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Promotion of gratuitous donation

The RCS in Uzbekistan carries out important work on donor promotion among the population. This work is of national strategic nature, because it affects national security of the country. The gratuitous donation is one of the most important components of national health care dedicated to ensuring the quality of transfusion therapy in peacetime and in emergency situations.

According to the World Health Organization, according to statistics, one of three just once in life needs a blood supply and to meet the basic needs of the country in a safe blood, it is usually enough when at least 1% of the population donates blood.


It is possible to ensure adequate and reliable stocks of safe blood by regular, voluntary and gratuitous blood donors. These donors are the safest group of donors, because they have the lowest level of blood-transmitted infections.

According to the current situation the Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan propagandizes gratuitous donation in the following areas:


Development of program implementation effective system - the Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan shall promote gratuitous donation and attract donors to support the program;

Participation in health education activities to raise public awareness relating to the donation;

Development and publication of standard informational and educational materials on donation issues.

Practical and consulting assistance to regional offices of the RCS in Uzbekistan in arranging and promoting the gratuitous donation.


Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan