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Dear Colleagues!

Very few days left till the New Year. As you may know, it is unique, anniversary for everyone. In 2015 we will be celebrating the 90th anniversary of the Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan – the oldest humanitarian organization of our country. It was created on November 14, 1925, and on May 29, 1992, the decree “about the Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan” has been signed by the President of the Republic. It contains the following statements: “In order to create favorable conditions for raising the traditions of humanity, mercy, gratuitous aid, and development of the international cooperation of Uzbekistan and participation of its society in realization of the Red Crescent’s ideals and principles ….to establish, that the Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan acts on the territory of the whole Republic and voluntarily assists the state and its healthcare and social aid authorities. “

During the years of independence a lot has been made for the development of the organization, for raising its authority and potential. For instance, set of projects on humanitarian and medical aid delivery to the most vulnerable population segments, healthy lifestyle propaganda, disease prevention and first aid delivery learning, international humanitarian law dissemination, creation of youth volunteerism including the free donorship propaganda, international cooperation and family links restoration are implemented.

We will continue our activities further. Also, the upcoming years seems to be very promising; under the President’s initiative the upcoming year is announced to be “The year of attention to and protection of the elder generation”. By using all our potential, the conferences and meetings, contests and photo galleries devoted to the wonderful date will be organized.

In accordance with tradition, every year on November, the Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan conducts charity activity within all the regions of the Republic to collect funds for charity purposes. According to the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers dated by October 5, 1992, the public and non-governmental organizations, educational institutions and business entities of every region should actively participate in conduction of the event.

These days, this important charity activity is finalized; its successful conduction will facilitate effective realization of the socially-oriented programmes of the National Society.

I wish you a strong health, success, happiness and good luck on the way to noble goals!




December 24, 2014

Adopting the best practices

The goodness and mercy mission

“To enhance the life of the vulnerable population segments through goodness and mercy” – this is the motto of IFRC for the upcoming years. This mission is also pursued by one of the important direction of the Uzbek Red Crescent Society – the “Mehr-Shafkat” service. This service is directed to the delivery of timely medical aid, care about lonely elderly-aged and disabled people, World War II veterans and low-income families.

The experience of the Tashkent City Red Crescent branch deserves a specific attention in this manner. Today, the “Mehr-Shafkat” service has around 300 people under its care; in most of the cases these people do not leave their home due to age, illnesses and loneliness. The medical aid isn’t the most important for them, but they also value polite and encouraging words. To take care of the lonely and ill people isn’t a simple job; it can be hard for those who perform the noble duties. Therefore, only merciful and noble people are chosen to perform these duties. At the capital city’s Red Crescent branch these duties are performed by 6 nurses.

Fotima Kudratullayeva  - the “Mehr-shafkat” service leader noted “We strive not only to perform our statutory duties well, but also to pay much attention to the mood of those whom we take care of”; following the doctor’s instructions we make injections, perform hygienic procedures, feed people when needed. Besides, our duties include purchase and delivery of medications, fulfillment of the domestic duties.”

For the last 9 months 298 people in ward passed medical examinations; they all were treated well in cooperation with policlinic servants. In 5 districts of the capital the medical and social aid rooms were opened; that’s where the nurses provide free qualitative medical aid.

A particular attention is given to enhancing the workers’ skills; each of them has the first aid training certificate and they participate actively in National Society’s contests. Besides, the number of “Tashriff” project participants is increasing; the young volunteers take an active care of people along with the “Mehr-Shafkat” service specialists.  The goodness and mercy traditions never end; the desire to perform goodness and mercy, to aid those who need the aid lays deep in the soul of the people. Let’s support fully this desire and pass it to our children and ancestors. 



December 10, 2014

First aid for everyone

One of the worldwide prioritized activities of Red Cross/Red Crescent organisations is first aid training provision; it is important for the population to know the basics of the first aid delivery and to use this knowledge when necessary in order to help the others.

Natalya Kim – the leader of the National Society’s department noted “first aid delivery is very important and prioritized activity of the Uzbek Red Crescent Society. Within the scope of the corresponding programme our Society has established strong partnership links with foreign National Societies, ICRC and IFRC; through cooperation our service points exchange the experience and innovative ideas in managing the risk in various real life situations. Our National Society has developed new first aid delivery standards based on international experience. The new training programme is based on clear and conscious behavior algorithm on the occurrence location allowing the quick assessment of the risk, danger and state of the injured person.”

The “First Aid” training programme developed by the National Society’s experts is a unique training course created by the rescuers and consultants of various countries; it is certified by European Community, local Ministry of Healthcare, Ministry of Emergency and is legally secured. The fundamental level training is made for people without medical education. These skills will allow providing basic aid to the person injured in manufacturing or road accident and ensure correct behavior during emergencies till the arrival of the qualified medical and other service experts.

Within the scope of the Cabinet of Minister’s resolution concerning the Emergency Response in Uzbekistan, the experts of the Uzbek Red Crescent Society conducted nine charged first aid trainings for 95 people for a total amount of  8 127 330 UzS.

The experts of the Red Crescent’s training center are ready to provide qualitative first aid training of the entities’ personnel; they are able to deliver the training both on-site and in the training center. Our first aid courses are delivered by professionals with excellent theoretical knowledge and practical experience in crisis situations, thus the trainees will be taught to provide the first aid during fire, toxic and air poisonings at the manufacturing.




December 1, 2014

Continuing the humanity traditions

The list of the valuable events of the National Society will be filled with one more date. During the outgoing “Healthy child’s year“, two more medical and social centers in Tashkent and Fergana started to act.

The prioritized activities of the National Society include assistance to the state and its bodies in solving the important social problems, persuasion of the merciful and humanitarian mission, and medical aid provision to the most vulnerable population segments. These functions will also be fulfilled by the contemporary medical and social centers of the National Society.

“Bunyodkor, 44-A” – this is the address of the new medical center in our capital city; it is located inside the “Insoniylic” center’s building. Comfort, convenient working schedule, competency and expertise are priorities of the new institution. Various medical services are provided here for the patients. “First of all, we are servicing the people who are under care of the National Society” – noted Nigroa Islambekova – the leader of the service department. Highly qualitative medical treatment is available for everyone here and very soon the herbal tea room will be also ready to serve the attendees.

The National Society’s medical and social center in Fergana region is located in the new building at “Yangi Asr” street. The chief doctor – Shuhratjohn Abdujalilov noted “This center is a part of our “Mehr-shafkat” service; we have here doctors specialized in various medical disciplines. Later on, we plan to employ gerontologists as well because the National Society has lots of elderly-aged people under its care. We also have here dental and recreation rooms.”

“The visit of the “Mehr-shafkat” service center is always an important event for me; I am the medic myself and I used to work as a medical assistant for very long time, therefore, I know that it is very important when the life of the elderly-aged person is in hands of an expert.”  - noted Galina Dik.

“I value a lot the care and positive participation in someone’s faith” – noted one more person in ward of the Society – Nadejda Andrianova.

It is planned also to organize the service to the people in ward from other cities and regions, their medical examination using local specialists.




November 28, 2015

Budapest Forum results

On November 25-27, 2014, in Budapest, under support of EU office of IFRC, the regional meeting on issues of resource mobilization for aiding the vulnerable population segments has been organized.

At the forum, along with CIS National Societies, the representatives of the Uzbekistan Red Crescent Society took an active part. The participants were considering the issues of fundraising for aiding vulnerable population segments, enhancing the service qualities through developing financial and technical resources of the National Societies. The experts of the humanitarian organizations shared the experience of fundraising in their countries and spoke about the contemporary methods of raising funds for charity. The main objective is to achieve the maximum efficiency of humanitarian activities.

An obvious interest of all of the participants has been stimulated by the presentation describing a successful model of membership in Uzbekistan Red Crescent Society offered by the National Society’s specialists.

By the end of the 3-day meeting a joint plan on further fundraising activities and on creation of internal financial resources has been developed to reach independence from donors and to support effectively the state projects in social sector.




November 6, 2014

TRACECA: the Road Safety

On November 3-6, 2014, the delegation of the Uzbek Red Crescent Society participated in international workshop in Almaty. The forum was organized by the IFRC under assistance of the EU.

The forum is aimed to reduce the number of traffic accidents through organizing additional preparations for various specialists who work on preventing the traffic accidents.

The international transport corridor Europe-Caucasus–Asia (TRACECA) is a huge transportation system of a number of states directed to the development of the trade and economic relationships and communication between countries and regions; it is a worthy contribution to recreation of one of the unique historical routes of the Great Silk Road. The organization has been founded in 1993 and today it unites 12 states of the world. The experts predict that the worthy contribution to the safety of the transport corridor will be made through realization of the new project.

Safety, reliability and protection of the road traffic participants, property, society and environment – these are the goals of the organizers. On the other dialogue with humanitarian organizations’ representatives, the issues of traffic accidents prevention, realization of programmes on traffic safety insurance were discussed.

Ian Hughes – the senior expert of the Global Traffic Safety Partnership noted in his speech: “In Central Asian countries the percentage of the traffic accidents is quite high; both pedestrians and drivers are losing their life and receiving injuries. I think that the situation should be changed. The experts have already assessed the global experience and the data provided by the regional Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, and the recommendations were made based on that. If the governmental organizations of the regional countries will use them, the number of traffic accidents will be reduced”. 

The safety of children on the roads is one of the main aspects of the project. This issue is considered with a particular attention both by the International Federation and TRACECA; a special programme with a title “Safely to the school – safely to the home” is under implementation for this purpose. Considering the importance of this issue, the representatives of the RCS of Uzbekistan proposed to launch the pilot project oriented to teaching the children and their parents to keep safety. The delegation of the National Society prepared a corresponding presentation, which has interested the organizers and parent counties’ representatives. In course of discussions the Regional coordinator of the TRACECA project undertook the responsibility to launch this project in Uzbekistan.



October 25, 2014

The Decade

To realize the President’s degree “On the Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan”, traditionally in November the funds collection decade is conducted. This important job is very well performed by the Namangan’s regional Red Crescent branch.

On October 25, 2014, the Khokim (mayor) of the Namangan region has decided to undertake “additional measures to support the Namangan regional and local Red Crescent subdivisions”. Moreover, the authorities of the whole region made similar decisions.

The activity is aimed to collect the funds for humanitarian aid to the low-income families, disabled people and to the other vulnerable population segments. Besides, during the decade, the seminars are planned to be conducted in order to teach the population to deliver the first aid, to behave correctly during the emergencies, and also, it is planned to create new primary service subdivisions of the Society, collective organizations inside the entities and institutions of the region. Within the educational institutions and business entities, the medical service points and medical teams are correspondingly being created; the educational activities in the schools, colleges and lyceums are also planned together with partner organizations like regional educational and healthcare authorities. The list of the most active activity participants include Chut, Pap and Kasansay district subdivisions of the Namangan regional Red Crescent branch.

The regional Red Crescent organization in partnership with regional emergency response authorities is preparing the proposals to create the stock of the first aid materials for the cases of potential disasters.

The seminars, workshops, round tables among the youth will be organized in cooperation with partner organizations; it is also planned to conduct the events on disseminating the knowledge about the IFRC and National Red Crescent Society’s activities through local mass media.




October 13, 2014

Uniting against the natural disasters

Upon the initiative of the UN General Assembly, every year on the second Wednesday of October the day of the Natural Disasters risk reduction is celebrated all over the world. This year it is celebrated on 8th of October.

To celebrate the wonderful date, on October 10-13, 2014, under support of the Uzbek Ministry of Emergency Response and UNDP, a number of valuable events were organized with active participation of National Red Crescent Society’s specialists.

At the Emergency Response Ministry’s civil defense institute a scientific and practical seminar devoted to the issues of the naturals disaster risk reduction has been held. It has been noted that the natural disasters annually take away ten hundreds of thousands human lives, cause huge and sometimes irreversible damage to the economies of the Blue Planet; thus, lots of efforts are used to reduce the danger of the natural disasters. The workshops are also one of the ways to find solutions; the participants of the workshop listened with a big interest the report “about the Emergency Response activities of the National Red Crescent Society” which has been presented by the head of the Disaster Response department – M.Mirjaparov. During the presentation the prioritized activities and disaster response preparation achievements of the National Society and its branches in cooperation with state authorities were revealed. With a broad use of examples the participants of the seminar were familiarized with National Society’s emergency response experience and potential.

Within the scope of the holiday preparation measures, at the “Turkiston” palace, an exhibition of the newest emergency response equipment has been conducted where the equipment of the Uzbek Red Crescent Society took its worthy place. The workers and volunteers of the National Society deployed a tent and a mobile first aid camp. The equipment included contemporary goods required during the emergency response; electricity generator, kitchen appliances, food storage container, injury and trauma imitators, canisters and stretchers. Right here, the first aid delivery skills were clearly demonstrated by the members of the National Society’s emergency response team.




October 9-10, 2014

The best are competing

The regularity is the main distinction of these events conducted by the Railroad regional Red Crescent subdivision jointly with “Uzbekistan Railroads” organization.

Within the scope of the measures directed to realization of the Cabinet of Minister’s resolution on “preparation of the population to emergency response”, on the basis of the “Karshi” regional railroad junction, the competitions among the “Tashkent”, “Kokand”, “Bukhara”, “Karshi”, “Termez” and “Uzbtamiryulmashtamir” railroad rescue groups were conducted.

The main goal of the activity is preparation of the civil defense elements and railroad workers to the natural, techno genic and ecologic disasters. The competitions were divided into 4 stages; there were 90 participants representing the rescue groups and more than 100 railroad workers.

The best rescue teams were determined by the end of the competition; the winners were “Kokand”, “Uzbtamiryulmashtamir” and “Tashkent” rescue teams. The participants were awarded valuable prizes and gifts.



September 14, 2014

The Year of Healthy Child

Lots of young people participated in the events conducted by the Navoi regional Red Crescent branch within the scope of the “Year of Healthy Child” programme realization measures.

The youth forum at the “Oftobjohn” recreation camp of the “Karmanin” district will be memorized with a particular warmness. Various events were organized here under the motto “Healthy generation – healthy future”; various seminars, photo-galleries, presentations were devoted to the children, they learned much about the International Movement’s activities , its history and practices through presentation of an informative “Ezgulik” movie.

Lots of interactive games allowed the young citizens to enhance their knowledge about the humanitarian organization and to contribute to the humanity mission.



September 2 , 2014

Launching the “DIPECHO-8” project


By the end of the August this year, in Bishkek, the representative of the Central Asian, German, Austrian, Chinese and Switzerland’s National Societies as well as the representatives of the IFRC met each other. The new project – “DIPECHO –VIII” has been presented on the International forum; it is being implemented under support of the European Commission for Humanitarian Affairs (DG ECHO).


It should be reminded that starting from 2003 through “DIPECHO” programme the European Commission is financing similar activity in Central Asia to reduce the negative impact risk of the natural disasters on the life quality of vulnerable population segments. The project covers 5 Central Asia countries – Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kirgizstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan.


The implementation of the new project in Central Asia has been started with an introductory seminar and training for natural disaster risk reduction coordinators; the discussions included the project management objectives, report and monitoring system, cooperation issues and possible engagement of interested partners. Besides, the key project implementers received detailed information on technical issues related to the project, on instruments and mechanisms of its realization.


There are two regions covered by the project in Uzbekistan; these are Namangan and Andijan regions. The targeted objectives include preparation of the schoolchildren to emergency response and first aid delivery. Those people who reside near the “pilot schools” in Namangan and Andijan regions will also participate actively. Moreover, the trainings, seminars, practical tutorials are planned to be conducted for the schoolchildren and their teachers; eight schools and eight “makhallas” (local household communities) will be equipped appropriately, and also, the “young rescuer” study groups will be organized for the children on the basis of the existing National Society’s medical service points.




September 1 , 2014

Dear friends!

This year our country and all the people of Uzbekistan celebrate a wonderful date with enthusiasm - the twenty third anniversary of independence of the Republic. Dear colleagues, I am pleased to congratulate you all with significant date and our greatest holiday.  

Today, Uzbekistan is a modern, independent country developing in steadiness and stability with a successful model of reforms recognized all around the world. For the last years, a large-scaled work towards sustainable and dynamic development of Uzbekistan has been performed and the valuable results were reached within all of the areas of our life, and consequently, our activities gained recognition worldwide. We all know about the large-scale changes in our country during the days of independence occurring under the noble idea “I love you, you are my dear, my lovely Uzbekistan!” Our thoughts, our achievements within all the areas of our life are the results of the job performed by people. It’s a true reflection of the state sovereignty.


The President of the Republic of Uzbekistan also emphasized more than once a particular importance of NGO in opening new historical pages of country’s development and in creation of democratic state and civil society. Certain part of this important mission is effectively promoted by government bodies which are to implement the socially oriented programmes.

Everyone contributes to a better future in a big family called “the Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan”, which unites 1 million 300 thousand members and more than 38 thousand volunteers. Our National Society has a strong potential; in particular, it is represented by 15 regional organizations, 191 district and urban organizations and more than 2500 primary service organizations. Our experts and volunteers work in most remote regions of the country. We have high level experts among them who have devoted themselves fully to the mission of humanism. Within the framework of Government’s Programme called “the Healthy Child’s Year”, our specialists are working towards emergency response, healthy life-style promotion, prevention of diseases, dissemination of international humanitarian law, promotion of voluntary donorship and restoration of family relations.


Our Society has strong, reliable potential which will continue to contribute to the prosperity of our Great Homeland.    


I wish you health, happiness and good luck on the way to noble purposes!


of the Uzbekistan Red Crescent

Karimov H.YA.




August 28, 2014


Charity events to 23rd anniversary of Independence


Navoi Region. Close to the date of anniversary, under the initiative of Navoi Region’s Red Crescent branch, a festive celebration has occurred. It has been organized in cooperation with our partners – Navoi Region’s Municipality, regional women committee and charity fund “ Makhallya”. This festive meeting consisted of 350 participants: those who are under the care of the Red Crescent Society, people from the low-income groups of the population, lonely and old-aged people.  


Within the scope of implementation of the Cabinet of Minister’s resolution, 113 people are under the care of our organization. And all of them are under permanent supervision of our specialists. 


Similar meetings were conducted within all the urban and district divisions of the regional organization. The attention of volunteers was directed at lonely old-aged citizens, orphan children and disabled people. For example, the representatives of “Novbahor” district organization distributed more than a ton of wheat to the low-income families. .


The employees of “Uchkuduk” district organization, which is a part of Navoi’s regional organization delivered the relief materials (food, medications, sanitation materials) to the most remote auls ( local villages) where the informative meetings with local population about the Red Crescent Society’s activities were made with subsequent distribution of humanitarian aid to more than 30 families.


Up to now, the regional organization and its divisions held more than 30 different activities, meetings, seminars, festive events with around 2000 local participants. .




August 26, 2014

Labor Migration project


The Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan in cooperation with European Union and International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies is implementing the labor migration support programme in 4 regions of the Republic – Tashkent, Fergana, Kashkadarya and Surkhandarya. Today, in accordance with progress upon this project, 4 informational and training centers (I.T.C.) were created and are functioning already.

Only in first 6 months of this year over 700 people were consulted at the Tashkent City’s training center: 16 young people from the low-income families completed the computer literacy courses, 15 people received foreign languages literacy training and all of them were issued relevant certificates. .


The partnership agreement has been signed between Tashkent City division of the Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan and educational non-state company “NEW OPPORTUNITY”. In accordance with this agreement, nursing specialists, public service experts will be trained and prepared; the company is also responsible for employment of people who passed those trainings and received the certificates: 16 young girls received the jobs already. Quite soon twenty more people will receive certificates for their new occupation.


Overall, for the first half of 2014, 16 campaigns and 20 trainings were conducted in accordance with the project all around the Republic and over 2500 people were covered by various activities.



August 26, 2014


Starting new projects


Two projects were presented at once in Namangan region by the regional Red Crescent organization of Uzbekistan.


One of them is a grant issued by the public fund supporting non-state nonprofit organizations and other institutes of the civil society under Oliy Mazhlis (Parliament) of the Republic of Uzbekistan for free donorship promotion among the youth and population. This project will be realized by the regional Red Crescent Organization within 8 months in cooperation with Blood transfusion center and regional Disaster Response Authority. Also the list of contacts of the organizations which are to be involved in project has been identified; i.e. schools ¹ 15, 34, 54, a boarding school ¹ 49, “Ishonch”, “Obi hayot”, “Porloc” and “Gishtkupric” villages ( “mahallyas” in local abbreviation ).


Today, the blood is one of the important components of a human body. “There should always be a reserve of blood available for physicians in case of emergency situations.” - speaks the project coordinator, Akram Kodirov. 


“We work towards this direction for few years, but receiving the grant will allow us to expand and improve our work” – emphasized Dilorom Sayfitdinova (the chairman of Namangan regional organization) in her speech. She also said “We don’t want just to tell people to go and to donor the blood” No, we want to bring up healthy generation which would realize all the importance of this act – the act of gratuitous donorship. After all, through donorship we save the life of another human. Today, not everyone has simply understood the importance of this issue, and we will be providing broad education concerning that within the scope of the project. “ 


The project “DIPECHO VIII” is realized by regional divisions of the Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan under support of European Commission’s Humanitarian aid department in five republics of Central Asia, including Uzbekistan. This time, the Namangan and Andizhan regions were chosen by pilot approach. As it was underlined at the meeting – nobody is insured against emergency situations and the reduction of the risk shouldn’t reduce the vigilance of the population. Currently, the most frequent disasters in Namangan region are mudflows and earthquakes; and the readiness of population can reduce significantly the number of victims. Thanks to the project, the children will become more competent in major issues. Teachers and parents will also get engaged into the project.




August 10, 2014

 A new regional Learning Resource Center in Samarqand.


Samarqand. The regional Learning Resource Center for dissemination of International humanitarian law is organized by the Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan in partnership with International Committee of the Red Cross. The new organization’s activities will cover the population of the border territories of Samarkand and Bukhara regions. The specialists of the division conducted a number of meetings, round tables and presentations in the remote areas.


The representatives of the local administration, citizen communication centers, border territory habitants and journalists were invited to one of these meetings. The summary reports, devoted to 150th anniversary of the humanitarian activity of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Federation and to 150th anniversary of Geneva Conventions were made. Participants with a particular interest studied the video devoted to the history and activities of the planet’s oldest humanitarian organization and the experts spoke in details about protection and use of emblems of the Red Cross and Red Crescent and about the fundamentals of International humanitarian law.


By the end of the meeting, a partnership agreement for opening the primary service delivery organizations within different authorities has been signed.




August 1, 2014

Student’s cute and merry club

Fergana region. One of the main statutory objectives of the National Society is expansion of the Movement, involvement of young volunteers in humanitarian activities. These kinds of fun club competitions also contribute to our objectives. Student’s fun club in Fergana is already a tradition; the students are young, initiative, purposeful. This time the competition was between the teams of Fergana State University, Polytechnic Institute, Fergana branch of the Tashkent City University of Information Technologies and Medical Academy of Fergana.  


The managers of the contest prioritized the following objective – popularization of the Humanitarian Organization’s activities, involvement of the youth, and expansion of the volunteer teams. The teams were prepared thoroughly to the competition. Every team found itself an appropriate title and emblem and prepared the wall newspapers. During the contest they demonstrated the sense of humor, they used to sing, to dance, to cite the verses and to answer the questions.


The team vs team contest interested the audience highly and most of the viewers were young people; lots of people expressed the desire to be volunteers. Managers are sure that this contest will promote the youth movement of the organization; because one of the main activities of the National Society is formation of the high moral principles and ideals, an active lifestyle.




July 24, 2014

Competitions of sanitary posts


Kashkadarya region. These meetings are unforgettable: not just because they require responsible demonstration of skills, knowledge and teamwork, but also because they allow sharing the experience with others 


The Uzbekistan’s Red Crescent Society, in partnership with regional national education and healthcare authorities, created the groups of sanitary service points within all the 7th and 8th grades of the primary educational organizations of Kashkadarya region. Today there are 1120 service points all around the region and 650 sanitary point servants used to participate in traditional competition.


The completion had 3 stages; the winners of district and urban rounds used to participate in regional contest. The competitions organized in Shakhrisabz, Kitab, Karshi, Kamashi, Guzar, Dekhkanabad, Mirishkor districts at the city of Karshi will be memorable for an interesting game and professional preparation.


The judges assessed high the preparedness of the teams to the final games. Teams used to show good level of training, knowledge of the topic, strong situational adaptation and problem solving skills. The results of the competition were as follows: 1st place was given to the sanitary team of the Shakhrisabz district’s school ¹ 98, the 2nd place was given to the Karshi city’s school ¹ 8, and the 3rd place was given to the team of Guzar district’s school ¹20.




July 16, 2014

Attention and support - to everyone


Bukhara region. Under this motto, in a number of Bukhara region’s organizations, charity activities supporting low-income families and disabled people were conducted. The experts of Kagan town’s and Karaulbazar region’s division of the Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan actively participated.


Under the initiative of Bukhara region’s Red Crescent organization, within the scope of the government programme called “Healthy Child’s Year”, a practical seminar has been conducted in a Central Clinic; the representatives of the regional Education and Healthcare Authorities and the representatives of “Makhallya” fund were invited. The Executive Director of the regional Red Crescent organization in Bukhara – F. Yuvmitova noted that these kinds of meetings help us not only to receive the detailed information concerning the results of humanitarian activities and concerning the new projects, but also allow the exchange of experience. Similar seminars were conducted with participation of police authorities; primary, secondary and technical education specialists, college and lyceum administration representatives and local entrepreneurs.




July 1, 2014

The volunteer on calling


Karakalpakstan. It is very impressive to see how much wish this person has to transmit his knowledge and skills to those who really need them: Dauletbay Kalibayev is a veteran volunteer of the Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan, a true expert in his job and a real humanist. All his life testifies commitment to the charity and mercy principles.

Dauletbay Kalybayev is a member of the National Disaster Response Tea
m of the Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan and a permanent trainer of the Red Crescent division in Karakalpakstan for 10 years. Mr. Kalibayev is sure that it is his fate.

As a physician by training, Mr. Kalibayev performs the job of radiologist at the Republican Oncological Clinic and he is also an active member of the Disaster Response Team. All the trainings of this team are performed in conditions very close to reality: i.e. earthquakes, flood and fire; and the reaction of the lifesaver is of high importance. Thus, all the actions should be trained well. When the disaster happens, there is no time to ask for an advice, because the decision should be made “right now” and therefore, the responsibility is high.


An experienced instructor with trained first aid skills, Mr. Kalibayev, shares his knowledge with other Disaster Response Team members. He always notes that everyone should have first aid delivery skills. Nobody knows what may happen to our friends and relatives, and often momentary professionally delivered first aid can save someone’s life. That’s very important for the aid to be professionally delivered, in competence with one of the main principles of the first aid delivery – “ do not hurt by trying to help”. The instructor’s life experience proved that the first aid delivery skills are never unnecessary.




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