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July 1, 2017



From June 29 to July 1, 2017, the President of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, Mr. Tadateru Konoe, visited Uzbekistan.. In the distinguished guests program of the visit there were planned meetings with the representatives of the government, of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Emergency Situations, as well as with the leaders and specialists of the Uzbekistan RCS. Official part of the visit was continued with the tour through the sights of Tashkent and Samarkand.


The landmark. Since the inception of the International Movement the first official visit of the chief executive of the IFRC to Uzbekistan was held. And it is no mere chance from that from five Central Asian states was chosen our country. In the course of the planned meetings with the President of the IFRC, were raised the issues of mutual interest, including those related to the humanitarian work of the National Society, including the development of legal and basic regulatory documents. In addition,  in the course of actions were discussed key issues of humanitarian character and further development, as well as the supporting role and work of the Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan and its legal and legislative framework.


The purposeful work carried out by the Uzbekistan RCS  in all Charter areas allowed the humanitarian organization to take its deserved place in the list of the 50 best National Societies of the world. This is the result of the monitoring of the Committee for the Development of Regional Organizations of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, which was presented at the beginning of the year in a special message from an authoritative international organization addressed to the chairman of the Uzbekistan RCS . The letter stated: Your National Society meets all the criteria and is among the leading 50 National Societies from 190 countries of the world.


The President of the International Federation was personally convinced of the monitoring results. He started his speech at all meetings with the statement: I am very glad that I became the first President of the International Federation, who was lucky to see Uzbekistan, its hard-working and sincere people and get acquainted with its unique past.


The schedule of meetings of the honorable guest was planned very toughly. The meeting in the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic with Deputy Prime Minister Mrs. T. K. Narbaeva was very informative and interesting. The guests were provided with information on purposeful work within the framework of the program documents implementation, as well as with the contribution of the humanitarian organization to the realization of the fundamental principles of the Movement.


At the Ministry of Health were discussed the priority areas of cooperation, including patronage, medical and social assistance to single, elderly people in need of outside support, the development of voluntary donation, the promotion of a healthy lifestyle. The employees of the National Society expect significant results from this meeting that was held in an atmosphere of warmth and trust. Heads, specialists and volunteers of the Uzbekistan RCS  shared their thoughts, plans, and projects with the honorable guest.


A festive atmosphere reigned on this day in the National Society as well. Guests were welcomed by the leaders, specialists and volunteers of the Society. The honorable guest gave an interview to the reporters of the leading media in Uzbekistan.


Today I held several meetings and they left an unforgettable impression on me, said the President of the International Federation. Involved people at the highest level are well aware of the purposeful activities of the Uzbekistan RCS , and they are always ready to support activities in the name of humanism. There is support, there is an understanding of the significance of the work that is being carried out - and hence there will be further progress, Mr. Kono emphasized in his speech.


One of the main objectives of holding such meetings is to strengthen the capacity of the National Society, discuss partnership issues with government agencies to address urgent humanitarian goals. And as it was underlined, henceforth, the society will place a special emphasis on the human resource. Let us note that the topic - Everything for the benefit of man and the protection of his interests - was decisive in the course of this conversation. This ideas was also stated in the speech of  Mr. Tadateru Konoe, who stressed that he achieved his dream to see the people who determined their National Society based on the results of monitoring of the International Federation was on the list of the 50 best around the world.




May 26, 2017




In order to check the preparedness of the command and control establishment, forces and facilities of the territorial subsystems of the State Emergency Situations Department of the city of Tashkent and the Tashkent region, during 23rd -25th of May, 2017, were held the command and staff maneuvers. The specialists of the Tashkent city organization also took an active part in this event.


7.30 am, the first day of the exercises. Participants of the training, specialists of all links of the Tashkent city organization of the Uzbekistan RCS  were gathered on the territory of the Technological College of Mirzo Ulugbek District. Two tents of the Rapid Response Team for Disasters have been installed, during the presentations there were provided explanations on all the modern technologies established on that site. The national team has worked out technologies for saving citizens and their property in practice. All the funds have been distributed according to 7 points outlined in the scenario, including fakes, tents, uniforms for medical aid post and sanitary squad, humanitarian aid for the conditionally affected people.


Tactical exercises were held in the organizations and departments of the Yakkasaray, Shaykhontokhur, Bektemir, Yashnobod, Mirabad, Yunusadab and Almazar districts. Such organizations as JSC Foton, Toshkent Don Mahsulotlari, Issiklik Markazi, Coca-Cola demonstrated their readiness for possible emergencies.


Within the framework of the maneuvers, were developed the possible emergency actions in the cases like fire extinguishing at the site, accidents, man-made accidents and the spread of chemical elements into the environment, preventing the spread of infectious diseases among the population. Basing on the organizers opinion, the specialists of the Rapid Reaction Team and the sanitary squad of the Tashkent city organization presented the high level of professionalism. At the second stage of the maneuvers, were developed the actions to conduct evacuation activities with the deployment of temporary accommodation facilities, as well as the development of life support issues for evacuated people who were conditionally seized in the emergency zone.


176 officers and 3 volunteer groups of the humanitarian organization took part in the maneuvers. First aid and psychological support facilities were provided to more than 200 injured. About 300 people received humanitarian aid. Based on the results of the tactical exercises, the Tashkent city organization was awarded with a diploma of the Ministry for Emergency Situations of the Republic.




May 19, 2017




Every site of one of the most beautiful parks in the capital presented all colors of the rainbow on this day. On May 19, 2017, a festive event dedicated to the International Day of the Red Cross and Red Crescent was held in the Culture and Recreation Park named after Gafur Gulyam.


At the initiative of the Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan, the shady corner of Tashkent on this sunny day was welcoming the guests, representatives of partner organizations, activists and volunteers of the National Society. The whole alley, starting from the main entrance, was decorated with the symbols and flags of the Movement. In unison to the festive mood of the audience there were set a panel and colorful balls on the Central Stage. A multitude of thousands of humanitarians celebrated the 154th Anniversary of the International Movement.


 The guests were greeted by the Chairman of the Uzbekistan RCS , Professor Kh. Y. Karimov and the Head of the ICRC Regional Representative Office in Central Asia Jean-Jerome Casablanca.


In the center of the park there are special tents, demonstrating a large-scale humanitarian activity. Participants of the festive celebration with great interest got acquainted with the potential of the National Society. Special equipment for training first aid skills, visual aids for emergency situations, field medical equipment were those facilities presented by the staff that provided full information on all issues of visitors interest. One of the statutory activities is the work on voluntary donations. A special team of doctors from the republican Blood Center provided their services in the park on that day, and donors were able to take part in the humanitarian action.


Another park site was allowed to the teams of sanitary posts of the city named Young Friends of Health. Here the results of the city round of the contest for the title of the best team were summarized. The best teams were determined among overall 11 ones. The sanitary squad of school No. 11 of Almazar district of Tashkent won first place. The second place was awarded to the sanitary squads of School No. 116 of Uchtepa district and School No. 166 of Yashnabad district. Third places went to the sanitary squad of School No. 259 of Yunusabad and School No. 305 of Sergeli district.




May 18, 2017



KAZAKHSTAN. On May 16 - 17, 2017, an International forum of the Heads of National Societies of the countries of Eastern Europe, the Baltic States, the South Caucasus and Central Asia was held in Almaty. Delegation of the Uzbekistan RCS also took part in the working meeting. 


The representatives of the National Societies discussed a number of important issues of regional humanitarian development and interaction of all participants and components of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement.


The representatives of the International Movement delivered their speech on the issues of humanitarian activities; information on the preparatory work for the 2017 Stationary Meetings, General Assembly and the Council of Delegates was also provided during this event. Issues of development of the youth movement in the National Societies, the holding of the European Regional Conference of 2018, which will also take place in Almaty, were also in the agenda of the meeting.


The presentation of the delegation of the Uzbekistan RCS  was also made at the forum. The voluminous report was devoted to innovative approaches in the collection of funds for the implementation of humanitarian activities at the national and regional levels. 


Following the meeting, the National Societies were recommended to strengthen coordination and cooperation within the framework of the Movement in order to strengthen activities in the field of emergency preparedness and response, strengthening of the legislative framework, development of regional cooperation, increasing the role of youth and volunteers.




May 12, 2017



NAMANGAN. Three significant events in a row were celebrated by the humanities of Namangan in early May. A number of events were devoted to the International Day of the Red Cross and Red Crescent on May 8, as well as the Day of Memory and Honor, celebrated on May 9. Festive celebrations dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the Namangan regional organization of the Uzbekistan  RC sunder the motto Everywhere for All were also honorable held in that region.


Guests of the festival were greeted by the Namangan College of Arts. Representatives of the Khokimiyat, Ministries and departments, partner organizations and experts of the humanitarian organization became the participants of a large celebration. Many warm words were addressed to those who, with the will of the heart, serve the ideals of humanism and charity. A large-scale work on the implementation of the fundamental principles over the past half-century was highlighted at the beginning of the meeting.


The Deputy Khokim, the Chairman of the Womens Committee of the Namangan region, Kh.K. Yusupova in their speech expressed a high assessment of the activities of the regional organization for training the population in the skills of first aid, support for lonely and elderly, low-income families, wards of the Houses of Mekhribonlik, people in need of constant support and attention. It was stated that tangible results can be achieved if people work being one team, where all are real professionals, those who care about the destinies of people, the future of the country. Particular emphasis was given to the effectiveness of social partnership in the implementation of the state program Year of Dialogue with the People and Human Interest.


And what kind of holiday it can be if there are no gifts and awards. The best representatives of the sphere, veterans of the Movement were awarded with Certificates of Honor and memorable gifts. Attention and support were rendered to all honorable veterans of the humanitarian organization. The participants of the evening remembered their lifetime memories and had pleasant impression of the event enjoying the cup of aromatic tea and the performance of pop stars.




 May 10, 2017




In the focus of our bulletin is Andijan. In recent years, the Regional Organization has confidently asserted itself, and successfully coped with the tasks set. Targeted work is also being conducted to raise funds for the organizations fund. 1 billion 200 thousand sums are today collected as the assets of the entity.


According to the words of the chairman of the Andijan regional organization of the RCP of Uzbekistan, Khalida Mirzarakhimova, this numbers are not the final limits of the possible donations. She says that they just organized their work properly. Thanks to personal communication, all the heads of departments and organizations are ready to help. The main thing is the targeted direction of the collected funds. When you see where and to whom the aid is delivered, and how important this support is, everyone realizes the sense of belonging to good deeds. She knows each of her charges by sight. She knows how to help them to live and what kind of help is necessary to them firstly.


May 9, the Day of Memory and Honor, was full of events. It was necessary not only to prepare and distribute gifts, but personally to visit every family. That day Khikmatkhon Nuruddinova, the disabled person of the first group, was glad to meet the guests, as was Daria Bushueva, a lonely pensioner, because what they need for joy is a little warmth and sincere dialogue.


Khalida Telmanovna said - Only last year, as part of the state program, the regional organization sent over 20 million sums to support the wards. We constantly render both material and moral assistance to our wards in the Houses of Muruvvat, pupils of boarding schools. Over 81 million soums are aimed at providing them with necessary medical supplies and bed-clothes.


 The human factor is an important moment in the work of the humanitarian organization. If there is a good team, then success in work is assured.




April 15, 2017




 RAILROAD REGIONAL ORGANIZATION is one of the largest subdivisions of the RCP of Uzbekistan. Today, there are its branches functioning in all regions. By every passing year, the Mekhr-Shafkat Service of the humanitarian organization is being improved. To date, more than 440 wards are surrounded by the attention and concern of health nurses service. 


There are different destinies. Different circumstances exist. By the will of fate they were left unattended by their relatives and friends. But the state did not leave them to the mercy of fate. The National Society has a special team of nurses, whose main task is daily care and care for single citizens of the country. They are always well-groomed, the health is stable, they feel constant care and attention, they closely follow the striking changes and teach the young people to take care of peace and rest in the country. And they are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Mekhr-Shafkat nurse, who over the years becomes not only a member of the family, but also the closest person.


One of them is Shakhlo Mavlonova. For twenty-five years she has been working at the Khavast branch of the Road Organization. Her wards are the veterans - railway workers, families that are lonely and in need of social support. The nurse does the necessary medical procedures, leads them to the medical procedures of specialists during the prophylactic medical examination.


Only in the past year more than 10 thousand people applied to the Service Mekhr-Shafkat of the Road Organization of the RCP of Uzbekistan. Medical assistance was provided to more than 62 thousand people in need. Material incentives are also in the aid graph that is over 105 million soums sent only to material support for the needy last year.




April 3, 2017




KARAKALPAKSTAN. The Uzbekistan  RCS is the only public organization to which the Special Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers On further improvement of the state system of prevention and action in Emergency situations of the Republic of Uzbekistan entrusts the responsibility of educating the population to possible emergencies. As part of the implementation of the decree, a training seminar was organized in the Kanlykul and Shumanay districts.


 For the effective implementation of the assigned health care tasks a plan of joint activities for the training of members of sanitary squads, sanitary posts created in organizations, enterprises, educational institutions was developed by the Emergency Management Department of the Republic of Karakalpakstan. The program includes issues of preparing the population for possible emergencies, training in first aid skills, promoting healthy living standards, and spreading sanitary and hygienic knowledge among the population.


Sanitary squads were set up and their training timetable was drawn up in educational establishments. There were studied modern methods of providing first aid, caring for patients and people affected by emergencies. Also, the participants of the training got acquainted with the history of the International Movement, the Statutory Directions of the activities of the RCP of Uzbekistan. Volunteers in practice studied the technique of artificial respiration, the rules of dressing and the transportation of victims.


As a result of the seminar, all its participants received special certificates.




28 March 2017

HONOUR THE winners


Press-conference of Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan was given on 28th March 2017 in Insoniylic Republican research guidance centre for journalists of local mass media. Results of the competition on The best media content about activity of Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan in mass media in 2016 were summarized at the meeting.


Bright interior decoration met visitors of Insoniylik centre. Managers and experts of regional subdivisions, representatives of International Committee of Red Cross, Heads of Departments of Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan, as well as heroes of the occasion journalists of mass media, filled the conference room of the Centre.


-Holding of such a competition among journalists of mass media became a tradition now, - highlighted Professor Kh.Ya.Karimov, Chairman of Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan, in his speech. We conducted a focused work in order to support socially significant projects during last year. For example, in framework of implementation of A year of healthy mother and baby program all tasks imposed on Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan have been met.   A great work has been executed such as charity, financial and moral support of the Society wards, vulnerables, seniors, disabled persons, multi-child families, assistance to population in case of emergency situations, targeted care of long-livers over 100 years. The National Society has spent about 600 million Uzbek Sums for these targets. 


Jean-Jerome Casabianca, Head of Regional Delegation  of the International Committee of Red Cross in Central Asia also addressed his greetings to the guests. Our partnership strengthens and extends, - he said. - We are going to continue our cooperation on such fields as training and response in case of any emergency situation, extension of International Humanitarian Law, training of population on premedical first aid treatment skills.


Thus very emotional moment comes. Winners of Best coverage of International Movement and Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan activity in mass media in 2016 are invited on stage. A presentation of materials submitted by journalists for competition introduced to attention of attendants. Judges decided winners in all categories newspaper, radio, television and website. About two hundred materials considered.   


Special prizes and awards of Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan awarded to 12 winners of the competition - journalists of radio, newspaper, television and online media. Including - D.Babajanova, executive editors of Uzbekistan Today newspaper; K.Boymuradova, Ishonch newspaper reporter; T.Klimova, reporter of Karakalpakstan republican newspaper Karakalpakstan News; Sh.Abzalova, Kh.Yunusova, M.Oppokkhujaeva, correspondents of radio channels Tashkent, Makhalla and Uzbekistan; E.Deberdeev, editor of news program Poytaht NTRK; Sh.Khudoyberdiev, reporter of Makhalla TV channel; U.Kholbekov, executive editor of Jizzak regional television; Kh.Kadyrov and I.Avvalboyev, reporters of News Agency Turkiston-press; T.Rakhmatullaev, editor of Uzbekistan News website.  


At the same day new competition on the best coverage of Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan activity in mass media in 2017 has started.




21 March 2017




Celebration of light, warm weather and vivification - Navruz has always been, and remains the most traditional and truly national festival. It is dear for all of us because it embodies such timeless values as humanism and mercy, mutual supportiveness and open heartedness. This spring celebration is dear and near to heart of each person by its humanistic spirit. Targets and tasks of Navruz are congruent with the ideas of Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan - the oldest and most popular humanitarian organisation of the country and which celebrates its 92 anniversary this year.


We are going to meet this anniversary with strong workforce capacity and broad-spectrum activity in direction of support of socially important national programs. I would like to mention with great satisfaction that International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies give a high rating to activity of our organization. Your National Society conforms with all criteria and is among 50 progressive National Societies sais message from reputed international organisation. Experts give positive assessment of the organization activity in direction of training of the population on first-aid treatment in case of possible emergency situations, extension of International Humanitarian Right, development of voluntary service movement. And this is merit of all of us. 


This year 2017 announced as Year of dialog with the People and Human interests. Consequently, activity of Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan would pay special attention to strengthening of targeted aid to wards, giving financial and moral support to multi-child families, improvement of healthy lifestyle, upgrade of medical culture in families, support of motherhood and childhood. Our Society has strong and solid potential for implementation of all large-scale projects.


Dear friends, in this bright day, please accept the best wishes of good health, joy and luck, prosperity and welfare for your families. May your home be brighten with shine of goodness and peace!                         

Chairman of

the Red Crescent Society

of Uzbekistan




March 10, 2017




On March 10, 2017, the Uzbekistan  RCS and the Regional Office of the ICRC in Central Asia handed over 20 mannequins that are necessary for the basic training of cardiopulmonary resuscitation.


To know definitely, to act correctly - to save life! This is the formula for success, which guides first aid trainers of the RCP of Uzbekistan. After all, nothing is as valuable as life. In an extreme situation, the rescue of ones life sometimes happens by accident, by the witness of the accident, who became the rescuer on the occasion, who may not act on certainty. Such actions cannot be implemented by professional rescuers. They need to know exactly how to act in this or that situation, focusing on real experience. Increase of professionalism is promoted by practical training on teaching simulators for rescuers - mannequins. Simulator-mannequins help in training and working out basic methods of rendering first aid in practice. The use of specialized simulator- mannequins, which accurately simulate the structure of the human body and its physiological characteristics, is the most effective technique. It helps trainers on first aid of the Uzbekistan  RCS to conduct classes with the maximum effect. Equipping the new generation of auxiliary tools and materials will help to effectively use in practice the knowledge gained in the course of seminars on first aid.






 25 February 2017

tactical exercises


Jizzak. Command Post Exercise carried out in Gallaoral district on 23-25 February 2017. District Emergency Management Subdivisions, district Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan experts and sanitary brigades of medical college took part in it.


Purpose of the exercises is inspection of specialist services readiness for possible emergencies and remedying of its consequences, improvement of first-aid treatment skills in framework of implementation of Integrated Program on arrangements for further improvement of efficiency of measures on preventing of emergency situations caused by earthquakes including enhanced training of population for actions in case of emergency.  


As per scenario, at first day of maneuvers sanitary brigades started evacuation of Madaniyat makhalla injured population to safe area building of college located at Bulokboshi citizens meeting area. Provided first-aid treatment for conditionally injured, more than 30 multi-child and needy families received food products and humanitarian aid. Rescue operations took place on territory of Gallaaral medical association. Coordinated operations of civil protection services and efficient field work of regional emergency situation administration personnel. Members of sanitary brigades of Gallaaral district organization of Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan also showed good qualification and excellent work.  


As a part of maneuvers, demonstrational seminars were organized for employees of various organizations and institutions of the region. Matters of training and actions in case of emergency situation were discussed, as well as organization of sanitary brigades, provision of specialised uniform for them and training for first-aid treatment skills. At the last day of maneuvers, practical seminar for students of Gallaaral medical college and sanitary brigades was hold. Participants have got comprehensive knowledge of international humanitarian law, history of development and activity of Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan.





19 January 2017




Framework cooperation agreement between Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan and International Committee of Red Cross was signed at Headquarters of National Society on 19th January 2017.


During next two years partnership shall be maintained under management of Mr. Jean-Jerome Casabianca, new Head of Regional Representation of International Committee of Red Cross in Central Asia.


As it was mentioned at the beginning of the meeting, effective partnership of Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan and Regional Representation of International Committee of Red Cross strengthened day by day. 


We would like to remind that International Committee of Red Cross in Uzbekistan provides support in strengthening of the Society opportunities, promotion and reinforcement of Basic principles of International Movement of Red Cross and Red Crescent. Partnership links in such directions as extension of International Humanitarian Law, trainings and emergency response, including first-aid issues are established.


This year which is announced by the President of the country as Year of dialog with the People and Human interests, as part of signed Agreement, holding of seminars, meetings, roundtable discussions, research and practice conference with participation of representatives of governmental authorities and administrations, Ministry of Emergency Situations, Education, non-governmental non-commercial organisations and makhalla enthusiasts.


The Agreement provides implementation of projects on Emergency Situations on field of trainings on first-aid treatment for the population and children in makhallas and schools, purchase of equipment, provision of essentials for schools for cases of possible emergency situations. Traditional field exercises for National Team on Emergency Response of Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan would take place. Competition Young Rescuer and training on first-aid treatment for sanitary brigades are provided. During implementation of the project, training workshop for executive personnel of regional and district organisations would be held.





18 January 2017



Consultative conference on legal aspects of disaster risk reduction in Central Asia was hold in Almaty on 18th January 2017. Delegation of Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan took part in forum.


Meeting of humanitarians organized as a part of implementation of DIPECHO-9 Project by International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. We would like to remind that the Project financed by Directorate-General for European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations (ECHO).  


Improvement of legislation on disaster response on national and regional level is one of intended targets and tasks of the conference. Participants also discussed issues of regional partnership and sharing of best practices between partners in the context of training and disaster response providing reduction of risks in the region.


Representatives of Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan appeared at the forum with presentation of executive documents on emergency prevention and response. Reports on promotion of Assistance and control of international aid in case of emergency and support in conducting of primary emergency relief Act were read. CIS Interstate Parliamentary Assembly accepted this document. A Memorandum on common understanding was signed in the course of the meeting.




4 January 2017



DIPECHO IX Project on Consolidation and strengthening of disaster risk reduction activity by reinforcement of capability of communities, schools and institutes to stand against emergency situations has started in Andijan region.  


Target of the Project is to train children for correct actions in case of emergencies. Pupils of four secondary schools of Andijan are involved into the project. Young Rescuer Courses were organized for 7th grade pupils. For better understanding of educational materials 2-days training was organized for young rescuers. There children gained theoretical knowledge of first-aid treatment in case of emergency. The children could apply practically this knowledge during interactive training working as mixed small teams. Now teachers and participants of Young Rescuer course may share knowledge gained during the training with their friends and relatives. In framework of the project, secondary schools received equipment and tools required in case of possible emergency. Evacuation training in educational institutions would provide more thorough preparation for emergency situations. It will take place twice a month as per a schedule.







In our new section we would like to bring to your notice materials on effective activity practice of leading experts of humanitarian organization. Today we would like to tell you about experience of Tashkent City Organization. Since 1991 its permanent head is Umida Kabulovna Mukhamedova.  


- Many things in our work depend on manager able to build real team competent in all twists and turns of our job, set targets and achieve them. Everybody knows that personnel pursue the set goals. Together with me, side by side, work more than 40 employees. Each of them worthy to be praised for their high professionalism, ability to work with total efficiency. We are a team and these are not just words. There is a concept of intersubstitutability. Therefore, my employees can always rely on each other. If for some reason any expert is not able to come to work others would carry out his/her responsibility. Separate issue is an employee pool. Special attention our organization pays to recruiting of principled, honest, hard-working, initiative personnel with superior human qualities. We are trying to give them concept of statutory regulations, governmental programmes, their implementation at high level or invest best efforts to their implementation. Owing to purposeful work, we employ people who understand significance of social protection and social partnership.


Another important issue is implementation of tasks on formation of financial base fund and great assistance we get from development of annual and semi-annual plans. By this date we exceeded annual plan for 110%. And our work in progress. There is another fact promoting efficiency of work. We make partnership agreements with profiled services in accordance with target-focused plan and this creates favorable terms for the system work with all focus areas. Our activity consists of five important areas. Each of them serves human interests. And it means that efficiency of its implementation totally depends on our dedication.







Navoiy. Since the childhood this smiley girl wants to help people. She has chosen the most humanist profession nurse at Mehr-shafkat service. Compatriots love and respect Nargiza Eshabaeva for patience, words of encouragement and competencies. She is a recipient of International Certificate of trainer on first-aid treatment skills.


Mujhiddin Sanayev, a ward of Mehr-shafkat service of Navoy region organization, calls Nargiza from Khatirchi district asking for help. Many years diabetes destroys his organism and the patient needs nurse assistance and a word of encouragement.  


- Nargiza is amazing, kind and considerate person, - says Mukhiddin-ota Im very glad that there is a person I can talk to, tell about my problems. She visits us very often, brings products and medicines. We, old people, do not need much, just some care and we alive.  


Nargiza Eshbaeva was born and grown in Kamolot mahalla of Karmaninsk region. After school she went up to medical college which graduated with honours. She heard about vacation in humanitarian organization. Human factor played important role in employment Nargiza was notable with her knowledge of first-aid treatment of the population, history of medicine and, which important, responsible attitude to her duties is equally.  


- There are 132 wards of Mehr-shafkat service who need constant social protection - says Nargiza. Old people are always anxious that is why we some times should play role of psychologists. Also we must feel confident in any circumstances be it emergency situation, fire, injury.    


Her regular rout is each house of the village. She visits elderly, children in multi-child families, and everywhere they meet her as a loved one who always supports and helps. This is her mission. She made her choice.







heart-to-heart conversation


New column of our information-newsletter dedicated to humanitarian activity in the interests of humanity. Managers and experts of Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan will speak about significance of the mission. Our first guest is Munira Shermatovna Aripova, Chairman of Samarkand regional organization.


QUESTION:  Why work in humanitarian organization is so important for you?

.Sh.ARIPOVA: It is important for me because our organization activity base is worthy mission we do everything for lavish care and mercy upon everybody. That is great responsibility. Visit each family, find out how do they live, who can we help them, listen to them, give real support. And all of that might be done only by those who really love his/her job, people with big heart and broad soul.


QUESTION:  Which qualities should have the organization head?

.Sh.ARIPOVA: Work in humanitarian organization requires dedication, creative approach. Head of the organization should be well-travelled, goal-oriented, skilled and at the same time sensitive, considerate, straight-talking, charitable and set the example for others. Respect his/her personnel. Self-organization and discipline, achievement drive are important qualities which the head of the organisation should have and very often those qualities are indicative of effective work. Head of the organization should provide for personnel conditions for activity, initiative, and creativeness. Having such qualities as fairness and objectivity of personnel appreciation, humanity, tacticity and honesty.


QUESTION: What should we do in order to be in-demand person?  

.Sh.ARIPOVA: Continue self-education. Read books. Any specialized, educational, fiction. One of the first documents signed by our President Sh.Mirziyoyev is decree on Creation of commission on development of publication system and distribution of book products, increase and promote reading culture. And that is not incidentally. As literature accompanies us from childhood, shapes our worldview, thoughtway and lifestyle. In literature we can find all matters of our concern, some books became our favorite ones that we read more often then others. Thanks to good book we find our soul-mates, knowledge of contemporary literature forms intellectual potential of a person. Literature does not let us be behind the times, gives spiritual wealth and confidence, enriches language and teaches for good use of language. And that is very important in our work as we have to contact with people, set the example in all ways.







The New Year started for Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan from pleasant news. Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan has taken a worthy place in the list of 50 best National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. That is result of monitoring of  the Compliance and Mediation Committee of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies activity of all 190 National Societies all over the world.


Rating of the best National Societies on various categories is formed on the basis of a number of characteristics approved by special Commission of International Red Cross and Red Crescent Federation. As it is noted in official letter of Dr. Muctarr.Jalloh,  Chair of the Compliance and Mediation Committee of the  International Federation, addressed to Chairman of Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan, owing to actions taken and transformations brought aiming at all-round development of humanitarian activity potential our Society achieved effective results of work.


We should mention, that this is the first time when Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan included into authoritative organization rating published in information base of International Federation. And this positive result is extra incentive for further actions on improvement of quality of aid given to the people and improvement of activity on all levels for successful and dynamic development of Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan in future.





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Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan