary is celebrated in all the regions of the Republic and meetings, round tables, seminars for local authorities and representatives of the governmental and public organizations are being organized. This anniversary is an excellent opportunity for us to remind people about the role of humanitarian activity and the necessity of helping each other. Having united 189 countries of the planet within 150 years, the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement contributed to the development of the International Humanitarian Law, amended and enhanced it. The Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan is a full member of the IFRC.”


Mr. Jacques Villetaz, the leader of the Regional ICRC delegation to Central Asia said the following (quote): “I am pleased to note that this remarkable date is widely celebrated in Uzbekistan. This is the first of the events organized by us; as a part of the anniversary celebration, a Scientific Practical Conference will also be held; moreover, a photo-exhibition and a gala evening will be organized. The Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan is our important and reliable partner; our cooperation will be continued and strengthened.”


D. Sayfidinova - the Chairman of Namangan Regional Red Crescent Organization and D.U. Daniyarova – the Chairman of Karakalpakstan Republican Red Crescent Organization spoke about the events dedicated to the remarkable date.


During the meeting, managers of Uzbekistan’s Red Crescent Society and the field experts answered the journalists’ questions in details.




30 April, 2014

Guidelines for the future perspectives are defined


In April 2014, the report and election conference was held by Fergana Regional Red Crescent organization.


The Executive Director of the Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan – E. A. Amiralieva began her speech during the report and election conference with the following words: “Mercy is inherent to each of us; we never pass by someone’s trouble; we are able to take compassion and we can always find the right words. Ideas of humanism and mercy constitute the basis of all our activities. And our organization has a strong potential to carry out the tasks, determined by the Statute, by projects and by the government programme “The Year of a Healthy Child”, at a necessary level.
Various specialists, representatives of ministries and authorities, public organizations and educational institutions took part in an open dialogue. The participants noted many times that these kind of meetings are necessary to talk face to face about pressing issues, to find new ways of overcoming them and to make guidelines for future. There were 64 delegates from all the districts of Fergana region participating in conference. The job performed over the past years has been analyzed in details and published as a part of the report made by the Chairman of Fergana region’s Red Crescent subdivision – Y. K. Rahimova. Celebration of 150th anniversary of humanitarian activities of the oldest public organization in the world was a valuable event for the National Society; this date has been celebrated by vigorous activities within all the regional offices.


Today, in ranks of the regional organization, there are more than 212,000 members and more than 950 volunteers. Structure of the organization consists of 4 urban, 15 district and 72 primary service delivery divisions. The job towards prioritized activities is performed; every year the material and technical resources of the regional organization are rising. For example, this year, 10 subdivisions were equipped with computers, photocopy making equipment and printers; also each branch has an e-mail address. There is also one more indicator of a good job being performed – over 2 billion of UZS were accumulated during the reporting period.




28 April, 2014

Humanitarian Forum in the capital of Turkmenistan

In late April of this year, a regional meeting of IFRC representatives has been held in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan. The Humanitarian Forum has been attended by the leaders of the Federation and representatives of National Societies of CIS, Baltic States and Georgia.

The leaders of the National Society of Uzbekistan also took active part in international meetings. On behalf of the Federation, the participants were welcomed by Mr. Tadateru Konoe - President of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

Participants considered a number of questions, including the issues of improvement of IFRC governance, increasing its role in solving global problems of today. It was emphasized that the meeting of leaders of the humanitarian organization took place in anticipation of the significant date - the 150th anniversary of the First Geneva Convention. Advocating and strengthening humanitarian law and universal humanitarian principles, the Federation is making every effort to implement the spirit of humanism and charity. Particular attention has been focused on improving the management system and the Constitution of the IFRC.

“International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies prepares to adopt the revised Constitution in 2015” - highlighted the President of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, Tadateru Konoe : “And it is important to discuss the key issues arising in this regard. - One of those issues is the development of the capacity of the National Societies. The world sees us as a unified organization; therefore it is necessary to provide clearness and complementarity between the National Societies. Five main objectives to focus on in future were brought to the attention of the participants of the Forum - capacity development of the National Societies, strengthening ties with the Federation, improving the structure, maximization of coordination of IFRC, extensive use of the humanitarian diplomacy as a means to promote the National Societies and the International Federation of the Red Cross.”




March 27, 2014

Specialists are improving Professional Skills


On 4th of March, 2014, in Namangan, a three-day course for general practitioners titled “Emergency Medical Actions in Case of Major Trauma” has started. The organizers of the Seminar were: the Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan, Regional Representative Office of the International Committee of Red Cross and Red Crescent in Central Asia, and the Ministry of Public Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan.


The seminar has been attended by the urgent medical aid practitioners from the branches of Andizhan’s Republican Scientific Center for Urgent Medical Aid and Ambulance. That’s the 3rd training held for urgent medical aid practitioners, in cooperation with partner organizations. 


During the training course, the worldwide level trainers of ICRC in medical aid delivery - Abdulla Kazzaz (Iraq) and Alessandro Rigobello (Italy) presented a master-class in methods of diagnosing and in therapeutic procedures, which are necessary for saving lives in cases of severe injuries.


Each attendee had a chance to participate in first aid delivery simulation and in practicing to make a correct diagnosis by using the imitative equipment.        


According to experts, information received by specialists during the course will help to systemize the principles of providing first aid in emergency situations and will also help to apply them successfully in practice. 





February 27, 2014

Training exercises


Tashkent City’s Red Crescent organization participated in training exercises for the purpose of preparing the population to emergency situations.


Tactical exercises were arranged as a part of measures taken for implementing the Decree of Cabinet of Ministers “On further improvement of the State System for Preventing and Taking Actions in emergency situations in Republic of Uzbekistan” and in accordance with the decision of Tashkent’s mayor (Khokim) dated by December 30, 2013. The list of organizers consisted of Ministry of Emergency Situations, Uzbekistan’s Red Crescent branches, Tashkent City Municipality and other organizations.


The exercises are mainly aimed at training the population to provide the first aid (including the first psychological aid) in possible emergency situations in accordance with calendar action plan, enhancing the techniques of disaster response team after arrival to the disaster area.


The field exercises were carried out in a territory of Tashkent Engine Plant. Training teams deployed a tent camp for imaginary victims; training facilities were made up for providing the aid in cases of earthquakes. Moreover, the emergency situations were imitated to train the teams well for the rescue operations, first aid delivery and transportation of victims using special equipment and inventory.  






February 21, 2014

First Aid Trainer


Shavkat Miltikbaev is a surgeon by profession; currently he works at Uzbekistan’s Red Crescent Society’s Road Regional organization as a programme coordinator for training the population in providing the first aid. In 2013, our professional specialist carried out 32 training courses with a total number of 600 participants; first aid delivery skills were acquired by sanitary teams, emergency response teams, safety engineers, students and teachers of the capital city’s higher educational institutions. For the years of occupation, Shavkat participated many times in first aid delivery trainings arranged by the Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan and IFRC. 


For example, in December 2013, in Minsk (Belarus), under the aegis of the IFRC, International European first aid delivery training was held; Shavkat Miltikbaev represented the Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan. During his presentation he presented a multiply-planned activity of the Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan – a worthy partner in development of the first aid delivery programme, with adoption of the world standards of aiding victims.


At the end of the contest, organized by the Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan in 2013, Shavkat Miltikbaev – first aid delivery programme coordinator in Road Regional Red Crescent branch, got the 3rd prize-winning place in nomination of “The best first aid trainer of Uzbekistan’s Red Crescent Society”.



February 20, 2014


A new project has been launched

On 20th of February 2014, at the “Insoniylik” Republican Training and Methodology Center, a round table discussion, concerning the “Implementation of Uzbekistan’s Red Crescent Society’s labor migration support project”, was held.

F. Y. Abdurakhimova – the Senator of Uzbekistan, Kh. Y. Karimov - the Chairman of the Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan, U. K. Mukhamedova – the Chairman of the Tashkent Red Crescent Organization, T. S. Sabitov - Head of the National Society’s organizational development department, managers and staff members of the Tashkent City Municipality and the representatives of public organizations were among the seminar attendees.   


In 2013, in four regions of the country, a joint project between the Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan and IFRC was launched under financial support of the European Community. 


Only in last year, within the scope of the project, 9 seminars and round tables were held with participation of Municipal administrative staff, public organization representatives, educational institutions’ leaders and active members of citizens’ council.

At this meeting, the participants spoke about the experience gained and about the development of effective mechanisms.


“Today, labor migration issues gained a huge importance at a state political level” - pointed out F. Y. Abdurakhimova: “In collaboration with specialized agencies, complex works for social adaptation of migrants are being carried out; the system of legal consultations is successfully established; problems, related to their financial support, are being solved. But we shouldn’t forget the major issue – preventing our citizens, especially the young ones, from going abroad, by creating the necessary opportunities here. As you may already know, the State Employment Program for Professional College Students is being implemented; moreover, in cooperation with financial institutions, the microcredits for supporting the projects of young entrepreneurs are being provided; we also assist people with acquiring new qualifications in case if they are not happy with their current professions, so we also help with issues of requalification of young specialists. If the young specialist is able to find a desirable job and dedicates himself, then he or she will not have to go abroad to earn money.”


“Within the scope of the project, workshops, seminars, “round-tables”, aimed at discussing the issues of healthy lifestyle as well as the issues of fighting against infectious diseases, and the trainings on providing the first aid are planned to be implemented” – mentioned in his speech Kh. Y. Karimov - the Chairman of the Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan. At the present moment, in four regional offices of Uzbekistan, The Red Crescent Society’s Training and Information Centers (TIC) for the labor migrants are established and successfully functioning. At these centers, people are provided with legal, psychological, and social support, with information and consultancy on disease prevention and healthcare; they can learn the Russian Language and get training on computer literacy. Moreover, the Society’s tolerance towards migrants is formed there and people are provided with assistance in searching and restoring the family links.


Undoubtedly, joint agreements made by the Red Crescent Society with the Ministry of Public Health, Labor Migration Agency, “Makhalla” and “Nuroniy” funds, “Kamolot” Public Youth Activity and with the Women Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan will strengthen and improve the situation further. For facilitating the volunteers, special pamphlets, banners, and newsletters were prepared and distributed among all the regional offices.   

February 7, 2014



Effective Partnership

On 13th of February, 2014, at the Central Office of the National Society, a Framework Agreement on Collaboration was made between the Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan and the International Committee of the Red Cross for 2014-2016. The Agreement was signed by Kh. Y. Karimov – the Chairman of Uzbekistan’s Red Crescent Society and Jacques Villettaz –Head of the Regional Delegation of the ICRC to Central Asia.


Within the scope of the Agreement signed, it is planned to conduct seminars, meetings, “round tables” with participation of the representatives of government bodies, educational institutions, security, defense and law enforcement agencies, NGOs, “makhalla” activists, and mass media representatives. During the meetings, issues like history of the Movement, humanitarian mission of the Red Crescent Society, the essence and role of the Republican Act “On Use and Protection of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Emblems” will be discussed.


As a part of the Agreement signed it is planned to hold seminars, meetings, “round tables” in participation of representatives of governmental bodies, educational institutions, security, defense and law enforcement agencies, NGO, makhalla activists, and mass media journalists. During the meetings such issues as the history of the Movement, humanitarian mission of the Red Crescent Society, the essence and role of the Act of the Republic of Uzbekistan  “On the Use and Protection of Emblems of the Red Cross and Red Crescent” will be discussed. 


It is expected that journalists of local mass media will participate in all the events, organized as a part of the Framework Agreement. Telecasts on the information channels of the National Broadcasting company are available, and information on internet webpages, radio channels and on printed publications is provided.



February 7, 2014


Useful Lessons


On February 6-7, 2014, in Tashkent, a two-day training seminar, arranged by the Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan as a part of the measures on implementing the “Public Health and First Aid” Programme, was held.


This time, the “Nestle” company’s staff members participated in project. Organizers have several goals and objectives:
• to introduce the activity of the oldest humanitarian organization of the planet,
• to talk about the role of volunteers in history of the Movement,
• to train the Company’s staff members in providing the first aid in cases of possible emergency situations and in preventing the spread of the most common diseases.
Overall, 20 specialist of the “Nestle” company were trained.


The use of the interactive techniques allowed the seminar participants to learn deeper the basics of the first aid. For increasing the efficiency of training, modern teaching methods and equipment like mannequins, multimedia, flipcharts, and bandage materials has been used.


Basic steps of providing the first aid were demonstrated with use of mannequins, and the legal aspects were discussed in details; the aiding techniques in different situations were presented. The training participants were familiarized with types of injuries, poisonings, insect bites and the information on aiding in cases of heats, sunstrokes, frostbites and allergic reactions, has been provided. At the end of the training course, all the participants were awarded certificates.




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