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15th October 2016

Annual meeting of European Reference Centre for First Aid (FAEEN) was hold in Bologna, Italy on 3rd-15th October. This year representatives of 30 National Societies including Azerbaijan, Belorussia, Georgia, Tajikistan, Estonia and Kirgizstan took part in the meeting as well as representatives of International Committee of Red Cross and International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. Delegation of Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan also took part in this forum.

Traditional seminar was dedicated to the following subject: "How to Support First Aid in the Centre, in Our Approach and in Our Actions" this time. We would like to remind that FAEEN is one of the key tool for discussions, sharing of best practices of methodology of pedagogics and first-aid treatment training for National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

The  meeting agenda considered discussion of issues on practical application of "Guidance on first-aid and crisis therapy for year 2016", organization of training on first-aid treatment for the population and its quality, inclusion of subjects in educational groups for various categories of persons, in particular, for school and preschool-aged children.

Representative of Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan held a working discussion with Head and Manager of Global Information Centre for First Aid - Dr. P. Kassan and Mrs. D. Issard. During the conversation, issues on updating of international certificate on First-Aid Treatment issued by the Centre were discussed.

In conversation with Eric Barnes issues of participation of representatives of National Societies in First-Aid Treatment Trainings at First-aid Centre and pre-hospital emergency aid under International Committee of Red Cross were discussed. Exhibition of equipment and instruments used in provision of First-Aid treatment trainings were organised as a part of the meeting.




6 October 2016

Delegation of Regional Office of United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs visited Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan on 6th October 2016.

The meeting was hold at Central Office of National Society. Leaders of the oldest humanitarian organisation of Uzbekistan and departments experts took part in conversation with international partners.

Professor Kh.Ya.Karimov, Chairman of Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan opened the meeting. Proff. Kh.Ya.Karimov in his speech told about multilateral activity of humanitarian organization, forms and methods of the Society activity on emergency training and response. As it was mentioned, the Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan is the only non-governmental organization to which special Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers imposed task on training of the population on first-aid treatment in case of emergency. In his turn, Mr. Abdurakhim Mukhidov, Coordinator on humanitarian issues of UN Office reported on works conducted by the Administration in humanitarian organizations of the World including Central Asia. Leaders of National Society support idea of creation of cooperation schemes proposed by representatives of Regional Office.

Mrs. Japar Mirzanalieva who is National Consultant on emergency response issues of Regional Office was introduced to representatives of Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan at the meeting and she would coordinate work of UN Office with Red Crescent Societies of Central Asia.





Humanitarian forum

          27 September 2016

CHINA. A seminar of Asia-Pacific humanitarian cooperation on communications and innovations was hold  in Beijing on 21st-27th September 2016. Delegation of Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan also took part in the international forum.

Representatives of National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies of Asia-Pacific region, Central Asia and Ministry of Trade of China took part in the regional meeting.

Within the seminar a presentation of Chinese Red Cross activity in sphere of Nature Disasters training and response, provision of international humanitarian aid, implementation of programs on cooperation has been given. During the meeting work of Beijing emergency medical treatment center "999" acting with support of Red Cross Society of China has been shown.

A trip was organized for all participants of the event to Guangzhou and Zhuhai, Guandong province, in order to study work of local branches of the Chinese Red Cross concerning emergency training and response on 24th-26th September 2016. Red Cross of China Rescue Teams Maneuvers were shown in Zhuhai province, on the coast of the South China Sea. Participants of the forum visited training center of Red Cross of China located in urbanized zone of Zhuhai. The center provided with modern equipment and innovative devices in order to train the population of the city on first-aid treatment skills, and elements for training on response to of natural and technogenetics emergencies.

A bilateral meeting of Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan delegation with Mr. Wang Rupeng, Vice-President of Chinese Red Cross, took place on 22nd September 2016. During the meeting, issues on humanitarian cooperation were raised, in context of development of further actions strategy and plans for long-term partnership between two National Societies, in order to strengthen potential and mobilization of opportunities for support of activity of two national Societies. In general the regional seminar allowed participants to get good experience and study innovative approach in  field of emergency training and response and also to study activities of other National Societies for assistance to vulnerable segments of the population.





27 September 2016

International training on psychosocial support organized by Regional Representative office of International Red Cross and Red Crescent Federation in Russian Federation and Russian Red Cross was hold in Moscow on 26th-27th September 2016.

Representative of 26 regional organizations of Russian Red Cross as well as Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Belarus and Denmark took part in the working meeting. A range of topics was covered in the training, such as a subject matter of the first psychological aid, Emergency situations and specific procedure of psychosocial aid rendering, providing of psychosocial support and general social support, etc. The participants discussed practical use of principles and rules of psychological and social support of personnel and volunteers of national societies.

 As it was highlighted by the presentations, it is necessary to pay attention to targeted personal support including practical and social aid, support after a crisis case, caution in application of medicines and determination of symptoms of a stress, screening of volunteers in a month after the event, support programs are more effective when given by managers and volunteers of the first link. Primary tasks of the volunteers giving targeted psychosocial support are acquisition  with psychosocial aid model which basically presents development and support of own resources of the person and community, as well as mastering of various skills on rendering psychosocial support (PSP) in case of stress; acquisition with skills on rendering of the first psychological aid to those who are in critical situation and their future support.

 As per results of the training, a decision to introduce psychosocial support and its basic elements as one of the priority directions of the First aid program was made. All participants of the training were awarded with certificates.






25th September 2016

Regular meeting of National Society Governing Board was held at Central Office of RCS of Uzbekistan on 15th September 2016. Leaders and Heads of departments of RCS of Uzbekistan, Chairmen and Executive Directors of regional organizations took place at the Governing Board  meeting.

Audience observed a minute of silence in tribute to the memory of I.A.Karimov, the first President of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

In advance of the main date – 25th anniversary of Independence of Uzbekistan, in honour of the dearest celebration of the country big group of RCS of Uzbekistan staff was awarded with “Uzbekiston mustakilligiga 25 yil” memorial signs. This group included high-level professionals, individually contributed into strengthening of stability and prosperity of the country.  Professor Kh.Ya. Karimov, Chairman of RCS of Uzbekistan, congratulated all holders of memorial signs on well-deserved honour.

Agenda of the meeting included: Results of the first half of the year and tasks for forthcoming months, implementation of resolutions of the previous meetings, also Governing Board meeting participants listened to reporting of Surkhandarya district and Tashkent city organization, and received information on activity of REMC “Insoniylik”.

The report was made by professor Kh.Ya.Karimov, Chairman of RCS of Uzbekistan. It was highlighted that multifaceted activity of all divisions of RCS of Uzbekistan was extended in framework of implementation of national program on "A year of healthy mother and child". Particularly, pursuant to item No. 40 by August of the current year financial assistance was granted to 2 655 families in amount of 381 million of sum. In order to implement tasks specified by item No. 28, 20 million sums were spent for preparation of information notes. Separate issue discussed at the meeting was raising funds at the organization bank accounts. It should be highlighted that organizations, institutions and local Khokimiyats extensively support us. If we would talk about funds than during first 6 months of this year budgets of RCS of Uzbekistan raised more than 5 milliard and 265 million of Uzbek Sum. 

Good support was grants given by Social Find under Oliy Majlis. 10 Projects of RCS of Uzbekistan were awarded with the grants in 2016. Among them are Adijan regional organization, Bukhara regional and Karaulbazar district organizations, Kanimekh and Nurata district organizations, Navoi, Sirdarya and Surkhandarya regional and Jarkurgan district organizations and Tashkent city organization. In total the funds were granted with more than 200 million Uzbek Sums.

Meaningful discussion was held regarding top level conducting of the next ten-day funds raising event which would take place in November. Letters to Khokims have been prepared and now we need to take measures on adopting of resolutions by regional Khokim.  

We would like to remind that on XX1 Kurultay it was decided to improve activity of primary organizations, to increase efficiency of local executive directors’ activity, to provide coordination of team activity as well as upgrade qualification of subdivisions’ staff. Currently executive directors of some regional organizations are very static; they just answer telephone calls or work as a messenger. In fact executive director is responsible person and must be professional of high level who is hipped on every detail of aid organization activity and responsible for its work in total together with a Chairman.

One of the innovations in the National Society activity is an operational meeting with executive directors once in three months. Also a system work on improvement of the regional subdivisions’ staff skills will be organized. This task has been given to REMC “Insoniylic ”.

E.A.Amiralieva, Executive Director of RCS of Uzbekistan reminded to the meeting participants on employees’ responsibility:

  -  We are well aware how local executives work. We know who execute his work faithfully and who is absent at his work for weeks. We must observe discipline at the local level. Good work starts with accurate activity timetable for everybody. And we would get good results only when all employees would work as one team and strive for achieving of high-level results in all issues.     Relevant decisions were taken on all issues discussed.




partnership for the sake of Mercy

21st August 2016

Delegacy of European regional office of International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies headed by Mr. Simon Missiri, Regional Director Regional Director of the Europe Regional office  of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and Mr. Elkhan Rahimov, Head of Country Cluster Central Asia and Eastern Europe visited Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan on 18th - 21st August 2016.

Mr. Missiri credentials show him as a person of powerful capabilities and broad-based knowledge. Financial assignee in Sudan, senior officer in African department, Head of Asia and Pacific Ocean regional department, Head of South Asia department are just a small part of his credentials. Purpose of visit to Uzbekistan was acquaintance of multifaceted activity of the National Society.     

The meeting took place in Central Office and it was held in heartwarming and trustworthy conditions. Professor Kh.Ya.Karimov, Chairman of RCS of Uzbekistan, reported on activity of the oldest aid agency of Uzbekistan, statutory goals and projects in “Healthy mother and child year”. Meaningful activity is carrying out in framework of implementation of Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers on training of people for possible emergency situation, realization of projects on spreading of international humanitarian rules by “Mekhr-shafkat” service. Rich festive program was prepared by National Society specialists coincided with remarkable date – 153 anniversary of International Movement foundation.  Seminar-training under a symbolic slogan “Everywhere for everybody” was organized in all regions of the country as well as competition of sanitary brigades and photography exhibitions.       

Also representatives of International Federation acquainted with activity of Samarkand regional organization of RCS of Uzbekistan.




Everybody must be able to do this

19th August 2016

On 18th-19th August 2016 in Karakalpakstan and Khorezm specialists of RCS of Uzbekistan carried out trainings on First Aid for sanitary brigades of regional organizations of RCS of Uzbekistan.

Seminar was organized in framework of implementation of “Integrated Program on arrangements for further improvement of efficiency of measures on preventing of emergency situations caused by earthquakes including enhanced training of population for actions in case of emergency”. 

Training facilitators were: S.M.Umarov, Program Coordinator, Head of medical and social department of RCSU, A.Gubaydulin, training specialist of RCSU (Khorezm region), Ê.Davletmuratov (Republic of Karakalpakstan). Participants in the course were about thirty specialists of JV “Ustyurtgeophysics”, JSC “Nukus” Airport”, JSC “Urgench yog”, “Khorazm gimlari” enterprise and representatives of relevant secondary and special professional colleges and high education institutions of the Republic of Karakalpakstan and Khorezm Region.

On opinion of specialists the training would promote development of cooperation between partnership organizations and Republic of Karakalpakstan, Khorezm Region organizations of RCSU, increasing of awareness of individuals and legal persons on activity of RCSU organization on field of training and reaction to emergency situations, and particularly training of the population on First Aid dressing.

Before that B.Yangiboev, Chairman of Council Ministers of the Republic of Karakalpakstan signed “Plan of measures on further improvement of efficiency of measures on preventing of emergency situations as well as enhanced training of population for actions in case of emergency”. In accordance with the document, in   2016-2020-s more than 25 thousand members of sanitary brigades and medical aid post should be trained by Karakalpakstan Republican organization of RCS of Uzbekistan to render First Aid.

At the end of training all participants were awarded with certificates.




Seminar for journalists

12th August 2016

Seminar-training on “Role and meaning of RCS of Uzbekistan in development of aid and legal foundations of civil society” for journalists of domestic media was held on 8th to 12th August in one of the shadowy place of metropolitan area.  

- Thank you for inspiring hope for the fact that kindness and mercy still exist in human hearts. I am with you!!!» - these are words of the youngest participant of the seminar – Anastasia Lebedeva, correspondent of Namangan regional TV.

- You are real followers of Henri Dunant. I am proud that thanks to you I’ve got a lot of important and helpful information. I wish I was a volunteer of the Movement, - wrote in his creative work Ilrom Avvalboev, correspondent of National Information Agency of Uzbekistan.

There were enough of such wishes during five days seminar organized by RCS of Uzbekistan. The participants highly evaluated intention of executive staff of National Society to incorporate in one place all journalists of local media who worked with us permanently or will team up in future and conformed necessity to held of such interaction regularly.

- I am glad to greet today in this hall the best representatives of domestic media – newspapers, radio, TV. – said E.A.Amiralieva, Executive Director of RCS of Uzbekistan, in her opening speech. – People, no doubt talented and goal-oriented, high level professionals. Our cooperation is strengthening year by year and remarkable example of that is this seminar. Many of you is acquainted with activity of Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan, the oldest noncommercial aid agency, the main activity goal of which is support of national programs with social orientation. This year our Society is going to spend 270 million Sums for realization of two points of “Healthy mother and child year” state program. Presentations, prepared by our specialists allows you to receive detailed information on activity of RCS of Uzbekistan and these knowledge for sure would be helpful for you in your future creative activity.

Special role of pen workers in covering of lines of activities of International Movement was highlighted by Mr. Yens Meller, Deputy Head of Regional Representative Office of IRCC of Central Asia: “RCS of Uzbekistan is our primary partner. We collaborate in many directions and “Communications” Project assists to strengthening of relationships with MEDIA representatives. You are the first who appear on the event spot and get immediate information straight from the source. And as authoritative and accurate is presented material so quick and timely necessary aid would be rendered”.

Days spent within cozy and cool walls of “Khodjikent” holiday center during the very high summer left the journalists with deep impressions. Every day was eventful and productive. Presentations dedicated to activity of the National Society, usage of emblems of International Movement of Red Cross and Red Crescent, regulations of legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan regarding issues on protection and use of the Movement emblem took place. With special interest the participants listened to report of experts and specialists of RCS of Uzbekistan on credential and activity of International Committee of Red Cross, volunteer movement, basis of international humanitarian law, trainings on rendering of first aid in case of emergency. Interactive work in groups allowed to journalists deeply realize materials received during seminar.

Heroes of journalistic stories during practical tasks were specialists of RCS of Uzbekistan. The fact is that in parallel with the seminar for journalists field training exercises of National team of quick response in case of emergency of RCS of Uzbekistan took place at a territory of Bostanlik district. Journalists took active part in the exercises, tried on the role of victims; saw with their own eyes training of the team for possible emergency situations. On the last day of the seminar participants organized literary evening with participation of specialists of National team. Humorous stories dedicated to complicated activity of emergency response workers were read. And symbolic medals, prepared by the journalists and dedicated to 5th anniversary of National emergency response team , no doubt would remind of unforgettable days spent in mountains of Khodjikent.  





12th August 2016

Tactical training exercises of National emergency response team of  the Uzbekistan RCS took place in “Khodjikent” holiday center, Tashkent district, on 8th to 12th August 2016.

The main goal of carrying out training exercises is teaching of volunteers and employees of RCS of Uzbekistan, members of NERT for practical skills as well as strengthening of potential of National Society on the field training and response for emergency situations in accordance with calendar plan of actions.

First training started with lineup for drill in case of Emergency. Rescue operations was spreaded across main building of learning and teaching center “Insoniylik”. Together with subdivisions of agency under Ministry of Emergency Management they worked out elements on rendering aid to conditional victims of fire. Team members shown high level of proficiency and good team work.

As it was highlighted by Mr. M.Mirjaparov, Head of National Team, in his presentation – “Field exercises must show level of training of National ERT, its cohesion and moral fiber, their ability to overcome considerable physical and psychological stress in their work which is close to extreme situation.

We would like to remind that RCS of Uzbekistan is the only non-governmental organization of the country which is imposed with task to train the people for possible emergency situations by special Resolution of Cabinet of Ministers.

National Emergency Response Team was found in November 2011. Currently it consists of 250 members including leading specialist of regional subdivisions of RCS of Uzbekistan. Such tactic training is carried out regularly, for preparation of the training great material and technical, as well as financial resources. In total 4.5 ton of special cargo was transported to the place of conducting of field training exercises.

Among vacationers they stand out not only with their outfit, smooth manners and skilful actions. Without any ruffle or excitement, quickly and competently the Rescue Team spreaded tented camp at the territory of holiday center, where stand by duty was maintained in accordance with schedule. At th same place simulated training was carried out where the troops showed an example of rescue operation, first aid rendering and transportation of conditional victims using special inventory, outfit and equipment.

During the training check of NERT readiness for actions in extreme situations, in different time of day in case of emergency situation and also ability to arrange required conditions for location of first medical aid posts, distribute humanitarian supplies in accordance with statutory activities of RCS of Uzbekistan. 

At the end of field training exercises all participants was awarded with certificates.




First aid for everybody

  3rd August 2016

Namangan. Red Crescent Society is focused on implementation of task specified by Resolution of Cabinet of Minister “On further improvement of State warning system and actions in case of emergency situations in the Republic of Uzbekistan”. Among the main priority is training of the population to render first aid. In order to implement the statutory goals, Namangan regional organization made agreements with a number of organizations and agencies.

For effective implementation of all scheduled tasks integrated program of measures was developed and realizing now. First of all negotiations of operational monitoring group with “Namangan electr tarmoklari” and “Namangan telecom” companies, regional department of JSC “Uzbekiston pochtasi”, irrigation networks “Norin-Sirdayo”, “Namangan autoyul” and unitary entrprise “Suvokava”  was conducted.

Special attention was prayed to improvement of sanitary brigades activity. Trainings for volunteers in order to prepare their for possible technogeneous situations was organized. Participation of volunteer sanitary brigades in tactic training exercises at “Kamchik” mountain pass was arranged. For this purpose some brigades were created from young people working on Pap district enterprises.     

Currently reciprocal agreement was signed for training of 200 employees of “Namangan autoyul” and “ Kamchik autoyul” in accordance with a schedule and 100 employees had already received certificates on completion of this training. During first six months of this year 1549 employees of 38 enterprises of the region had been trained.  





2nd July 2016

Tashkent city organization of Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan took part in competition organized by Non-governmental Fund supporting NNO and other institutions of civil society under Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan and was awarded with grant of 25 million Sums.   

On the regular meeting of Parliament Commission on managing of noncommercial funds resources under Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan winners of grant competition were determined. We would like to remind you that a system of governmental support of projects and programs of NNO, MEDIA and other institutions of civil society provides practical realization of main regulations of “Social partnership” Law, intensify competent interaction between State government bodies and NNO at local level. 394 projects were submitted for this year competition. Only 45 of them were selected and it was decided to devote funds in amount of 1.1 milliard Sums.  

Among awarded is a project of Tashkent city organization of RCS of Uzbekistan: “Establishment of a healthy lifestyle among rising generation, training of volunteers, grounding for first aid rendering in case of  home accidents”. This project would be realized in nomination of “Support of civil society institutions projects intended for parenting of physically healthy, psychologically formed and harmonically cultured generation”. Students of medical colleges of Tashkent would be involved into successful realization of this project. The project offers meetings, seminars, master-classes together with medical professionals, experts and psychologists. Partner interconnections with Ministry of Public Education, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Women Committee of the Republic and “Makhalla” Foundation would be strengthened. Twenty volunteers would be trained and visit 100 individuals. Also 1500 copies of leaflets introducing healthy lifestyle would be developed and spreaded.





        25th June 2016

International seminar on regional project of “Association and intensification of activity on reduction of disaster risks (RDR) by means of strengthening of emergency capabilities of societies, schools and institutes” was started on 20th June 2016 in Issik-Kul area.

Project financed by General Directorate of European Operations on Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid (ECHO) and German Red Cross and its executive partnrs – National Red Crescent Society of Central Asia, MFoKKiKP and Austrian Red Cross Delegation of RCS of Uzbekitan took part in this international forum. The dligation consisted of M.S.Adilov, expert of department for emergency situations response and trainings, D.Sh.Vasieva, financial specialist of DIPEO-9 project, I.R.Sadovnikova, employee of Andijan region project, D.F.Sayfitdinova, Namangan project employee, À.À.Abdullaev, expert of department for emergency situations response and trainings of Tashkent city organization of RCS of Uzbekistan.

Seminar participants discussed some special aspects of project realization and its managing, reporting and monitoring systems, as well as methods of their implementation. During the project secondary school students would be trained how to act in case of emergency situations and how to render first aid in heavily populated areas of Tashkent, Namangan and Andijan. Training and seminars, competitions and contests were organized for teachers and students of secondary schools as well as practical exercises on civil protection were organized together with local authorities. Courses “Young rescuer” for kids would be established in schools on the basis of existing sanitary posts organized by RCS of Uzbekistan. Introduction of primal elements of imitation of nonstructural seismic protection would be organized in 12 schools.

Project started in April 2016 is planed to be realized within 18 months.




humanitarian forum

 24th June 2016

3rd regional meeting of National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies organized by European Office of International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies took place on 22nd to 24th June 2016 in Budapest. The forum was dedicated to issues of strengthening potential of National Societies by means of raising funds and closer cooperation for improvement of humanitarian activity.

Delegation of RCS of Uzbekistan took part in the International Forum. The delegation was presented by E.A.Amiralieva and S.S.Shorin, Head of Department on emergency situations training.

The participant discussed burning issues of interactions and constructive cooperation of all National Societies involved into development of humanitarian activity, increasing of volume of raised charity funds inside the country for intensifying of abilities for effective realization of auxiliary role of National Societies to governmental programs in the field of social assistance and humanitarian support of the main directions of social protection of the population.

During the event exchange of experience and study of cooperation method of National Societies with governmental and non-governmental institutions in issues of integrating efforts for support of socially significant initiatives on improvement and increase of quality of aid rendered to the population took place.  

Regular forum of humanitarians was an original educational platform for further improvement of activity on raising of charity funds and use of new methods and instruments of fundraising on local level including arrangement of commercial courses of First Aid rendering, cooperation with private commercial sector, attraction of great number of members and volunteers to the Society for conduction of humanitarian activity.




May,6, 2016


On this day everywhere in one of the most beautiful parks of the capital there could be seen bright spring colors. On May 6, 2016 in the park of culture and rest named after Gafur Gulyam there was held a festive event dedicated to the International day of Red Cross and Red Crescent.

Upon an initiative of Red Crescent Society in Uzbekistan the shady corner of Tashkent in this sunny day was presented to the guests, representatives of partner organizations, activists and volunteers of National Society.   The whole avenue, beginning from the main entrance, was decorated by symbols and flags of the Movement. In unison with festive mood of  the audience – boards and colorful balloons decorated the Central scene. The collective of several thousand humanitarians celebrated 153 anniversary of International Movement.  

The chairman of RCS in Uzbekistan, professor H.Ya. Karimov, and Deputy Head of the Regional Delegation of the ICRC in Central Asia Asia  Mr. Jens Martin Mehler came to the audience with a greeting. 

With sincere wishes appeared the guests – deputies and members of political parties, representatives of National Education, Health Care, Emergency Situations Ministries and members of public organizations.  

Central part of the park was full if already installed special tents, demonstrating large-scale humanitarian activity of RCS in Uzbekistan. The participants of this festive event with a great interest familiarized with National Society potential. Special equipment for first aid provision training, visual materials considering emergency situations, makeshift medical equipment – officers provided comprehensive information considering all questions of interest.   One of the Statutory areas of activities is gratuitous donorship. On this day in the park operated  a special medical team from the Republican “Blood Center” and donors had a chance to participate in humanitarian campaign. One another place in the park was provided to metropolitan teams of medical aid posts “Young Health Friends”. I would like to note, that such formations, in collaboration with national education  boards, were established in all schools of the country in order to widespread  sanitary-hygienic knowledge, first aid provision training, spreading knowledge considering International Humanitarian Law. 

Among 11 there were chosen the best ones. The 1st place was taken by a team from school ¹ 290 Bektemir district, Tashkent. Second and third places, correspondingly, were taken by medical aid teams from school  ¹ 166 Yashnoabad and  school  ¹ 305    Sergili districts of the capital.   


                                                                                                                                      April,30, 2016  .


China. Red Cross Society of China has become an initiator  of regular training “Strengthening the potential of Emergency Response”. On 8-29 April 2016 in Beijing  was held a practical seminar where participated various international partners.

In this forum also participated the delegation of RCS in Uzbekistan  consisting of the Head on international department Pulat Abdullakhanov  and the specialist in preparation for emergency situations Mirkhosil Adilov.

In Regional meeting held in China also participated representatives of National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies from Asian-Pacific region, Central Asia and also representatives of Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Trade of PRC.  

In the framework of this seminar participants familiarized with activity of Chinese Red Cross dedicated to preparation and response for natural disasters. Particularly, there was covered work related to provision of humanitarian aid, implementation of collaboration programs.  During this event there was demonstrated work of Beijing emergency medical treatment center “999”, which carry out its activities under the auspices of Chinese Red Cross Society. A great interest of all meeting participants was paid to the presentation about RCS in Uzbekistan  activities.

For emergency situations specialists was provided a trip to Hubei province, Wuhang city, for familiarization with activities of regional departments responsible for emergency situations response.


April, 28, 2016 


Sirdarya. March,24, 2016. In RUMC “Insoniylik” for managers and specialists of regional Uzbekistan RCS departments  there was held a practical seminar.  Increasing the efficiency and quality of work was one of the main tasks of this training,  initiated by the management of National Society. During two months the group of specialists form Central Office held the similar seminars  in all regional organizations and also in the Republic of Karakalpakstan. On April 28 this year this seminar was also held in Sirdarya region.

Guests from the capital were met in Gulistan by bright spring sunshine and large-scale housing developments. Big team of specialists, under the management of Uzbekistan RCS Executive manager  Amiraliyeva E.A., gave a practical seminar in collaboration with officers from regional organization. Managers of primary organizations, Shirin, Sirdarya, Bayavut cities and almost all    districts participated in  meaningful dialogue. ïðîâåëà ïðàêòè÷åñêèé ñåìèíàð ñîâìåñòíî ñ   ðàáîòíèêàìè îáëàñòíîé îðãàíèçàöèè. There were demonstrated several presentations – “Role of regional organizations in implementation of the program “ Year of healthy mother and child”, “Role of the Charter in development of Uzbekistan RCS activities”, “Practice and experience in execution of financial-economic activities in organizations”, “Training of population considering emergency situations”, “Spreading the knowledge considering International Humanitarian Law”, “Objectives for further advancement of human resource management in regional organizations”. Each presentation of specialists attracted ample comments of participants. Detailed  comments considering each question, surely, will allow significantly advance the work of regional organization  considering fulfillment of prospective tasks.   This project of Uzbekistan RCS , firstly, is directed on increasing the professionalism  of regional organizations staff, exchange of accumulated experience , which will help to increase the efficiency of further activities related to fulfillment of annual program and Statutory tasks of humanitarian organization.




April, 8 2016



On April 6-8, 2016 in  the training center “Insinoylik” there was held a seminar – training for first aid specialists.

In this seminar took part  our partners – representatives of ICRC Regional Department in Central Asia, managers and heads of Uzbekistan RCS departments and also 20 first aid specialists from regional departments of Karakalpak Republican, city Tashkent, and Road regional Uzbeksiatn RCS organizations.  

Training facilitators were Zamir Duishiyev, international trainer, chief FA Master-trainer in Managerial Department under ES RCS in the Republic of Kirgizstan and Shavkat Miltikbayev, coordinator for  ES in National Response team from Uzbekistan RCS.   

 During three days the participants discussed various questions considering efficiency of first aid training methods,   principles of conduction of theoretical and practical lessons, application of interactive methods. At teamwork and at division of participants into trainers and instructors there were covered general and priority topics of FA directions, taking in to account  national features and recommendations of International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. The examination demonstrated awareness of specialists considering work skills at ES, shown their high communicative talents, ability to make decisions very fast, high level of professional preparation. High level of practical knowledge  was also noted by Sangeeta Koenig,  the Delegate of the Regional Delegation of the ICRC in Central Asia

Following the results of the training all participants received corresponding certificates.



March, 25, 2016 



Traditionally in the beginning of the year Uzbekistan RCS gathers the representatives  of regional departments, in order to make a discussion related to current tasks and in order to determine the priorities for prospective. The seminar on the topic “About objectives of Uzbek RCS regional organizations considering execution of tasks, determined during  XXI Kurultay” gathered on one site the representatives, executive managers and chief accountants of Republikan Karakalpakstan, Road regional and all the other regional organizations of National Society. Training center “Insoniylik” met the guests by its new appereance and well-established work of all auxiliary services.

 As was already underlined, the President’s Decree assigned the National Society execution of tasks related to execution of two action points of Governmental program “Year of healthy mother and child”. In accordance with the point   ¹ 40,  for support of poverty-stricken multiple children families, encouragement by memorable gifts, foodstuff, clothes and school supplies  at National  Holidays, International Children’s Day and new academic year, National Society will direct  more than 250 billion UZS. Targeted support would be provided to almost 2 thousand families. Besides this, in accordance with the clause  ¹ 28 of governmental program,  there would be published 25 thousand awareness-raising journals for population where would be raised such topics as reproductive health, establishment of healthy family, prophylaxis of child diseases.   In the framework of Annual program implementation between the Committee of Women in Uzbekistan and National Society there was signed a collaborative agreement. All regional departments would participate in its implementation.  

During the seminar there were made twenty presentations, dedicated to multidimensional activities. Among considered topics were the following: the role of the Charter  in development of humanitarian organization, financial and economic activities, works on preparation for emergency situations, volunteer movement, human resource management.   At plenary meetings practical side of work was discussed by chairmen of Karakalpak Republican,  Namangan, Navoy regional organizations Daniyarov D.U., Saifutdinov D.F., Bakhriyev M.A. The recommendations were adopted corresponding to all discussed questions.




March, 24, 2016 


 On March 24, 2016 in Republican training center “ Insoniylik”  for journalists of domestic Mass Media there was held a press-conference of Uzbekistan Red Crescent Society. During the meeting were reviewed the results of competition “For the best journalist material in Mass Media considering the activities of RCS in Uzbekistan”.  

The guests were met in “Insoniylik” training center by bright colorful decorations specially created for this festive event. Managers and specialists of sub-regional departments, guests from ICRC, heads of Uzbekistan RCS departments and, of course, heroes of the fete – Mass Media journalists  thronged event hall of the Center.  The meeting was opened by congratulate speech of  Uzbekistan RCS chairman H.Ya. Karimov. Deputy Head of the Regional Delegation of the ICRC  in Central Asia Mr. Jens Martin Mehler  has also greeted the audience.

2015 became a landmark one in the  history of one of the oldest humanitarian organizations in the country, as was noted by the chairman of Uzbekistan RCS professor H.Ya. Karimov in his speech. There already turned 90 years form the date of establishment of National Society, was held XXI congress of Uzbekistan RCS in the framework of “Year of attention and care about the older generation” program implementation,  honorably fulfilled the tasks imposed on Uzbekistan Red Crescent Society.  There was made large-scale purposeful work  - gratitude, financial and psychological support to recipients of the Society, to lonely, old people, invalids, multiple children families, support of population during disasters, targeted care of long-living people, that outstep one hundred year mark.  National Society directed for these aims more than 650 billion UZS.

This year by the President’s Decree  on Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan were imposed the objectives  related to implementation of two articles of Governmental program “Year of healthy mother and child”. As was already underlined in implementation of governmental program would participate all the regional departments.

For  participants of the event was provided a presentation  of journalists’ works submitted for competition. Press, radio, television, internet web-sites – in all nominations the jury determined the best ones. There were considered more than two hundred works

So the most exciting moments came. Winners of competition are invited to the scene “For best presentation of International Movement and Red Crescent Society in Uzbekistan activities in Mass Media in 2015”. Special gifts and diplomas of Uzbekistan RCS were presented to 12 nominees  -   journalists from radio, newspapers, television and Internet editions. Among them are correspondents of   “Mahalla” and “Uzbekiston” radio channels O. Hamrayeva and G. Davirova, editor of information program “Poytaht” NTRC N. Hairullayeva,  deputy editor of “ Mahalla” channel R. Kuldoshev, correspondents of navoi regional newspaper “Friendship Flag” E. Umarova, “Namangan Verity” I. Reshetnikov, “Samarkand Newsletter” Z. Sheraliyeva, editor of Bukhara regional television O. Hakimova, editor of Ferghana regional television Yu. Mamajanova, journalist of UzA N. Usmanova, specialist of press-service of Jizzak regional hokimiyat H. Fozilov.     



March 21,  2016 


At all times one of the most cheerful event in people’s lives was coming of spring. Different nations celebrated it differently. But all of them – as a festival of nature rebirth, life celebration, hope for boon  fruitful year.  

For our people Navruz is a festival of light, warmth and rebirth, it always was and still is on of the oldest, really national holiday.  It is very important for us also because it manifests such eternal and noble values as humanism and mercy, mutual aid and goodness. By its humanistic spirit this spring holiday  is important and near the heart of each person.

Ideas of Navruz are consonant to aims and objectives of Uzbekistan Red Crescent Society – the oldest one and the biggest one humanitarian organization in the country, which celebrated its 90-year anniversary in 2015. We celebrated this holiday with strong human resource potential, multidirectional work aimed at support of governmental programs of social significance.  

Current 2016 year , in accordance with the initiative of the president of the Republic of Uzbekistan, was declared a year of “Healthy mother and child”. As was underlined by the Head of the state in his report at solemn meeting, dedicated to 23-anniversary of Republican Constitution – “The most important, it is necessary that the noble idea “Healthy mother and child – are the basis of happy family, happy family – is the basis of prospering society” was deeply established in our life and its implementation became a sacred obligation for each of us. . . I am sure that due to devoted work and constructive energy of our multinational nation we will certainly achieve those high aims and objectives, that we set in the Year of healthy mother and child”.

Correspondingly,  in activities of Uzbekistan red Crescent Society special attention would be paid to increase of targeted support to paternalized ones,  provision of financial and psychological support to multi children families, strengthening healthy lifestyle, raising medical culture in families, support of maternity and childhood. Our Society has strong and reliable potential for implementation of all large-scale projects.

In this beautiful day, dear friends, we would like to wish you strong health, happiness and good luck, prosperity and  well-being to your families. Let your home be enlightened by goodness and peace!

Chairman of RCS in Uzbekistan

Prof. H.Ya. Karimov  



March 20,  2016 


Namangan. At close support of Uzbekistan RCS in 2003 in Chartak region in submontane areas due to meeting of Oykiron and Bog citizens there were planted ten thousand  seedlings of fruit trees. At the present day on the territory of 5 hectares there is seen a large fruit garden.

The citizens call it “Mercy Garden”. As all the vitamin products from this garden are distributed among multi children and poverty-stricken families of this region.  Here  are get big harvests of fruits. There is a great yield of apricot, peach, membrillo, cherry and clack-cherry. This big harvest is a happiness for all people from the eldest till oldest as each fruit was grown by themselves, and people come here to hashar with a great pleasure.

So in this year, in the eve of Navruz holiday, rural citizens from all nearest mahallas came to Mercy Garden.  “Multi children families are under our protection ” – under this slogan here was held a humanitarian action. People came together with their grandchildren in order to show gathering power of traditions by their personal example.

With the help of volunteers from Society, which constantly care about the garden, carefully treat each plant, this green oasis bring joy by its inflorescence.  This day there were also planted more than thousand seedlings.

And very soon here would be collected a new harvest, which would come together with a word of encouragement to each home, each family, which needs support and attention.



February 24, 2016 


Jizzak. From 22 till 24 february 2016 in Dustlic district there were conducted command-staff exercises, dedicated to activities of primary departments of governmental authorities and regional ES systems on prevention of possible natural disasters consequences.  These exercises were    executed in three stages in Jizzak regional organization in collaboration with partners – regional emergency management offices, health care offices, national education offices,  civil protection subdivision and regional departments.  

In accordance with a scenario, in early morning on February 22 at the territory of joint-stock venture “Dustlikdon” there was conducted a check for possible ES readiness, whether are ready various duty governmental structures, potential of gathered motorized brigade, specialized antiepidemiological group, specialists from regional industrial enterprises.

The next stage – activities on complex evacuation of Gafur Gulam mahalla citizens, their valuable property to special evacuation sites. They were established on safe territories – the territory of “ Navruz”  citizens meeting.    

In this practical training actively participated members of Emergency Immediate Response Team, from Jizzak regional organization and Sanitary brigades of Dustlik medical college consisting of 30 volunteers.  Their expertise and professionalism were specially noted  by administration of command-staff exercises.  In order to provide population will all the necessary  things there were created foodstuff warehouses, clothes and  footwear warehouses, provided humanitarian aid. During these exercises Jizzak regional organization gave special food packs to 50 poverty-stricken families of this district. Were established special stands, dedicated to the history of International Movement, activities of Uzbekistan RCS and regional organization . Group of participants were trained to provide first aid. Special tactical exercises were conducted in several places – in central  district medical unit,  cotton gin plant, JSC “Dustlikdon”, various regional offices.  

Following the results of these exercises  there were received a recognition letter addressed to administration of Uzbekistan RCS signed  by the head of ES management office of Jizzak region.





February 10, 2016


One of the priority directions of Uzbekistan RCS activities is protection of human life and health in  extreme situations, at natural disasters and  accidents of different origin. The special Decree of the president of our country entrusts the National Society with the tasks related to training of population to provide first aid.

In the framework of document implementation the specialists of Uzbekistan RCS developed a unique training “First aid training” for people that haven’t got any special education.  Sometimes happen situations when despite fulfillment of all labor safety  and safety technics, it is impossible to prevent accidents and injuries of employees.  In this case an important duty of each manager is organization of first aid provision training for employees at production and provision of prehospital services should be included into the list of employees production skills.

The specialists of Uzbekistan RCS training center are able to provide high-quality training of personnel in such sphere as First Aid provision at enterprises. Our First Aid courses are conducted by qualified specialists, that have perfect theoretical knowledge base and practical experience  of operation in crisis situations. Teachers of training center would carry out a training course as at a site, as well on the territory of training center. During the training, all employees will have a chance to study in all details First Aid provision at firefighting, poisoning by toxic substances or gases and another extreme situations at production site.

Just in year 2015 trainers and specialists of Uzbekistan RCS and its regional departments carried out 271 courses on First Aid provision training. In the framework of these courses there were trained more than 7 thousand people, including 3864 students of education establishments. Among other things there were conducted several lections and seminars, dedicated to prophylaxis of HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and propaganda of gratitude donorship,  where participated more than 6.5 thousand people. Also there was conducted a training on First Aid provision skills. These training was held by employees of “Nestele-Uzbekistan” JV, “COSCOM” LLC, “Scientific-training unit NC “Uzbektourism”, “Uzbekistan GTL” JV LLC. After taking this training on the basis of Training center,  employees of enterprises and organizations will always be able to provide timely aid at unforeseen  real-life situations, help themselves and their  relatives.  





January 28,  2016


On January 28, 2016 in the Central office of National Society there was signed  a framework Agreement on collaboration between Red Crescent Society in Uzbekistan and International Red Cress Committee. This agreement was signed by the Chairman of Uzbakistan RCS H. Ya. Karimov and Head of the Regional Delegation of the ICRC in Central Asia Mr.Jacques Villettaz.

Effective partnership of Uzbekistan RCS and Regional Delegation of the ICRC in Central Asia is strengthening from year to year. As was noted at the meeting, especially busy was the last year. ICRC took active participation in all festive events, dedicated to 90 anniversary of Red Crescent Society in Uzbekistan.

We would like to notice, that the ICRC in Uzbekistan contributes strengthening of Society’s potential, promotion and strengthening of Baikal Principles of International Red Cross  and Red Crescent Movement.  There were established partnership relations in such fields of concern as distribution of International Humanitarian Law, preparation and response for ES, including first aid provision.

This year, stated by the President of the country as “The year of mother and child”, in the framework of signed Agreement, there was planned a conduction of seminars, meetings, “round tables”, scientific-practical conference with participation of representatives from governmental authorities and administration, MES, Ministry of Education, NCNO, activists from mahallas.  

The agreement also envisages implementation of projects related to ES targeted on training of population and children to provide first aid in mahallas and schools, purchasing of equipment, equipment of schools by nonstructural seismic mitigation tools. There will be organized traditional field training exercises for Uzbekistan RCS National team on response to natural disasters. There is envisaged a conduction of competition “Young Rescuer”, and also one another first aid training for sanitary units. At implementation of the project there would be held a training seminar for the management of regional and district organizations.

There is planned participation of domestic Mass Media journalists in all the events, organizaed in the framework of Framework Agreement. There is provided provision and media-tour for domestic Mass Media journalists, the main objective of which is wide practical familiarization with activities of the oldest humanitarian organization in the country.



January 2, 2015


Road regional organization of RCS Uzbekistan in the eve of New Year, considered to be “The year of healthy mother and child”,   conducted a regular charitable event . More than thousand orphan asylums “Mehribonlik” and “Muruvvat” received memorable gifts, had interesting and fascinating winter holidays.

Till the first years of independence the primary priority of all positive reforms in Uzbekistan has become a care about raising of harmonically developed younger generation – physically and spiritually adult, intellectually rich, having not only omnifarious knowledge but also demanded in modern world professions, as well as the generation, which is able to think independently and creatively.  

 Implementation of Governmental program “The year of healthy mother and child”  is objected on strengthening of targeted social support. In the framework of the document the Road regional organization of Uzbekistan RCS has organized a regular charitable event “Nobody will stay without care and attention”. In collaboration with some partnership organizations a team of volunteers visited in “Mehribonlik houses” in the capital. As a present all children received sets of clothes, sports uniform, footwear, hygienic supplies. For these objectives there were directed more than 115 billion UZS.

Children from poverty-stricken families also didn’t stay on  the sidelines. More than 200 children had a chance to visit circus, museums of the capital, look at modern productions of the Youth theatre. The most important, as stated the organizators, is that any child should understand and feel – he is always lavished by care and attention.

The words of the President: “our children should be more clever, stronger and wiser, and of course, happier than we” reflect the essence of the governmental policy, objected on upraising of young generation. Meanwhile, in the legislation each young person is provided by minimum social  security that guarantee: cost-free medical treatment, no-cost education, ability to visit sports and health and cultural-educational establishments  at reduced rates,  preferential credits for house construction, preferences for household establishment, transport preferences, compensatory payments for minor citizens.




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