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November 27, 2015


On November 27, 2015 in the Central Office of the Uzbekistan Red Crescent Society there was held a research-to-practice conference on a topic «Tasks of the Uzbekistan Red Crescent Society considering implementation of law of the Republic of Uzbekistan «On social partnership»».

Dr.Khamid  Y. Karimov, the Chairman of  Uzbekistan RCS, opened the meeting and came out with a greeting.  Mr. Jacques Villettaz, the Head of the Regional Delegation of the  International Committee  of the Red Cross for Central Asia, also complimented the audience on work of the forum.   

 The Executive director of the Uzbekistan RCS, Ms. Amiraliyeva E.A , made a presentation on a topic “Social partnership – the important condition for advancement of democratic reforms in Uzbekistan” .

The comprehensive report included the results of various activities. At the present time successfully have been implemented the projects and programs in the framework of social partnership, including those in collaboration with the ministries of health care, labor and social protection of population,  ministries of  higher and secondary level education, the Republican Women Committee, YSM “Kamolot”, non-governmental charitable foundations “Makhalla”, “Nuroniy”. 

The partnership includes such spheres as social protection, health care, raising of harmonious developed and healthy young generation, and protection of environment.  Amongst implemented projects are the following: establishment of statutory basis in collaboration with the legislative body of the country, participation of regional organizations of National Society in the Projects of Parliament commission of Oliy Majlis.  The Uzbekistan RCS also is an integral part of important governmental program  - “Warning and activities in emergency situations in the Republic of Uzbekistan” and  is a unique social organization, which is included in Governmental system of preparation and response in emergency situations.  In the framework of this program, National Society together with Emergency Ministry, enterprises, organizations and educational institutions established, holds trainings and keeps in instant readiness 644 non-mandatory sanitary teams, which include more than 10 thousand volunteers.  

One of the statutory objectives of the Society is a distribution of knowledge considering international humanitarian law based on Geneva Conventions of 1949.  Employees of the Uzbekistan RCS provide training among wide layers of population, first of all, young generation, in respect to basics of international humanitarian law.

During the conference there also was made a report by the representatives of Women Committee of the Republic,  Emergency Ministry and specialists of regional organizations.


November 25,  2015


On November 25, 2015 in the Central Office the Uzbekistan Red Crescent Society there was held a festive event, dedicated to a significant date. In this festive occasion participated representatives of ministries and departments, partnership organizations, diplomatic body, veterans and employees of regional organizations. 

Bright cheerful day was in unison with celebratory mood. “Congratulations! Congratulations!” – could be heard from all around.  And many invited guests came much earlier to have a chance to talk, share news, and tell about success achieved in the year of this momentous date.  

During opening of the meeting, the chairman of the Uzbekistan RCS,  Dr. Khamid  Y. Karimov has noted : - Among various social associations in our country the  Uzbekistan Red Crescent Society is standing out by address social status, facilitating state and its bodies in solution of priority social problems by execution of merciful humanitarian mission in respect to citizens, that need medical and humanitarian assistance.  All regional departments of the Society made a significant contribution to implementation of objectives of governmental program “The Year of attention and care for older generation”. There was made a lot. And if we will come to numbers, so in order to support two items of program of the Year , National Society has invested more than 650 million UZS. During congratulation of the audience on this memorable date,  the Head of the Regional Delegation of the  International Committee  of the Red Cross for Central Asia Mr. Jacques Villettaz, , noted that:  

-  The Uzbekistan Red Crescent Society – is a legitimate member of International Movement. Its activities are based on seven essential principles that include humanity, detachment, voluntariness, university. We are connected by closed partnership relations and implement collaborative projects on such directions as training of population on provision of first aid during emergencies, dissemination of international humanitarian law, gratuitous donorship. These days National Society celebrates anniversary date and I would like to bring into focus that during all these years the mission of humanism was the major part of its activities.  

A lot of warm words were said in respect to veterans and employees of the Society. Specialists and volunteers, for whom each working day starts by visiting people under their care  just to talk a little bit, tell a word of encouragement and, if necessary, provide some reasonable help.  For long-term and excellent work the best employees of National Society were awarded by scrolls of honor and commemorative prizes. And the evening was ended by one more surprise. This day magnificent theater of Alisher Navoiy met the heroes of the anniversary. After reconstruction, admirers of high art could see the temple in its full splendor. The production of world classic masterpiece – Chaikovsky ballet “Sleeping beauty”, performed smashingly by theater’s actors, became an outright gift for all the guests.  



November 24,  2015


On November 24, 2015 y. in the National press-center of Uzbekistan, in the framework of celebration   of 90-years from the date of the Uzbekistan Red Crescent Society establishment, there was held a press-conference for local mass media representatives.  There participated the heads of the Uzbekistan RCS, heads of departments, employees of regional organizations.  

The chairman of the Uzbekistan RCS Dr. Khamid  Y. Karimov made a presentation dedicated to multi-sided activities of the humanitarian organization.   

Prior to the benchmark date, a dialogue with mass media representatives was especially important, and this fact was emphasized in the beginning of the meeting.  In this year there was marked 90 years from the date of establishment of the oldest humanitarian organization in the country. And over the period of work, in any time, the priority direction was a provision of charity help to the most disadvantaged population stratums.  

As was stated, during independence years there was established a legislative basis for humanitarian mission, strengthened inventory and technical basis. By the Decree of the President, adopted in year 1992, “On the Uzbekistan Red Crescent Society” the National Society received tasks targeted on collaboration with socially oriented governmental programs. Just during last five years there was directed more than one and half billion UZS in order to support needy families, lonely pensioners and invalids. 

 Also humanitarian organization actively participates in implementation of Governmental program “The year of attention and care for older generation”. Since the beginning of the year more than 650 million UZS was directed to social support of senior citizens, lonely, needy in physical assistance ones,  veterans of war and labor. Visiting nurses of “Mehr-shavkat” provided social services to more than 3500 lonely senior citizens that need physical assistance.  

Nowadays, based on National Society, there are working three medical-social centers – in Tashkent, Samarkand and Fergana. High-qualified specialists of these centers provide gratuitous medical treatment to senior citizens, invalids and poverty-stricken social groups from those of under care of the Society, including provision of first aid medical drugs to them.  

Journalists, participating in this press conference, asked more than two dozens of questions. These questions considered organization of festive events in regions, international relationships, partnership with governmental and social organizations, grants of Oliy Majlis, collection and distribution of funds. And each question was responded with presentation of comprehensive information.  


November 14, 2015


 «In the world of humanitarian law» - was a  topic of the competition, organized by Karakalpakstan republican organization of the Uzbekistan RCS and dedicated to 90-years anniversary of the oldest humanitarian organization in the country.

 Celebratory event was held in Nukus state teachers university named after   Ajiniyaz.  In this competition participated students of leading Karakalpak institutions. The experts vied in knowledge of history and development of activities of humanitarian organization, development of volunteer movement, task-oriented work aimed at Dissemination of International humanitarian law, support of disadvantaged layers of population by “Mehr-shavkat” service.     

The main topics of test tasks were the fundamental principles of International Movement, history of its establishment and development, large-scale objectives during “The year of attention and care for older generation”.  In jury opinion, the participants shown deep knowledge, erudition and extensive knowledge considering asked questions. Each topic was covered interestingly and demonstrably.

 In according with the results of voting, I degree Diploma was awarded to the student of 2 course of foreign languages faculty – Dilshod Valiyev,    

 2nd  place was won by the student of the 1 course – Luiza Seitjanova, 3rd place was given to the 2 course student of foreign languages faculty – Pavel Pak.  Teachers and students of NSTI and volunteers of the Society were also awarded by diplomas and prizes.



October 28,  2015  


From 22 till 27 October, 2015 in Beijing there was held a seminar on a topic “Strengthening the potential of response in emergency situations” for representatives of National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies in Asian-Pacific regions and Central Asia.   

In this forum also participated the delegation of the Uzbekistan RCS including Executive Director of the Uzbekistan RCS  E.A. Amiraliyeva and Head of department for preparation for emergencies – M.M. Mirdjaparova.  

In the framework of the seminar there was made a presentation, dedicated to activities of Red Cross in Chine in respect to preparation and response for natural disasters.  Particularly, there was covered the work of Chinese Red Cross considering provision of international humanitarian help, implementation of partnership programs. Also participants of the seminar had a chance to familiarize with the work of Beijing urgent medical aid center “999”, supported by Chinese Red Cross.

At the seminar E.A. Amiraliyeva made a presentation describing activities of the Uzbekistan RCS in the sphere of preparation to possible emergencies, projects and programs implements by National Society.  

 During the seminar there was held a two-side meeting of the Uzbekistan RCS representatives with Vice-president of Chinese Red Cross – lady Hao Linna.  In warm friendly ambience there were covered the questions considering collaboration in humanitarian sphere, in context of strategical development of further long-term prospective plans and activities , and partnership between these two National Societies.   This day there were established close contacts aimed at strengthening of the potential and mobilization of resources, necessary to support already implemented social policy of two states.

In general, the seminar gave an opportunity to obtain  the richest experience in questions of preparation and response for emergencies, and also explore the activities of another National Societies considering provision of assistance to disadvantaged population stratums.  

In conclusion of the seminar the President of International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, sir Tadateru Kanoe, awarded special certificates to all the participants.


October 6, 2015


On October 6, 2015 in RTMC “Insoniylik” was held working meeting on a topic “The role of Red Crescent Society in organization of first aid basics training for population, considering the existing problems and tasks for first aid standards unification”.    

In this seminar participated representatives of regional the Uzbekistan RCS organizations, specialists and coordinators of first aid programs. The seminar was opened by the Executive director of the Uzbekistan RCS  E.A. Amiraliyeva, who made a greeting to all the participants.   

During the meeting, participants made an analysis of RCS activities in respect to training of population to provide first medical aid. There was made a presentation of regional organizations, their task-oriented activities at the place, preparation of population to possible emergencies. Also were considered the tasks for unification of approach applied to handled problem.  

It is necessary to remember, that training of population to provide first medical aid is performed by the Uzbekistan Red Crescent Society and its regional organizations in the framework of implementation of major tasks of International Red Cross and Red Crescent aimed at cut of losses in emergencies.  Preparation of the population to possible emergency situations is also envisaged by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan Resolution “On further advancement of governmental system for prevention and activities in emergency situations in the Republic of Uzbekistan” and accordingly adopted document “Regulations of the Uzbekistan RCS considering training of population on provision of first medical aid”

As was noted during the meeting, activities of RCS in respect to preparation of population to provide basic first medical aid include efficient explanatory work among population considering the role of the Society and its objectives, propaganda of healthy lifestyle norms, dissemination of medical and sanitary-hygienic knowledge among various population stratums.  

For further systematization of work in these directions participants of the seminar developed Activities Plan. It covers the questions considering advancement and strengthening of quality of organization and training of population to provide First aid in the system of the Uzbekistan RCS.  In accordance with the established plan, there would be created a working group with participation of qualified employees, which would facilitate the learning of current regulatory-normative basis and international experience, development and advancement of quality of population First aid training. There was made a decision to create united employees base, which would include those ones, who are already engaged in first aid training pursuance.

As is already known, on the basis of current legislation, any employer is obliged to take corresponding measures for training of its employees to provide First medical aid. In the framework of the meeting, in collaboration with local authorities, there was made a decision to adopt a list of enterprises and organizations and schedule of employee training.  



October 30, 2015

 ÕÕI   Congress of the Uzbekistan Red Crescent Society

On October 30, 2015 y. there was launched ÕÕI Congress of the Uzbekistan Red Crescent Society. In this congress participated senators of Oliy Majlis, deputies of Legislative house, representatives of ministries and departments, partnership organizations, delegates from all regions of the country.   

The memorable event was held in the Central hall of   “WYDHAM-Tashkent” hotel.   The lobby, colorfully decorated by baners and posters, dedicated to multi-side humanitarian activities, met the guests and delegates. Each detail was precise,  including tasty and frank coffee-break for all participants of the congress. One by one are coming the delegates from regional organizations, invited partners – representatives of the ministries and departments, guests from Regional Representative Office of  IRCC in Central Asia. All seats in the hall are occupied. There is also a quorum – 78 delegates and members of Presidium.

In accordance with the Charter of the Uzbekistan RCS, each 5 years should be held a Congress of National Society. It is preceded by regional report-poll conferences, where participants set up their candidates for on-coming humanitarian forum.  In the work of this congress participated above 90 delegates from regional organizations, representatives of ministries and departments, partnership organizations.

At the congress with a greeting came out the Deputy prime-minister, chairman of Women Committee in Uzbekistan, I.E. Basitkhanova.  The wishes were also made by the Council Chair of labor unions Federation in Uzbekistan – T.K. Narbayeva, deputy hokim, chairman of Tashkent city Women Committee – F.Yu. Abdirakhimova, the Head of the Regional Delegation of the  International Committee  of the Red Cross for Central Asia Mr. Jacques Villettaz.   

The Chairman of the Uzbekistan Red Crescent Society, Dr. Khamid  Y. Karimov, at the forum presented the report considering goal-oriented work, performed in the period between two congresses.

Participants of the congress also heard the reports “Report of revision commission for the period 2011-2015 yy.”, “On strategy of the Uzbekistan RCS development for the period 2015-2020 yy.”Participants evaluated multi-directional activity of Uzbekistan RCS  for last five years as a positive one. Congress delegates adopted new composition of Presidium with participation of representatives of partnership organizations, management of Central apparatus and chairmen of regional organizations.  By open voting in a unanimous vote Dr. Khamid  Y. Karimov  repeatedly was adopted by a Chairman of the Uzbekistan RCS.   

The delegates also voted for adoption of “Strategic plan for development of the Red Crescent Society of  Uzbekistan for 2016-2020 yy”. It would be implemented under a slogan “Saving lives, changing the attitude”.


October 29, 2015


During four days in Namangan there was held a seminar – training for members of disaster response Team from regional organization of Red Crescent Society.

The Uzbekistan Red Crescent Society is one of few NCOs, which should perform the tasks, established by the special Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministries, related to training of population how to response various disasters.  At the republican organization there was created Fast Disaster Response Team (FDRT), and the same ones are available at regional organizations.

In this seminar participated 15 members of Disaster response Team from the regional organization. The training was performed by international trainers of the Uzbekistan RCS, duty officer in emergency situations Bakhodir Abdullayev and coordinator of international humanitarian law dissemination in Fergana valley – Akrom Kadirov. The seminar was held in the framework of execution of Cabinet of Ministers Resolution “On further advancement of governmental warning system and activities in emergency situations and disasters in the Republic of Uzbekistan”.  

In accordance with the Document, there was developed a special program for the seminar. New FDRT group was formed on the basis of Namangan engineering-pedagogical institution. And it is not such easy to become a member of it. As the specialists state, the students pass careful selection – there is performance testing, physical development, health, willingness to be a member of humanitarian organization.  

During the seminar, trainings were also organized on the basis of regional emergency management office. Here were brushed up theoretical and practical skills during emergency situations, work of various special services.

Participants of the training studied the concepts considering various emergency situations, FRT members attitude codes, and also were discovered the questions considering recovery of family relations during disasters. Voluntaries familiarized with tasks on prevention of difficult and complex situations, creation of database including FRT members, and they also had a chance to study the rules how to create an encampment and organize its work, provide humanitarian aid to population and those suffered from a disaster.   

Guys and girls studied how to apply various equipment, available for rescue party in regional EMO (emergency management office), tried to be divers, were taught to make  heart massage, climb on a tower and other necessary skills.   In accordance with the results of seminar all the participants were awarded special certificates.


September 28,  2015


On September 28, 2015 y. in  Bishkek city, Kirgizstan there was launched XVIII – Anneal meeting ERNA (European Red Cross and Red Crescent)

Approximately 40 representatives visited this forum. They came from 20 National Societies and also International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. International Federation of European area Red Cross and Red Crescent , ART network (Asian Red Cross and Red Crescnet on problems of HIV, AIDS and tuberculosis) and ERNA Secretariat.   the Uzbekistan RCS was represented by the head of medical-social department S. Umarov.

Answering the questionWhat? Why? How? Performing ERNA mandate today”, the participants considered current tasks, faced by international organization.  In the framework of the forum there was held a conference on a topic : “Future of ERNA network: willingness to manage successful, strong network of Red Cross and Red Crescent in order to fulfill the demands of those, who suffered from AIDS and tuberculosis, and also for prevention of new cases in Europe and Central Asia” . Participants of the meeting scheduled development ERNA advancement strategy for years 2016-2016.

In accordance with the results of voting, for  year period, as a President of ERNA network was selected a volunteer, Member of standing committee on Italian National Society, Massimo Barra. Deputy President of ERNA network became the Chief Secretary of Latvian National Society, Uldiz Likops.   

The participants adopted proposals considering many problems, including those related to increasing awareness of National Societies about implementation of various multi-directional activities, establishment of ERNA development strategy in 2016-2018 years, implementation into practice usage of mobile application considering prophylaxis and treatment of HIV/AIDS, creation of monitoring system and development of indicators for evaluation of ERNA activities.


August 19, 2015


In the framework of implementation of 2015 year program, National Society has organized a media tour to its care recipients. 100 old long-livers, together with representatives of Tashkent city organization, were also visited by the journalists of radio channel “Makhalla”, informational program “Poytaht” and “Tasvir” magazine.

Living until one hundred years old is the thing that is quite rare. This is a present of the fortune, states Abdumajid ota Khoshimov, the oldest citizen of Tashkent city makhalla “Bekobod”. Coming to this age, these people most of all need attention. They are willing somebody to came more often, bring some positive emotions, sit near and listen to stories about life longing a whole century. So, he is visited by neighbors from makhalla and newly married ones, students of educational institutions and those, whose work is to provide gratuitous helps to families.   

Common guests of Abdumajid ota Khoshimov  are also the specialists of “Mehr Shavkat” service from Uch-Tepa district organization of the Uzbekistan RCS. They come as in holidays, as well as in weekdays just to cheer and feel wisdom energy and optimism of the honorable long-liver of the capital.

- You should be happy each day, be grateful to the God for that when you wake up early in the morning, you see the Sun, and in the evening you can look at starry arch. And the most important is to keep a sense of proportion in all: eat less, sleep less, have more activity and eat healthy food – tells Abdumajid ota.  

In January of this year Bobo has met his 100 years. He passed the war from start until its end, and in peaceful times grown gardens. In big and friendly family of Khoshimovs there are 8 children, 36 grandchildren, 93 great-grandchildren and 46 grandgrand children! Bobo loves when guests are coming. – They give me a good mood, it is always interesting with them, - he confesses. And today, talking with the journalists, Abdumajid ota brought his memory back to the period of war, shared his secrets of long-living and was happy that the fortune gave him so many happy moments in his life, he has seen the harvest of Independence, and especially was admiring new buildings of Tashkent city. Also this long-liver was very delighted by the monumental complex “Minor”, where he has been together with his grandchildren.   

The next address for the visit is Mirabad district, makhalla Afrosiab. Here lives one more person under the care of National Society.

In February of this year, Ariadna Vasilyevna Aleksandrovna has celebrated 100 years old. Being a medical specialist, she passed the whole war, was working in medical battalion and then, as she told us, was a simple doctor.  Till the present moment she saved clarity of mind, practicalism and soft manner of speaking.  Still she is reading scientific literature, easily deals with Internet and tells that it is necessary always be on form and stay in the thick of things.  And this way the age wouldn’t become an obstacle The neighbors of this long-liver are also happy to be friends with professional doctor. And the reason is that the doctor, till present days, despite her venerable age can make a diagnosis, select the necessary medical drugs.  “Grey hairs is a happiness for me”, - tells the long liver “And this is about the fact that I’m living a full life”. Kind heart, endless love to people, willingness to do good any day and everywhere – these are the things that gave our citizens a whole century of life.


August  7, 2015


Community trust for support of non-governmental non-commercial organizations and other institutions of civil society under Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan provided a competition “Vast engagement of NCOs to realization of the objectives, stated in Governmental program “The year of attention and care of older generation”.  In this competition were engaged 210 NCOs and other civil society institutions.  They represented 239 socially and publicly important projects. In accordance with the results of the first competition Parliamentary commission has made a decision to support 75 projects for the total amount of 1 billion 100 million UZS. 

The projects of 13 district and regional organizations of the Uzbekistan Red Crescent Society became the winners of grant programs for year 2015.

 Among the winners of grant competition was also organizational development project of the Uzbekistan RCS “Older Generation Care”. In the framework of program implementation there is envisaged to increase the qualification of “Mehr-shafkat” service employees, intensification of medical and social work with people under care, training of visiting nurses, organization of seminars, master-classes for development of their professional skills. The project envisages training of 35 nurses, provision of all the necessary equipment and medical drugs to them, and also preparation of 20 volunteers for work with people under care.

 Coming out of the objectives, allotted to the Uzbekistan RCS, it is envisaged to organize various meetings, actions for more than thousand long-livers, who passed 100 years landmark. There would be published 3 thousand booklets dedicated to prophylaxis of infectious diseases, propaganda of healthy lifestyle, provision of first medical aid to population.  

 We congratulate our colleaguesthe recipients of Oliy Majlis grant. They include: the Uzbekistan Red Crescent Society, Nukuss city organization of the Uzbekistan RCS, Alat, jandor and Gijduvan departments of Bukhara city organization, Namangan city organization, Kasnasay district department, Samarkand regional organization, Ahangaran department of Tashkent region organization,

Tashkent region organization, Urgench city organization, Yunusabad and Olmazar district organizations of Tashkent city.


July 28,  2015 


On July 28, 2015 y. in the Center “Insinoylik” there was held three-day seminar objected on preparation to emergency situations and organized by the Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan.  Its participants comprised of executive directors and specialists on emergency situations from regional depratments of the National Society.

Among the number of considered question were the objectives for further advancement of Emergency Service activities  at the local level, and also was made a summary for first half of year 2015 in respect to fulfillment  of Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On further advancement of Governmental system of warning and activities in case of emergency situations in the Republic of Uzbekistan”.    

 During the meeting, participants shared collected experience considering preparation to all the possible disasters, that is applied in their regional organizations;  told about methods of work in this direction. With a great interest the audience listened to the presentation dedicated to   mitigation of consequences of earthquakes, prepared by the specialists of Emergency situations preparation department in the Uzbekistan RCS.

Subsequent to the results of the meeting, there was developed a collaborative plan of actions for effective fulfillment of their assistance role in implementation of governmental programs aimed at provision of humanitarian aid during the rise of emergency situation.

In the framework of this working meeting there was organized an excursion to Earthquakes historical museum on the basis of MES Civil Protection Institution of the Republic of Uzbekistan – the unique one at the territory of CIS. Here participants could familiarize in details with seismic conditions at the territory of Uzbekistan and explore the history and causes of earthquakes origin.

However, the most interesting, during the visit to this unique complex, was the ability to experience first-hand the earthquake 7.9 points in Richter scale, which is possible with a help of a special simulator, imitating earthquakes of medium and large power.  And, of course, a special attention of our colleagues was paid to the exposition of the Uzbekistan Red Crescent Society, dedicated to provision of humanitarian assistance during earthquakes, that was places in the museum.  


July 4,  2015


The Uzbekistan Red Crescent Society performs purposeful work for fulfillment of the objectives, stated in the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers “On further development of Governmental system for warning and activities in emergency situations in the Republic of Uzbekistan”. One of the priority tasks – training of population on provision of first aid. 

At the present day by the specialists of the National Society, in collaboration with efforts of rescue specialists and consultants from different countries, has been created a unique training course. The program is certified by Ministries of the Republic of Uzbekistan, and protected on a legislative basis.    Basic course of this program is a course for people that have not any special medical education. Obtained skills would allow them to provide simple help to the person, being injured on a workplace or in road traffic accident, suffering from sudden attack of a disease and also behave themselves confidently in emergency situations.

Employees and consultants of training center, established in the Uzbekistan RCS, can provide high-quality preparation of personal in such sphere as provision of First Aid at production enterprises. The courses are held with participation of qualified specialists that have significant theoretical knowledge and practical experience of work in critical situations. During the training employees will have the opportunity to study in details the provision of First Aid in case of fire, poisoning by harmful substances or gases and any other emergency situations on production. The trainers can perform educational process as on site, as well as at the territory of the center.

As is well known, any production is related to operation of equipment, which can be dangerous for employees. In respect to this fact, the obligation of each manager is an organization of personnel training in the sphere of First Aid provision on production, while the first paramedical aid should be included into the list of employees’ production skills.

Since the beginning of the year more than 5000 employees of various productions across the country have received special certificates after graduation from first aid courses.



May 28, 2015


On May 26-27,  2015 y. in Kagan city were held command-staff exercises for preparation for various possible emergency situations. Tactical exercise were organized by Bukhara regional organization in collaboration with the partners – regional emergency service office, health care, national education, “Makhalla” trust.  

In accordance  to the case, on a stadium “Lokomotiv” was created a camp site with all the necessary attributes. There were organized stands, dedicated to the history of International movement, activities of the Uzbekistan Red Crescent Society and regional organization. During the exercises 30 people studied  the basics of first aid provision. In practical lessons participated 4 sanitary teams and 40 volunteers. In these exercises were also engaged by the regional collected mechanized team, special anti-epidemiological group, specialists of Bukhara production enterprises. 

At the next day tactical exercises were continued in Romitan district of the region. In Gazli city was established an evacuation point where were received the citizens of the nearest settlements “Gugurtli” and “Kizilravot”.  

Regional organization of  the Uzbekistan RCS detached for evacuation point four fully equipped camps. In order to provide the population there were created warehouses for foodstuff, clothes and shoes, provided humanitarian aid.

In the scope of exercises there were organized “round tables”, where instructors has shown first aid techniques in case of injuries and fractures, fire injuries, psychological assistance.

Practical competence was shown by sanitary teams of production enterprises from Gijduvan, Karakul, Alat and Romitan districts. In total about 400 people have participated in these exercises.



May 28, 2015


Namangan regional organization of the Uzbekistan Red Crescent Society, in tribute of Ramazan Haiyit celebration, has organized humanitarian action for patronized of “Dom Malutki orphanage” and specialized foster home “Sahovat”.

«Taking into account the role and significance of benefaction, kindness and mercy holiday – holy Ramazan haiyit in spiritual life of our nation, - was stated in the President’s Decree, adopted in honor of the holiday, - preservation and uprising of national and spiritual values, it is necessary to organize the appropriate events locally, at high level, with good organization and in accordance with the national values of our population ».

Under regional organization there was established a working team including the chairman, heads of departments, specialists of “Mehr-shafkat” service, young volunteers such a way that it could be possible to cover as mush patronized people, as it id possible.  Great attention was paid to lonely, aged and needy in physical assistance old people.  

During held meetings there were discussed some new incentives for social support, explained the concept and meaning of new documents, signed by the Head of the country. In the beginning of April these year there has been published the Decree of the President of the  Republic of Uzbekistan “On additional measures focused on further strengthening of social protection  and material support of older generation”. In accordance to the Document, considering the Governmental program “The year of attention and care of older generation”, monthly payment, added to pensions of the citizens, reached the age of 100 and more, was established in the amount of 100 percent of minimal salary. Also there has been detected a list of welfare beneficiaries, to which are provided monthly compensational monetary payments for housing and utility services.

Above these, there are organized various events with participation of representatives of older generation, held sportive competitions, performed lections and conferences. The veterans enthusiastically take part in sport competitions, culture events and  review competitions organized for them. As the main objective of such events is giving attention and respect to the representatives of older generation, usage of theirs rich life experience in works for rising of youth, formation of healthy lifestyle.      


May 27,  2015


On May 25-26, 2015 in Alamty city was held sub-regional seminar “Advocacy in the sphere of road safety provision”.  In Central-Asian forum has participated the delegation of the Uzbekistan Red Crescent Society  under the leadership of Executive director of the Uzbekistan RCS – E.A. Amiraliyeva. 

The seminar was organized in the framework of project implementation “Traceca: road safety II” with financial support of European Union.  

The partners on this long-term program are International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and “Eastern alliance for safe and reliable transport”.  

We would like to marl that the Main objective of the project TRACECA (Transport Corridor Europe-Caucasus-Asia) – is collaboration in questions of road safety prvision in countries – participants of the project – Moldova, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kirgizstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey.

ÒRACECA pays specific attention to such issues as institutional development, safety of infrastructure, safety of transport vehicles (means) and road users, advancement of assistance provision system after traffic road incidents.

In according to statistics of WHO each year on roads, as a result of road-transport incidents, die more than 1 million 300 thousand people.  Among the questions of present interest considering solution of safety problems on public roads, as was stated in the beginning of this  seminar, the most significant is the advocacy, i.e. hanging the policy in this sphere. 

The aim of the seminar is to determine the major problems, related to road safety, exchange obtained experience, join the common forces and create the communities of practicing specialists for determination of possible ways to solve all these problems. The team from Uzbekistan took active participation in sessional trainings, shown several presentations dedicated to awareness and  retraining of road users. Among the recommendations, offered by the delegation were coordination of partnership organizations, strengthening of feedback with road users, development of legislative basis, advancement of roads quality, development of National program of activities objected on provision of road safety.


May 21, 2015



Regional meeting «Testing, revision and updating the Regional disaster response Contingency plan for the Central Asian Red Crescent Societies».

  From 19 to 20 May of 2015, around 38 representatives of 5 Central Asian National Red Crescent Societies (NRCS), German Red Cross, including International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, European Commission’s Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection Department (DG ECHO),  Committee of Emergency Situations and Civil Defence under the Government of Tajikistan, Committee of Emergency Situations of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan and representatives of the UN agencies such as Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, Children’s Fund and World Food Programme actively participated  in the event organized within DIPECHO VIII Project: “Building sustainable community resilience through strengthening Disaster Risk Reduction systems in Central Asia” funded by the European Commission’s Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection Department. The event included top-table exercises to review and update the Regional Contingency Plan of 5 Red Crescent Societies of Central Asia taking into account current developments, changes and new approaches in disaster preparedness and response, both at the national and regional levels.

During these two days the Regional Contingency Plan has been discussed and analysed by the representatives of the CA NRCS and external partners (stakeholders). The existing gaps were identified and further steps for review and update the Contingency Plan were developed and agreed by the parties. Standard Operating Procedures for response to a large-scale earthquake in Almaty (Kazakhstan) involving all 5 National Societies, partners and international disaster response mechanisms were also tested through the top-table exercise.


May 8, 2015

Under the sign of Humanity mission

“Keksalari e’zozlangan yurt” (Uzbek) – under this symbolic name, on May 1, 2015, in “Zebu Zar” complex took place cultural and educational events of the Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan. Festive celebrations were dedicated to May 9 – Day of Memory and Honor, “Year of attention and care for the older generation”, as well as International Day of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

One of the most beautiful parts of Tashkent welcomed visitors with vivid decorations and a special aura of this blessed holiday. The foyer of the building was decorated with posters and information banners, dedicated to diverse activities of humanitarian organization.

Solemn evening was opened by Professor Khamid Yakubovich Karimov, Chairman of the Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan, who also delivered a greeting. Mr. Jacques Villettaz, Head of ICRC Regional Delegation to Central Asia, addressed congratulations towards colleagues.

To celebratory dastarkhan were invited war and labor veterans, honored Movement activists from all regions of the country and the Republic of Karakalpakstan, partners and volunteers, as well as media representatives. On May, 9 Uzbekistan celebrates Day of Memory and Honor, paying tribute to thousands of fellow countrymen, who gave their lives on the battlefields of the Second World War. Uzbekistan's contribution to this victory is invaluable. During the Second World War, subdivisions of the Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan have also made a significant contribution. Organizations of Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan have prepared 7000 nurses, 16700 sanitation vigilantes, more than 10 thousand of orderlies and sanitary instructors. 2500 nurses and sanitary vigilantes at the beginning of the war went to the front as volunteers and selflessly provided medical care at the forefront and at army units; many of them have been awarded government awards.

During the evening, activists of the Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan, veterans – those who made their contributions to the development of the International Movement through their selfless labor, shared their memories.

In the first half of the day, 60 war and labor veterans, Veterans of the Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan took part in a tour to memorable places of the capital. Guests of the festive evening saw the sights of the city, visited the new large-scale “Minor” complex. The group then visited the Independence Square, wherein they participated in the holiday celebrations, dedicated to the Fountains Day, visited the Square of Memory and Honor. City tour continued with visiting Hasti Imam Complex. Here, the audience was in detail told about the revival of the origins, traditions of architecture, the guests were given the opportunity to see the ancient relic – the Holy Quran.

Every year, on May 8, on the birthday of Henry Dunant, a landmark date is celebrated - day of the foundation of the oldest humanitarian organization in the world. This year, the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement celebrates 152 years. Across the planet, it runs under the slogan of “The power of humanity: fundamental principles in action”. (Uzbek: “Insonparvarlik kuchi: Fundamental tamoyilar amalda”). This slogan is dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the adoption of the Fundamental Principles, their effectiveness and relevance in the humanitarian field for many years.
This year we will celebrate another glorious date - 90th anniversary of the oldest humanitarian organization of Uzbekistan – the Red Crescen
t Society. In the State Program «Year of care and attention for the older generation» the National Society entrusted with the task to provide financial support and medical and social services to veterans of war and labor front, the lone elderly, pensioners and disabled.

Effective large-scale targeted programs of a humanitarian nature would reach all regions of the Republic. On the eve of “Navruz” spring holiday, in all regions, regional organizations conducted a humanitarian event to support veterans and beneficiaries of the National Society. Alone in four months of 2015, lonely senior citizens, Society wards, have received material assistance and charity for 180 million soums. Target support is provided to people aged 100 years or older. Furthermore, to each personal accounts of 565 elderly people in “Xalq Bank” was transferred 100,000 soums. Patronage and medical assistance was provided to 3500 veterans and representatives of the older generation. In the effort to comply with paragraphs of the State Program actively involved employees and 190 patronage nurses of the Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan, working in all districts and cities of the country, as well as volunteers of the Society from among the students of universities, colleges, lyceums, activists of mahalla, social workers of Departments of Labor and Protection of Population.

More than 500 million soums will be directed to comply with the paragraphs of the State Program of the Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan.

During the festive evening, war and labor veterans, activists and oldest humanitarian workers were awarded with valuable presents.

Throughout the evening, stars of a domestic platform performed their best works.


May 3, 2015

Humanitarian Forum in Ashgabat

In early May of this year, there was held a regional meeting in the capital of Turkmenistan, organized by the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent. The international forum was attended by leaders of the Federation, representatives of International Committee of the Red Cross and National Societies of the CIS countries, Baltic States and Georgia.

The Uzbek delegation was represented by Executive Director of the National Society, E.A. Amiralieva, and Head of Emergency Preparedness Department, M.M. Mirdjaparov.

The meeting participants discussed current issues of interaction and constructive cooperation of all National Societies on the development of humanitarian diplomacy, the empowerment of the legislative framework of National Societies, capacity building and organizational development. National Societies’ supporting role issues, in projects implemented by government, for humanitarian support of the main directions of Social Protection was also discussed.

During the meeting, was organized a conference on the topic of "Neutrality and Peace", dedicated to the 20th anniversary of neutrality of the Republic of Turkmenistan.

- The current regional meeting will contribute to further development of all National Societies, - said in his speech Secretary General of the IFRC Mr. Elhadj As Sy. - We need to consider the possibility of developing a new strategy for further action and cooperation plans for the long term in the region, as well as strengthening the capacity of National Societies and mobilizing their capacity. In its turn, this will positively affect further humanitarian activities of all National Societies.

During the meeting, the delegation of the Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan held a number of business discussions with representatives of the National Societies in the region, as well as with representatives of the IFRC. The partners discussed the issues of further cooperation in the humanitarian field and exchange of experience among colleagues on issues of common interest.


May 3, 2015


FERGHANA. In the pre-school educational establishments of Dangara district were established sanitary posts, wherein even small children are enthusiastically engaged.

Voluntary social formations – sanitary posts – for many years operate and they have proven themselves in all schools of the Republic. Children, united in them, learn skills in first aid, actions in emergency situations, knowledge about personal hygiene, ecology, medicinal herbs, traffic rules, get acquainted with the history and humanitarian activities of International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. At present, on the initiative of the Executive Director of Dangara district organization Basharatkhon Rakhmatullaeva were created sanitary posts in preschool establishments of the district.

The first sanitary posts began to operate from the beginning of this year. In an interactive, playful, and easy-to-understand way, kids get acquainted with the activities of the oldest humanitarian organization, learn first aid. The teachers who conduct classes, previously have been trained the training workshops, organized by the regional organization of the Red Crescent of Uzbekistan.

And more recently, also took place a competition of young sanitary vigilantes. Here, kids have demonstrated their knowledge and skills. And they quite successfully coped with all tasks. They confidently acted in the proposed emergency situations and providing first aid. They have shown themselves as connoisseurs of traffic regulations. Kids briskly answered questions on hygiene practices, medicinal plants, ecology, and activities of the Red Crescent. And they said that they really liked to be sanitary vigilantes, and when they grow up, certainly will continue to participate in the volunteer movement.

The winner was the team of the kindergarten number 26 – “Jajji Nihollar”. The second place went to kids from kindergarten number 19 – “Mehrjon” and the third place — for children from kindergarten number 22 – “Binafsha”.


April 20, 2015

Emergency exercises in Kashkadarya

 In the Karshi College of Medicine a workshop was hosted, which was dedicated to first aid skills training of the population and rules of conduct in case of possible emergencies.

The seminar was organized by Kashkadarya regional organization of the Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan in the implementation of Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers “On further improvement of state system of prevention and emergency response of the Republic of Uzbekistan”. It was attended by representatives and partner organizations – managers and specialists of Regional Health Authority, Ministry of Emergency Situations, State Traffic Inspection, Fire Department, and “Mahalla” Fund.

The main objective of the training workouts – training the population and students of professional colleges to practical skills and emergency response skills. Students of medical colleges acted as volunteers, which could in practice show acquired knowledge of first aid to disaster victims. There were presentations, dedicated to the history and development of the International Movement, humanitarian activities of the Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan, and 50th anniversary of the adoption of the Fundamental Principles and their effectiveness over many years.

There were developed proposals for the preparation of booklets and leaflets for first aid for categories of persons, who in the first place needs this knowledge – participants of sanitary posts, employees of a traffic safety department, volunteers of the humanitarian organization, specialists in emergency situations, vehicle operators.


March 27, 2015


One of the priority directions of activities of Karakalpakstan Republican organization of Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan is the training of the population to first aid skills. The contingent of learners is diverse – these are schoolchildren, mahalla residents, drivers of motor vehicles, employees of enterprises and organizations of the Republic.

To date, in cities and districts of the region were established 11 first aid training centers for population. Here, highly qualified professionals and "Mehr-Shafkat" service workers train the population on prevention of infectious diseases, prevention of injuries, fundamentals of a healthy lifestyle, skills to care for the elderly and the sick at home, first aid skills and rules of behavior in emergencies.

Employees of Karakalpakstan Republican Organization of the Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan have organized training for employees of “Doctors Without Borders” international humanitarian organization for first aid skills. Two highly qualified trainers – Emergency Specialist, Kuralbay Davletmuratov and doctor-radiologist of Republican Oncologic Dispensary, Davletbay Kalybaev, taught skills in first aid in emergencies. Particularly, were considered algorithms of actions under burns of varying degrees, wounds of various types (penetrations, lacerations, amputations), under frostbites, suffocations and others. Particular attention was paid to training of workers on different types of transportation of victims, putting splints and bandages.

Education was accompanied by a demonstration of thematic movies and presentations, each session ended with imprinting of skills by practice, including by means of such interactive teaching methods, as simulated situations, brainstorms.


March 13, 2015


A press conference for national mass media journalists was hosted at the Central office of the Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan. The meeting summed up the results of the competition “For the best coverage of the National Society in mass media in 2014”.

The press conference was attended by leaders of all subdivisions of the National Society, chairmen of Karakalpakstan republican, regional organizations, Tashkent city and Regional Road Organization of the Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan. Among those invited to this important event were leaders and specialists of the ICRC Regional Delegation in Central Asia, radio, television and press journalists.

Chairman of the Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan, professor H.Ya. Karimov, told about the results of the competition committee’s work.

Head of the ICRC Regional Delegation for  Central Asia, Mr.Jacques Villettaz, greeted the guests and delivered a welcoming speech.

As it has been emphasized, 44 newspaper articles, 16 reports on television, 14 radio news materials, 4 articles on the “Econews” website, as well as a website, consisting of 40 materials of the Road Organization, were submitted for the competition. 18 journalists participated in the “Press” nomination, 4 journalists took part in the “Television” nomination, 2 journalists – in “Radio”, and 2 websites were presented in “Internet Publication” nomination.

According to the results of the competition committee, the jury determined 10 winners:

The first place was awarded to journalist Larisa Fedorova for a series of analytical materials in the "Ferganskaya Pravda" newspaper.
The second place was won by Elena Umarova, Head of the Editorial Department of “Znamya Druzhbi” Navoi regional newspaper, for articles, comprehensive in their format and deep in their contents.

The third place was awarded to Zulfiya Yunusova, a correspondent of the “Vatanparvar” newspaper, for comprehensive articles in “Vaziyat” newspaper and “Mulokhaza” magazine.

The Special Jury Prize was awarded to Alla Roganova, the executive director of Karakalpakstan regional organization of the Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan, for a series of articles published in “Vesti Karakalpakstana” newspaper, for a desire to profoundly disclose the essence and importance of the activities of the humanitarian organization in her materials.

The first place was awarded to Nazira Mambetsharipova, a political observer of “Akhborot” news program of “Uzbekistan” channel of the National Television and Radio Company of Uzbekistan, for a series of analytical reports on national television.

The second place was given to Rakhima Kaymakova, an editor of Navoi regional television of the National Television and Radio Company of Uzbekistan.

The first place was awarded to Habibullo Yunusov, a “Mashal” Radio journalist for diverse analytical information on national radio.

The second place was awarded to Sevil Jabbarova, a “Tashkent” Radio journalist, for the interesting and unusual materials on the radio.

The first place was awarded to Dilnura Kutlimurad
ova, an editor of “Ekologiya Habarnomasi” magazine, for the comprehensive analytical information and photo materials on the “Econews” website.

The second place was given to the website of the Regional Road Organization of the Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan.

All the winners were awarded with valuable prizes and commemorative diplomas of the Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan.



January 26, 2015

Effective partnership

On January 26, 2015, at the central office, the meeting of the National Society’s administration with the leader of IFRC delegation for  Russian Federation and employees of the regional public “AIDS infosvyaz” organization has been conducted.

The meeting has been initiated by the regional delegation of IFRC for  Russian Federation with a mission of international healthcare aid project realization. For 3 days the guests were familiarized with activity of the oldest humanitarian organization of Uzbekistan; first of all, the issues of the further cooperation were discussed on managerial level and the main topic of the discussion was gifting the mobile medical complexes on the basis of “Kamaz” vehicles with medical equipment, testing systems, drugs and other medical goods to the national Ministry of Healthcare. The guests were presented lots of information devoted to the potential and multi-aspect activity of the Uzbek Red Crescent Society. 

The guests were also invited to the “Insoniylik” center where they were familiarized with performance of this medical and social center opened last year; expertise of the staff members, comfortable conditions, warm and respectful attitude to every attendee tells a lot about employees as it was noted by our guests. After the lunch, the delegation from Moscow has been familiarized with job of the Tashkent city’s Red Crescent branch.

On January 28, 2015, an official meeting of the Russian delegation with Uzbekistan’s Deputy Minister of Healthcare– Sh. Kh. Tillayev took place; the Chairman of the Uzbek Red Crescent Society – Prof Kh.Y.Karimov also participated in the meeting. The ministry of healthcare supported the initiative of our guests and expressed their will to assist with qualified human resources and necessary usage of mobile medical units.

The first batch of mobile diagnostics complexes for performing the job in the most remote regions will arrive this year.




January 24, 2015

Oliy Majlis grants

Navoi region. The Navoi regional Red Crescent branch actively participated in contest organized by the public fund under “Oliy Majlis” of the Republic directed at supporting the non-commercial & non-government (NGO) civil society institutes and became the winner of the prize in an amount of 14 million UZS.

The project with a title “Help yourself and your neighbor” became the winner of this contest in nomination of “The highest population activity in NGO’s work for improvement of towns, “makhallas” (household yards), streets, and also in ensuring the population’s health and environmental safety”. The granted funds will be effectively used within 9 months.

Within the scope of the project, in “Nuratin” district, which is subject to the highest disaster risk, 20 volunteers from the teaching staff of the school ¹55 will be trained for disaster response and first aid delivery. At a later date, the trained instructors will teach the population of “Ibn-Sino” mahallah (local household neighborhood) with a total population of 3000 people in accordance with approved timetable, thus, around 50% of its adult population and its schoolchildren will be covered by the project. It is also planned to conduct practical and tactical exercises with participation of all of the instructors, population, schoolchildren and their teachers. The usage of the granted funds will strengthen the material and technical basis of the regional Red Crescent branch; a number of contemporary computers, printers, communication and multimedia equipment (phone, fax, photo and video cameras) will be purchased for performing the job in the most efficient way.



January 20, 2015

Starting new projects

On January 20, 2015, at the central office of the National Society, the framework agreement on cooperation between Uzbek Red Crescent Society and ICRC has been signed.

An effective partnership between the URCS and ICRC is strengthening every year and, as it was emphasized at the meeting, the current year seems to be especially promising; ICRC will actively participate in all the festive events devoted to the 90th anniversary of the Uzbek Red Crescent Society.

We remind that ICRC facilitates the National Society in strengthening its potential, in promotion of the fundamental principles of IFRC; besides, the partnership has been set upon International Humanitarian Law dissemination, Disaster Response and First Aid provision.

During the anniversary year, lots of seminars, meetings, round tables are planned with participation of local authority representatives, educational institutions, non-commercial and non-government organizations, and “makhalla” (household) activists.  Besides, “The national first aid standards development programme” is also stipulated by the agreement and it is to be implemented in Tashkent city’s Red Crescent subdivision as a pilot project. Moreover, there will be medical aid post competitions organized with participation of core service units and “makhalla” (local household) committees on Disaster Response preparation in the city of Tashkent.

The national mass media representatives are expected to participate actively in all the events organized within the scope of the Framework agreement; the press conferences, scientific and practical conferences, and republican contest on best reveal of the oldest humanitarian organization’s activity is to be organized for mass media representatives.



January 16, 2015


“Labor migration” project

At the “Insoniylik” traning center, a workshop has been conducted for the learning resource centers’ employees related to the “labor migration” project.

The seminar has been attended by the project coordinators from Kashkadarya, Surkhandarya, Fergana and Tashkent regional Red Crescent branches. The guest list included partners and specialists from the Labor & Social protection and Secondary educational authorities.

A welcoming speech has been made to the attendees by the Executive Director of the Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan – Amiraliyeva E.A.

Several presentations about the history of the IFRC, 90th anniversary of the National Red Crescent Society, “Labor migration” project realization, summary of results for 2013-2014 were made by P.D.Abdullakhanov and T.S.Sabitov.

We remind that in four regions of the Republic (Tashkent, Fergana, Kashkadarya and Surhandarya) the Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan is running the project on supporting the labor migrants under assistance of EU. Today, in four regions of the republic, learning resource centers are functioning. The statistical data has also been presented during the workshop; 4209 people received legal knowledge, 3928 people were informed about the issues of healthcare, 635 young people were taught computer literacy and Russian language, over 100 people received humanitarian aid.

The participants discussed perspective objectives for 2015 and accepted subsequent recommendations.


January 13, 2015

Strengthening international links

On January 13, 2015, the Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan has been visited by the delegation of Bangladesh lead by the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh – Mr. Mosud Mannan. 

His Excellency has an honorable title of the “Peace Ambassador”; in 2014 he has been appointed to be an Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Bangladesh with parallel privileges to Afghanistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. The service record of Mr. Ambassador shows his broad capacities and his bright mental outlook; it includes the President’s position at London Diplomatic Association from 1995, lifelong membershipin Bangladesh’s Science Promotion Association, an official representative’s positionatthe permanent mission of Bangladesh to UNO, to Islamic Cultural Center in New York and many others. He used to participate for 14 times in free blood donorship propaganda projects in his country.

The meeting has been conducted in warm atmosphere of trust within the walls of the National Society; the Chairman of the Uzbek Red Crescent society – Prof. Kh.Y.Karimov spoke about activities of the oldest humanitarian organization of our country.

Prof. Kh.Y.Karimov noted that the current year will be full of bright events, meetings and presentations and that we will be celebrating the 90th anniversary of our organization. Currently the preparations are held in all the regional subdivisions and large-scale activities devoted to the upcoming anniversary celebrations are planned to be conducted. 

Mr. Ambassador also emphasized the value of the noble humanity mission and spoke about his mother who has been the leader of the Bangladesh’s Red Crescent’s treasury all her life. He has grown up on the ideas of humanity and is still a volunteer of the Red Crescent Society of Bangladesh.

By summing up the results of the meeting both sides were willing to enhance the cooperation further, to make regular delegation exchanges and to use the experience gathered by both sides.



January 5, 2015

Vocation of the soul

 Namangan. An important prioritized activity of the Namangan Red Crescent branch is volunteerism. The volunteers contribute a lot to fulfilling the statutory objectives of the regional Red Crescent branch, and it is an important step in personal growth for volunteers as well.

Akrom Kodirov – coordinator of the International humanitarian law dissemination resource center in Fergana valley noted that daily link with RCS teaches people to compassionate, to help those who need that, to work in teams and to develop many other qualities required today. There are over 130 000 volunteers at the Namangan’s regional Red Crescent branch; for most of them the Red Crescent became not only a good school of life, humanism, mutual understanding and friendship, but also a foundation of their further personal growth.

Last year the volunteers’ school has been created under initiative of the Namangan regional Red Crescent branch; lots of partnership agreements were signed with regional Disaster Response authorities, municipal authorities, “Kamolot” organization, local architecture unions and other organizations. Akrom Kodirov noted that these organizations undertook liabilities on joint activities within the scope of social partnership and on realization of objectives directed at partnership promotion.

The Red Crescent Society has already six groups of volunteers to deliver the first aid during disasters; these are well trained instructors always ready to deliver the necessary aid. Also the training courses are created to prepare the volunteers for Disaster Response teams; and today, the regional Red Crescent branch’s team became a part of the republican Disaster Response team.

Moreover, the RCS’s activists participate in medical aid posts organizations, teach schoolchildren the fundamentals of behavior necessary during emergencies. Few contests were already held within the districts and regional final stage has been conducted at the cultural garden named after Bobur in the city of Namangan.

One of the most important objectives for 2015 is assurance of the donors’ blood provision to the hospitals; therefore, set of seminars and activities will be conducted among the youth to attract new gratuitous donors.



December 25, 2014

Exercises at the “Kamchik” pass

 At the “Kamchik” pass, the tactical exercises of the Emergency Ministry on liquidation of disasters were held.

Kamchik pass is one of the strategic objects for Uzbekistan’s economy as far as it is the man transportation corridor between Fergana valley and other regions of the country; around 20 000 vehicles are riding there on daily basis. To ensure constant and safe movement, the Emergency ministry has created a new system of movement safety and control based on maintenance service units placed along the whole passage.  

The exercises were held in 6 training points including rescue exercises during the nights. The participants improved mobile information exchange unit deployment skills, tent deployment skills, traffic jam liquidation skills, evacuation and first aid delivery skills.

The Uzbek Red Crescent’s Headquarters’ employees also participated in these exercises; two well-trained and well-equipped sanitary units and 4 sanitary posts of Akhangaran districts’ Red Crescent subdivision were involved in these exercises.  The specialists and volunteers showed good preparedness at the “first aid delivery and evacuation post” located on the land with conceivable earthquake. Also, right here, the opening ceremony of the new interagency headquarters of the territorial “Kamchik” rescue team has been conducted; the building is equipped with contemporary communication facilities and has favorable conditions for performing round-the-clock coordination and control to ensure road safety.




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